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MarleneĀ“s Laughter v.5_a

Author File Description
The Groll
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: Yes
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
Update 03.05.2009
This is no map update!
You must not download the map again!
This is only the release of the password for this map!
Be wise and don´t use it if you don´t want to take away many of the secrets of the game.
So I recomment not to use it to spy out the secrets from the map.

No mercy, no prisoners, only death await you!!!
The Password for Marlene´s Laughter v.5_a is:


Date 18_04_2009

Proudly presenting: "Marlene´s Laughter"

What can I say about this map when I can only use few words?
I start this map in spring 2005 and now it is spring 2009.
I left it from the hook but never for long.
This is the map so many people waited for and many people helped to make it.

I made more than 5500 events for this map and put in masses of heros and items and text.
The map is very detailed and full of wonders.

You will face many very special events you have never seen in an AoWSM map before.
An example are the Game Options when you start a new game.
In this map you choose from five different game options when you start the game.

This game options are explained in short words:
1. Fast Death - Short explanation (If you loose your special artefact you will die)
2. Capture the flag - Short explanation (If you loose your special artefact you will not die but if your enemy takes it to a special place in this map you will die)
3. Hero 1 - Short explanation (You play with a true AoW I Leader. If this leader hero die the game is over for you. With domain)
4. Hero 2 - Short explanation (You play with a true AoW I Leader. If this leader hero die the game is over for you. Without domain)
5. Wizard - Short explanation (a AoWSM Wizard. If your Wizard die the game is over.)

Of course you can also play with the normal AoWSM wizard and the game will be like you know it from AoWSM.
Maybe you don´t understand this game options right now with such a short explanation but in game I will explain it to the player and then you will understand.
You maybe can imagine what this will mean for gameplay. You will see what possibilities you have then.
Imagine! Playing with a true AoW I leader for example who is able to learn new abilitys but when he die the game is over.
This are only some special things in this gigantic map.

This map is a world!
What can I say more...
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ibobs Hi Groll,
Problem with option 3 of the Halflings. I chose yes to mortal wizard, no to option 1 and 2 and yes to option three to have mortal wizard WITH domain. Nothing changes it seems. My wizard is still a wizard by all accounts and the expected teleport to a wizard tower in the void didnt happen. No hero to replace either.
ibobs OK so I figured that one out then. It is just not clear where you are meant to send your wizard. I hit the spot randomly and got to the towered city as expected. Could be clearer.

Also wondering if you meant to set build outpost to be off as it is on at the minute...?

[Edited on 04/19/09 @ 05:54 AM]

Sunicle The Groll, my congratulations! You deserve an applause from the whole community for this one. I haven't admired the map yet, just played 4 turns, but those 4 turns were enough to leave a profound impression. Wow, it's great, man!
(id: naeco)
Congrats the Groll! You finally made it somehow ;)

However, what's the deal with the password? You promised not to put it in this map, didn't you? If we are to play PBEM in this map, the password will have to be removed though.

[Edited on 04/20/09 @ 06:29 PM]

(id: rattomalato)
You have made the best map for AoW2! *_*

[Edited on 04/21/09 @ 12:59 AM]

The Groll
File Author
Hi, and thanks for all the kind words :-)

I hope you will not be disapointed when the bugs in this map hunt down the joy of gameplay.

Yes I said I will remove or release all the passwords from all my maps after the release of Marlene´s Laughter but I want to let the password active for some weeks.
Not for long, I promise.
Only for some weeks. Of course anyone can spy out the map in game using ceat codes and this is not what I fear most. But I decide to use a password for a short time because when you open the map in the editor you can see all the hidden AI blocks and you will find out some secret when looking at the map in the editor.
For example the Syrons city deep in the ocean on the surface.
I don´t want to regiment players for long but I think it OK to set a password for a short time.
I also don´t want that some players sneak in the event list and spy out how to solve some of the secrets like the Gamers Paradise (A big Las Vegas in the dugeons) for example.
After some short weeks I will release all the passwords as I promised before.

Then you all can sneak into the map and do what you like.

For the planed PBEM games I will open a separate thread soon and call for players for a lifelong PBEM game.
Then this player must not play the map blind and I fact I hope that anyone who likes to take part in this PBEM games have played tha map a little to understand the game options better.

I also like to ask some questions about the map and the gameplay.
Maybe some of you like to read the document that ships with the map and answer my questions in the "The Conqueror's Fieldguide to The Groll's Universe - All about his maps and mapmaking - DO Panic!" thread.,4992,0,60

Thank you all a lot for your passion an help!
ibobs Hi Groll,
I need to ask if I am missing something in the first 50 turns. I am halflings, I have expanded and taken stuff but some up against no opponent that is not neutral. Also I find I can buy virtually all the towns and troops that I meet so the challenge is pretty limited so far. I have just gone underground and taken the first wizards tower, easily defeating the hero inside and then the spawning defenders. Then I got an extra evil hero from the fortress and since I am a peacemaker then everyone loves me. I have allied with green, but couldn't attack him if I wanted to and have expanded eastwards to take some halfling towns there. I carry on, but the only "challenge" is to defend from all the annoying wandering indi armies. What am I missing here? Does it just ramp up when I expand further? Slow turns make me ask instead of just playing.

[Edited on 04/22/09 @ 09:11 AM]

The Groll
File Author
Hmmm... Made you are to likable :-)

I don´t know but made the map is to easy for you. If you need a real goal cross the water and go to the temple of nature maybe. I hope you will find some strong units that can kick you some day. ;-)
Maybe you need to make some rules for yourself. I can not answer why all the indies like you so much. Peacekeeper is for sure a reason. Mana indies are set to AUTO and this means if your relationsship is fine they will like to join you. But maybe you will find some other nations that don´t like you so much soon.
I hope you enjoy the game. Maybe otherwise PBEM is the right thing for you?
You are on day 50 now? Nice. Maybe you can help in the,0,0,60
thread with your knowledge and even answer some of my questions (from the document that ships with the map) there?

[Edited on 04/22/09 @ 09:43 AM]

(id: naeco)
To raise the challenge, you should not ally with the other preset friendly wizards. They offer alliance to me all the time but I refuse. I also am thinking of waging war with them.

Also another challenge I set to myself personally, I'll try to capture every hero in this map :p Also it already is impossible because I killed the bandit hero in the western underground. His raider stack went too close to my land and my patient ran out. Other than that, things are good now. I have now the means to get them ;)
The Groll
File Author
Ahhh... I would like to sneak into your games and watch you playing.
I know there are many things that can be improved like the spawned indies for AI players in this map.
but I wanta amp were you never can conquer for example the right upper corner of the map and lay beack because no one will ever enter this lands again. In this map there are spawned animals for example. Sometimes only a small boar somewhere in the woods that takes away your structures when you let them undefended. This keeps the world alive and should also take away some of your gold resources. But in first case the world shall become alive.

I just set up a new thread in the PBEM forum where players can sign in for new PBEM games.
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