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End of Wonders

Author File Description
Jeronim MPE 1.2.66 + End of Wonders + document

My name is Jeronimo and I made this Patch considering that was needed to finish with the Wonders of this game, which are several imbalances found everywhere.

End of Wonders is an alternative Version for MP Evolution 1.2.66 (Mod by Hellbrick & Jobe).
Notice that won't work on newer MPEs: the radical changes in game engine that followed 1.2.66 don't make possible to update my "classic AoW balance".


EoW requires Unofficial Patch 1.4 & MP Evolution 1.2.66. If you have any post MPE versions, uninstall it with unins000.exe and then reinstall old one (will avoid crashes).

Place "End of Wonders" into the folder "Age of Wonders Shadow Magic\MP Evolution".
Then open AoW-MP Evolution Settings and switch Version to End of Wonders.


AoW (+Explorer): 20 (24), 21 (25), 24 (29), 28 (34), 30 (36), 32 (38), 36 (43), 40 (48), 50

EoW (+Explorer): 21 (25), 25 (30), 28 (34), 30 (36), 33 (40), 37 (44), 42 (50), 50

I took the middle part 28-30 MOV to design a Movement Scale which keeps same number of basic steps, but from 30 on forward adds (+2 steps) making Explorer more efficient.


New Structure: Pacifist [+1], Anarchist/Bureaucrat/Decadence [+3], Technophobe [+6]
All players start with 1 Skill Point (SP). The asterisks * represent SP required to pick them.

Research 250 / Casting I*, War Mage*, Enchanter*
Research 375 / Casting II, Conqueror*, Summoner*, Channeler*
Research 500 / Casting III, Peace Keeper**, Merchant**, Survivalist**
Research 625 / Casting IV, Constructor**, Expander **, Scholar**
Research 750 / Casting V, Explorer***


Research Cost of every spell has been reassigned using a reliable formula (multiplying Mana cost X spell Type). Example: Minotaur 80 mana/160 research.

Global Enchantments x1: 50-100-150-200-250-350-500
Global Effects x2: 15-30-40-50-60-75-100-125-150
Summonings x2: 40-60-80-130-160-190-220-270
Unit Enchantments x4: 8-10-12-15-20-25
Combat Spells x4: 8-10-11-12-15-20-22-25-28-40

Global enchantments

50/5: City Spy, Rejuvenate, Wetland
100/10: Darkland, Enchanted Roads, Ice Age, Purifying Water, Shadow Lock
150/15: Call of the Forest, Domain of Darkness, Fire Domain, Life Domain, Watcher
200/20: Damnation, Power Leak, Summoner's Aura
250/25: Golden Age, Poison Domain, Spring Rains
350/35: Cosmos Mastery, Earth's Awareness, Haste Domain
500/50: Specialist Masteries

Global effects

15: Clear Terrain, Freeze Water, Mist Cloak, Wildfire
30: Anarchy, Level Terrain, Violent Storm, Wither
40: Evil Woods, Pestilence, Sacred Woods, Spider's Curse
50: Alter Node, Animate Hero, City Plague, City Quake, Poison Plants
60: Fire Storm, Forge Blast, Lightning Storm, Raise Terrain
75: Animate Ruins, Death Storm, Divine Storm, Ice Storm
100: Resurrect Hero
125: Tornado
150: Call Hero


40: Black Spider/6, Dire Boar/6, Hellhound/6, Lurker/6, Magic Servant/6, Unicorn/6
60: Chaos Spawn/9, Fairy/9, Water Dancer/9, Zephyr Bird/6
80: Dire Penguin/9, Efreet/9, Minotaur/9, Northern Glow/9
130: Earth Elemental/12, Fire Elemental/12, Water Elemental/12
160: Air Elemental/12, Bone Dragon/12
190: Basilisk/15, Wyrm/15
220: Angel/15, Black Angel/15, Chaos Lord/15, Ice Dragon/15, Phoenix/15
270: Black Dragon/15, Golden Dragon/15

Unit enchantments

8: Bless/3, Concealment/2, Dark Gift/3, Free Movement/3, Water Walking/2
10: Dispel Magic, Fire Halo/2, Mighty Meek/3, Shadow Walking/1, Stone Skin/4
12: Enchant Weapon/4, Fury/3, Haste/4
15: Holy Champion/4, Recall Hero, Seeker/4, Unholy Champion/4
20: Liquid Form/5, Wind Walking/6
25: Resurgence/8, Shadow Shift, Static Shield/7


MAGIC: Increases Mana income (+10). Increases Research points (+10)
Spells: air elemental, alter node, bind summoned, chaos lord, chaos spawn, double gravity, earth elemental, fire elemental, magic fist, summoner's aura, watcher, water elemental

NATURE: Increases Gold income (+15). Increases Town's growth (+30)
Spells: basilisk, call of the forest, chain lightning, city quake, dire penguin, fury, haste, level terrain, raise terrain, spider's curse, spring rains, tremors

ORDER: Increases Production points (+15). Increases Town happiness (+20)
Spells: divine storm, enchanted roads, freeze water, gold dragon, golden age, high prayer, holy champion, martyr, purifying water, regenerate walls, resurrect hero, water dancer

WAR: Units produced at town start as Veterans. Decreases Town happiness (-20)
Spells: anarchy, animate dead, animate hero, black dragon, city plague, efreet, fire domain, fire storm, fireball, panic attack, pestilence, unholy champion


I rebalanced Prices/Stats comparing with others of similar performance, and added few neutral units from Upatch 1.4. All upgrades were improved to make Pacifist less attractive.

