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File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Average
Password Protected: No
Long time ago this land was peaceful and ruled by two kingdoms:the kingdom of URUK and the kingdom of ASSUR-UBALIT. They lived in harmony with the dragons who were the first inhabitants. But then they were invaded by Elves, Orcs , Dwarves and Goblins. And at sea by some kind of Vikings and seamonsters.
After a while there was a final battle between the armies of Ninurta and Nagash near the city SHU DURUL who ended undetermined. The city was destroyed and they retreated. With their last magical action the Dragons banished Nagash and Ninurta, and spoke a curse on the city of SHU DURUL to never rebuild the city. But it seems that the remains of their armies or followers are still somewhere in the land.
It is said that there is still hidden somewhere the crown of UR-AKSHAK. That is the name of the land given by the Dragons. Those who find this crown and crowned himself will find powerful allies but also claims the supremacy of the land. This means war with all who do not recognize you.
Meanwhile the orcs of WAZZOD GROTSTUF are invading the land
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DarkLynx I opened it in the editor and seems a very pretty and interesting map! For now I'd give 5 for design, but before I start playing it and give full review, ERIU plsease tell something more like if it is a story driven rpg-like map or more like a sigle player strategy map?

This map might be an event of the month here considering that there's not much new maps lately (maybe all the mapmakers are holding breath for UP1.5? ;))
Arralen This map looks like a lot of hard work, and quite promising. While I think I suck too much as a player to give a full review (really! Usually "Lord" AI is enough to keep me busy ..), here are some things I noticed which could be improved:


- the map is vast, with lots of wide open spaces between cities and structures. Sadly, the AI is known to have trouble with that ... . I must admit, I havn't spied on it, though, but I'll do that later ...
- being vast and mostly open, there are few bottlenecks, at least on the surface, so flyers, high-movement and high-vision units rule. Especially as there are areas without any watchtowers ...
- There are some (nice) islands. Sadly, the AI is known to have even more troubles with boats that with vast empty grasslands ...
- the waterfalls at 84:51:0 and 82:57:0 simply suck, because the water seems to be falling out of nowhere, what is because
- the map is mostly flat: "raise terrain" has been used very sparingly, and AFAIHS never under mountain ranges ...
- there's a long bridge in the souteast which looks rather out of place and scale; I would suggest shortening it to 3 hexes and adjusting the impassable salt marshes (suppose that's what the water hexes in the desert are meant to be ..)

- the Dark Elves have some "outpost area" which is in fact cut-off from their starting cities.
- speaking of D.E. starting cities: while the one on the surface is on top of an underground one, there's a long detour for units moving from one to another. Haven't checked it teleporters are buildable - would that AI be able to use those?
- D.E. should be able to build roads between their established cities
- the D.E. have a recruitment site at 173:49:0, which stuffed with units, but utterly useless for the AI. Yet it does not have an AI block, so the AI might waste time and units conquering it.

- the dwarven areas shows a common error: everything around their cities is "road", which means to no room for crop fields, which means way lower income. Adding more income structures to make up for that does only work if some consideration is put into it: structures are more easily conquered and razed.

.. more later ...
File Author
For Darklynx : Thank you for the comment, it is more a strategy play than a rpg. There are a few events who may be important.
File Author
for Arralen, It is my first playable map and you are absolutely right about the writing in capitals. Next time better. About the AI, I would keep it playable for every human player, but maybe you're right that is is sometimes to difficult for the AI. It is more a strategy map, that's why I would like the open spaces,it is more difficult to conquer without any defenses. There is always a risque that your country is invaded while you are advancing.

But thanks for the comment.
rat_peddler It is nice to see a new map and a new map maker. Having tried my hand briefly (and unremarkedly; or at least good reviews ) at map making, I can appreciate the effort made. My experience playing the map single player would support the comments made earlier about the problems the AI has with the map. The AI does a great job of gathering goodies for it's hero; but that is about it. Usually a map has to be designed for SP or MP. Some map makers make two versions for the different style of player. I am a SP. I prefer the tactical battle control and the independence to play when I want.

A very nice first map. It could easily be upgraded to make it a good SP map by adjusting to help at least on preferred AI. The recent post of The Vikings is an example of refinement of an existing map.

Thanks for the contribution.
File Author
You are right, usualy we play it with three human players. So to let the choice that we can play with all the races, the AI is less than I tought. Maybe upgrade with a few players CPU only. But how upgrade the AI players ?

Thanks for the comment.
Sunicle I have found this thread very helpful;
[url],5213,25,60[/url]I assume links won't work in this comment section, but copy-pasting should work?
Not bad at all for a first time! A nice, messy map!

I really like the desert you have made. I think it gives a nice effect.

There are too many trees, though, to allow AI to become important (it will get stuck).
colakorn quote "But how upgrade the AI players ?"
u can give them xtra mana +gold income offsite the map. just in editor map options.
wizard abilities: AI-advantages and player-disadvantages.
player's cities and those easy 2 reach: limited production, no mega units...
and low power/mana .. so that's harder /longer to get spells etc.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Very good map. I've played about 65 turns and finished without destroying all enemies (my Elves have alliance with Goblins, peace with Dwarves -- and Humans can do nothing to me). Opponents were very agressive -- it was not so easy even make peace with one of them.

Balance: 5
I hope everything is OK :)

Creativity: 4
May be some heroes descriptions and stories about some places could improve the total impression :)

Map Design: 4
May be not so many cities and units would be more interesting

Story/Instructions: 5
Quite enough for me :)

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Map Design4.0
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