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Gandalf Mod 0.027

Author File Description
Gandalf_DK Installation instructions:
Download the zip file to the /user/resources directory/folder in AOW.

Extract it here, it creates two folders:
Gandalf Mod 0.025 ROCK
Gandalf Mod 0.025 EARTH

The documentation for the mod is a PDF file in the ROCK folder.

To get diggable UG, start with the ROCK version, save after 1st (or xth!) turn, close the game, switch to the EARTH version, reload the save and you have diggable UG. For other features of the mod, read the documentation in the PDF file (it is quite detailed, 20 pages).

Example 1: Age of Wonders is installed in c:\program files\age of wonders shadow magic
In this case you put the zip file in c:\program files\ and unzip it there.

Example 2: Age of Wonders is installed in c:\age of wonders shadow magic
In this case you put the zip file in c:\ and unzip it there.

The installation will replace the file _DM_GOBLIN_SHAMANESS.ILB in /images/units
It will place a documentation file (Gandalf Mod Documentation 0.025) in your main
age of wonders directory
And it will create /Gandalf Mod 0.025 ROCK and /Gandalf Mod 0.025 EARTH in your
/user/resources subdirectory in the aow folder.

Once the file is unpacked, you just select Gandalf Mod 0.025 ROCK in aowsetup.exe.
If you want diggable UG, start the game with the ROCK version, save the game, change
to Gandalf Mod 0.025 EARTH and load the game again, and you have diggable earth.
It's a bit bothersome, but it's the only way it can be done.

For information about the mod in general, read the documentation. For information
about the changes from v. 0.022 to 0.025, read the last pages. There were some important changes in the level 0 and level 1 units in this update, so it's a good idea to read about the changes. In general, I recommend all users of the mod to read the documentation, for knowing the machanics of the mod makes it easier for you to use it well. For instance, it is important to be aware of the racial bonuses and penalties and use them wisely.

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File Author
IMPORTANT: You need to install Gandalf Mod 0.022 before you install this version (well - if you want the right spell names, and don't want to miss some of the unit graphics (units will be invisible to you) at least).

I forgot to write in the documentation that new structure guards have been added to nodes and recruitment structures, as well as new recruitable units added to the structures, especially the Big Beetle and Amazon Queen. Could be nice to hear from the players if they want even more Upatch units on the random maps, but I think it's cool.

[Edited on 07/31/09 @ 07:52 AM]

PetrusOctavianus Uh...some basic info about what this mod does would be lot more useful than installation instructions.
Overlord2 Hey Gendalf, join net: TT 2009 (p/w the same word), lets play your mod :)
Mail Order Robot I followed all installation instructions and installed both and in the proper order, so why are the Goblin Shaman's still invisible?

Also, the Goblin Hero, Lepakko, has no portrait. Should s/he have a portrait?
Thram Just wanted to pop in and say that I enjoyed trying out your mod Gandalf_DK. I unfortunately don't have time to play MP games but your mod is well balanced for SP games as well. More unpredictable than Wizards and Heroes 3, and a lot less zany than BNW 3.2.

Thank you for sharing this and I hope you'll find the time to keep adding to it.
File Author
Thanks, guys, for the comments.
I have been away for ages, just looking in again.

Mail Order Robot: Yes, Lepakko should have a portrait and shamans should be visible. I will try to correct both problems in a future update; as I'm reinstalling the mod myself, I'll see if something's missing.

Thram: Thanks! I worked hard - and for a long time - on the mod, and it's based on AGES of MP gaming at top level.
Suggestions for improvement are welcome, but it is hard to balance a mod, toughest with the level 4 units. A lot of thought went into this one, like - making the heroes stronger, more classes, with better upgrades; making the
machines better and more useful, and using more morph abilities to make it more worth while to keep your units and try to get them to gold etc.

Petrus: A lot of documentation about the mod is in the doc file what comes with it. I will try to copy some of it here when I get to it.
Thram It's easy to see that you put a lot of effort into this mod. Which is made even more admirable considering the age of AOW2.

I think you've managed to reach a good balance with the units. The carriages are a very good idea, though of course the AI doesn't know that. The heroes seem fine, not too strong but not expendable either. They sometimes come across as having too many abilities, which makes items sort of redundant.

The only real suggestion I can think of is to add a select few additional neutral units, or units that can only be given as a spirit reward. And perhaps the summoned units could use an overhaul, since at the moment they more of a staple for the armies (fodder) instead of utility units (with rare or unique abilities).

Another idea, which is a bit goofy, is that it would be interesting for each side to have a single level 0/1 unit that could morph in several stages until it became a lvl 4/5 unit in the end. Just something I got from playing Battle for Wesnoth. Makes you put more effort into keeping your units alive since they can't be easily replaced. To me that is more interesting that having several units that can morph one step up the tier.

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