Syrons Race: Now most Units share "poison weakness" as racial negative feature.
Rare Concealments: I added more of these special abilities considering the Race habitat.
For Nomads (desert), for Tigrans (steppe), for Undead (wasteland), for Hobbits (grass)
New Pioneer: Initial cost depends on Race (120/160/200) however "build outpost" is free.
Fishing Boat: L1 unit (Shipyard); has "water concealment + trap" and costs 30.
New Gargoyle: Machine type; has "floating + pass wall" instead of "flying" and costs 160.
Magic Guardian: L4 unit (Mana-15) shared by all Races; has "magic relay" and costs 300.

New prices for racial L4 Units
300: Glutton, Leprechaun, Red Dragon.
320: Doom Wolf, Fairy Dragon, Incarnate, Kharagh, Roc Rider, Titan.
340: Air Galley, Demon Lord, Dread Reaper, Forceship, Sphinx, Steam Tank.


Produce Housing: Gold-5, which marks a difference in the Gold income from Outposts.
Create Caravan: Cost 0 (still takes 1 turn to transform the City into a Caravan).

Wooden Wall: 40
Shipyard: 60 (Gold+15)
Sanctuary: 200 (Mana+15)
Champions & Masters Guild: 230

Wizard Tower: 360
Library: 120 (Research+15)
Tower Level II & III: 150 (Research+10)
Tower Guard: 60 (6 magic bolts, 20att/8dam)

Force Field: 0 (free building but with Mana-5)
Item Forge: 40 (Production+5, 116 Abilities)
Teleportation Gate: 180


10: Dragon slaying, Forestry, Night vision, Shadow walker, Trail of darkness, Wall crushing.
15: Cave crawl, Desert concealm, Mountain, Steppe concealm, Throw spear, Turn undead.
20: Build roads, Charge, Concealm, Dispel magic, Fire bolts, Fire crossbow, Magic strike, Marksmanship [+1], Steal enchantment, Swimming, Tunneling, Wall climbing.
25: Bard's skills, Fire strike, Ignition, Magic bolts, Regeneration, Repair machine, Sabotage, Snow concealm, Throw blade, Vision [+1], Wasteland concealm, Water concealm.
30: Archery, Bombard, Doom gaze, Fire breath, Frost bolts, Holy bolts, Holy strike, Phase, Protection [cold-death-fire-holy-lightning-poison], Round attack, Venomous spit.
35: Black bolts, Death strike, Divine breath, Fire pistol, Hurl boulder, Hurl firebomb, Hurl stones, Lightning bolts, UG concealm, Web.
40: Black breath, First strike, Hurl lightning, Lightning strike, Path [decay-frost-life], Pixie dust, Poison darts, Poison strike.
45: Block, Blurred, Control animal, Energy drain, Gas breath, Shadow shift, Shoot javelin [x1], Strangle, Taunt, Willpower.
50: Build outpost, Cause fear, Cold strike, Extra strike, Flame throwing, Grasp, Grass concealm, Smoky haze, Steam, Whirlwind.
60: Cold breath, Drain will, Entangle, Fire cannon, Floating, Haste, Healing, Life stealing, Magic protection, True seeing.
75: Animate corpse, Double strike, Holy champion, Magic relay, Pole arm, Seduce, Shoot javelins [x3], Unholy champion.
100: Entangle strike, Flying, Frost blowing, Invisibility, Physical protection, Trap.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Overlord2 Hey Jerry,
Join TT 2009 network, p/w the same...
2v2 team tournament starting on october 25 2009...need a companion

[Edited on 10/25/09 @ 02:26 PM]

File Author
Hi!! How are you OL2?

A team tournament? But I still have to play against JOBE in semifinals! :)

By the way, tell me a bit more how things are in the network, I was kicked out again (Hellbrick has been sweeping Hamachi of inactive players).

E-mail me.

[Edited on 10/29/09 @ 03:34 PM]

Overlord2 Already did,
did you receive it?
Today is the last day to apply for participation, hurry up if you plan to join.
Munataros Quick Combat vs. Humans: It’s only allowed against single unit parties (expect Heroes/Wizards). It doesn’t matter if that unit is flier or not, if is Level 1 or 4. Every single unit can be victim of QC.

QC ain´t allowed vs any human player in any game, this ain´t even negotiable. There´s ladder houserules in HG and they should be used.,2097,,60

[Edited on 03/15/10 @ 05:05 PM]

File Author
OK... forget my old Rules :)

Classimult Mode: Gentlemen playstyle you can try with your opponents.
Consists in Simultaneous turns where you can't attack your Enemy during first 20 sec.
Time Protection for any Party will end if it's moved (unless it reaches own Structures).

[Edited on 12/16/12 @ 05:04 PM]

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