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City Structures - Shrines

In addition to town structures, there is also the ability to build Shrines. These are unique structures that not only give bonuses, but also contain spirits. You will be rewarded with gold, artifacts and/or spells if you can finish the task set by the spirit of the Shrine within the given time frame. The quest may involve hunting down 'infidels' (wandering independent units) or capturing a location on the map. The nature of the spirit depends on the Shrine, that is, if you build a Shrine of Order, you'll get a Spirit of Order.

Even if the quest is not completed, you will still get the bonuses that come with building a Shrine. A city is only allowed one shrine.

Shrine of Magic

Increases mana income and spell research.
Bonus: Spell research +10, Mana +10

Shrine of Nature

Worships the Spirit of Nature and increases Town Growth.
Bonus: Production +10

Shrine of Order

Worships the Spirit of Order, and greatly increases Town Happiness and Production.
Bonus: Production +5, Morale +30

Shrine of War

Worships the Spirit of War. Causes all units built in the city to start out as Veterans.



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