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Downloads Home » Scenarios » Descent to Undermountain (DtU) - LAN-Version for DWIGGS 5.0 __V 3_1

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Descent to Undermountain (DtU) - LAN-Version for DWIGGS 5.0 __V 3_1

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 6
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
V 3_1 October 15th 2010
Brandnew version. ALL changes that were done since the V 1_3 release of the STANDARD version were NOT included so far in the LAN Version. Now they are!
Thanks to Albaron who asked me to do this update we both worked together on this and now also the LAN (Multiplayer) Version is 100% up-to date AND!! working with the brandnew 2.0 Resources. In fact - to avoid confusion - if you are not participating in an old pbem that had started before 2.0 was released you should delete all DtU resource packs now apart from the 2.0.

V 3.0 - 22nd Oct 2009

catastrophical bug removed!!
One possible Gorm-artefact-location was unreachable (for the players)!
I forgot one teleport event...
This must not neccessarily be a problem in every game because the Gorm Heros are at different locations -randomly- in each game. There is a good chance that at this (for players) un-reachable location won´t be a Gorm Hero in your game but in one currently ongoing game, we were not so lucky and there was one :( )

The Game-Win-condition was also buddy, fixed!

V 2_0
there was still a bug! Discovered by Swolte. One random teleport location didn´t work (I forgot one event :( ) which led to a deadend situation as a stack would be lost within a mountain range in the shadow world after having been teleported there.


Please refer to the original map-version if you want to read the original map description. This version here is just a huge update to make this map playable in LAN mode and I will only describe what´s new here.

When the original version of the DtU map was released, it was unfortunately never tested in LAN mode – so i was not aware that all events that are triggered by a REQUEST-Reply do not work (which is a general AOWSM issue (bug))

Therefore, all Request-Events had to be replaced by other events.
I worked through the complete event list and found solutions for all event-blocks in the game.
For example doors open now upon stepping next to them (which didn´t work so far in LAN-mode).

Generally, the gameplay changed now a bit due to these changes.

Just to give some examples: If you approach a door, it will open automatically in this version. Without prior asking „To you want to open that door“.

At many other location, sth will happen if you step on a certain hex. Usually, on such a hex a sign was placed indicating, that stepping on the hex means that something will happen. E.g. there are signs that say „Lever. If you step on that hex, lever will be activated“

At certain places you meet personalities that might have information or even quests. Here only little changed. If there was a request prior to a quest, there now only the quest when you approach the person.

I think it will become pretty clear when you play the map. Maybe when you get used to the changes, you find that version better than the original, I´ll leave it up to everybody.

One more important note:

The two questions in the beginning, whether you want to play in Hardcore mode and whether you want to avoid riddles had to be eliminated as well of course.

But the functionaliy remains. I only had to set defaults which are as follows:

Default1: HARDCORE mode
Default2: (Special) riddles off. Best suited for LAN games. Affects only three riddles in the game where players might need to think quite long.

Both default settings can easily be changed in the editor by changing the first two counter-events in the event-list (it´s explained in the very first event how to do it – it´s VERY easy to do it but I will offer support in case you´re unsure of course ;)

I hope this LAN-version is bug free – I tested all changes but experience always shows, that still bugs can remain.
You´re all asked to report bugs when you find any.

Special thanks to Roger at this place who reported a whole list of small details some of which were changed in this map as well as many other small changes I did that are too many to enlist here.
So it´s no more annoying "To you want to open that door" messages whenever you step on a one-door-hex and I also customized the Wizard-messages ;) !


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kihon Hey,

I have a question.
In almost all custom scenarios I play with friends via hamachi afte rwe stop a game, naturally we save the game and the next day or some days after we load the game and start playing again.

All the quests work fine the first time we pick the scenario; but after loading the game; if someone completes a quest (either from queststone or shrine) the qest will still be open and if you center on it (ie if its hunt infedels, it centers at the spot the infedels were before they got killed)

Basically the quest is still there eventhough you completed it.

Any ideas?
Vision9000 I wanted to mention that I experienced a crash with this version on turn 170.

I also found a non-tech solution.

Halaster (black) would just hang. The error log reported a crash after 1000 errors.

I save in 10 ten round slots with 5 re-usable temps for each "turn". So the turn 5 previous was fine. However it took hours to get through 5 turns and I didn't want to lose them.

My turn 170 save and all of the temps didn't work.

I checked the tech side of things.

I also tried to move parties out of special trigger hexes.

Also, in that room with the 4 skulls that go on pedestals, I had just placed the last one. It didn't seem to change the teleporter effects.

I tried to pick one skull back up. Nothing.

So then I moved a party onto the teleporter as second time (after many game restarts of course) and for the first time reached a shadow area with different elemental paths.

Well...then the game proceeded past Halaster's turn.

So there are recoverable "bugs" / states if they're triggered by events...which if you fulfill you can sometimes continue.


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