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BNW 3.2 Threesome

Author File Description
Roger the Rampant
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: S
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 3
# of players: 3
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No
This 3-player map needs BNW 3.2 (Brave New World mod) and Upatch 1.4 to be installed, and BNW 3.2 to be selected in AoWSMSetup.

Thanks to Kirky for such a brilliant mod!

It is a small map, intended for up to three people to play, either online, hotseat or by email. You could theoretically play it single-player, but the AI probably wouldn't put up much of a fight. The wizards in question are the good, the bad and the ugly - which of those descriptions suits you best?

You need to have installed Upatch 1.4:
(Run it twice if you don't already have Patch 1.3 installed, once if you do)

and installed BNW2:

and installed BNW 3.0 Beta:

then installed the update to BNW 3.2:


For information about BNW mod, please check out this thread:,5246,,20

You can safely go in and out of your own area by using the bridge(s), but when you try to cross a bridge from the mountain area into another player's territory, you will be zapped by a lightning storm. This DOESN'T happen when you emerge from a cave entrance in your enemy's territory - which should encourage you to use the underground level. Unfortunately this is something that the AI has some difficulty grasping, so if you play it single player and see an enemy army heading towards one of your bridges, bear in mind that the enemy army will be weakened by a lightning storm before entering your zone of the map.

Many resources are guarded by indies, but they are set to guard, so hopefully you won't be ambushed by indies very often. Hope you enjoy the map, and here's the story:

Nowadays the shire was a very peaceful place, with a bustling economy, but it had not always been so. Nodo had often sat up for long nights, listening to enchanting tales from his uncle Dildo, telling of how things used to be. What Nodo found most scary were the dark and sinister tales surrounding the times when it was discovered - in the most abrupt of circumstances - that their local sleepy old mountain was actually a live and festering volcano

The eruption was completely unexpected. Pu had been inactive for centuries and presumed dormant. It scarred a huge portion of the area, giving a foothold to dark forces who wanted to claim the lands as their own. An enormous battle had subsequently ensued, embroiling the shire in a devastating period of war, many lives were lost, and the local economy was wrecked. Most of the workers had been killed in the battles, leaving a ragtag selection of children and old women to try to rebuild life from the tattered remains of their beloved shire. It would take decades for the grass and trees to regrow, and the hideous black scars to gradually be smoothed away by mother nature

Nodo didn't remember those times, although many older people still talked about them. The only reminders that he had seen during his childhood were the occasional lava pool amongst the rocks, while he was out exploring with his friends, and a grey streak across the steep and rugged face of Pu, which took decades to fade away. The old and dirty tower forts - so vital to warn of incoming enemies in boats during times of war - were now dilapidated, and often inhabited only by vagabonds, villains or vagrants

Things were different now, life had settled into a peaceful and prosperous routine, and a healthy economy had sprung up. This was largely based on the river Calvados that encircled the base of the mountain, which enabled merchants to trade easily between the major centres of population. The majestic boats that plied their trade up and down the river had long been a source of fascination for Nodo, and he could happily sit for hours on the banks of the river, watching them glide slowly past, their enormous collection of sails billowing in the breeze.

Although the shire was gradually repaired and life had returned to normal, their hatred of the Undead had not diminished at all. The Archons had helped them in their previous battles against the Undead, and they had no objections when a number of Archons decided to stay behind and live in their shire. There were occasional sightings of Orcs, and even the occasional undead zombie would come wandering by, looking somewhat lost and forlorn. People accepted that the volcano was a permanent danger, but they hadn't realised that something far more volatile was building up in their shire, and that war was about to be thrust in their faces again...

If you were wondering why I put the lines of shadow void in (you probably weren't wondering, but I'm going to tell you anyway) it's because I thought that being able to use water as a way of gaining access to your enemies' territories, or climbing over the mountains, added to the tactical possibilities for the map, and would be welcomed by online players. What I found in reality was that people were worried about being rushed by people coming through the water or over the mountains, and they were asking for house rules to prevent this happening. So I put the shadow void in to stop people coming over the mountains or through the water into your territory.

Kirky has invested an unbelievable amount of his time and effort to bring us what is arguably the best mod ever made for Shadow Magic, so please show your support by either going to this thread:,5246,,20 and saying how much you enjoy playing BNW3, or going to the BNW download page and making a positive comment there.

Have fun, and good luck!
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Dragon_PAW Roger,

Mojo (Hero) pic is wrong. It shows the same as Holius.

Dragon PAW

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