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Nordic Star v.1.06

Author File Description
Ilya Glazunov
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 6
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: Yes
Surface Minimap:
Once a mighty king Saurak possessed a mighty sword Nordic Star. He was killed for that sword. But his killers didn't find the sword and accused each other in thievery. One of them kidnapped the daughter of the other and the war between them began.
Save the girl in 6 days, find the sword and deal with the killers!
Large map for 6 human players plus 2 AI players each having a smart boss.
v.1.06 optimized for better challenge and playability
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Ilya Glazunov
File Author
This scenario was updated. Number of current version is indicated in your downloaded archive name. Names of files remain the same. Current version is 1.01.
gfm This one sucks so far. Many different approaches tried, on every one about fifteen to twenty turns in the king (and everyone else looses). Very frustrating until the balance is changed to give a glimmer of hope.
Ilya Glazunov
File Author
I'm sorry, in the first version I have forgotten to disable "human playing" for "only AI players". In the version 1.01 this was corrected. Again, I'm sorry, but you have to download the file again.
About "everybody loses": primary quest is to save the king's daughter. It was mentioned, that if she dies, every one will loose. And there is an event, which kills her, if you don't hire her and take away from that place in a couple of days. You must hurry... stone hearted man. ;-)
Of course it is dangerous to go to the most powerful enemies castle at the beginning of the game and without army... But aren't you a hero?
Ilya Glazunov
File Author
This scenario was updated. Number of current version is indicated in your downloaded archive name. Names of files remain the same. Current version is 1.02.
multilis3 Game seems more challenging than most.

Don't make the same early mistakes as me! Customize wizard is a bad idea, each wizard normally gets better specialties (explorer, casting 1, etc) than you can give him as custom. The babe who needs rescueing is there, she is INVISIBLE, duh! (I originally got mad because I thought she got moved before my rescue boat got there).

I restarted without customing wizard and am a little smarter. Now I am stuck with a game that seems to lock up on turn 5, no matter what I do (keep reloading my turn 4 autosave). Red never finishes his turn, and after a while I can ask things to move, but they never do.

Not eager to restart again, the turns take forever to finish with all the frogs and peasants and stuff to fight.

Hints: Yellow has some nice items he isn't really using, dominate/entangle wand, etc. Red does not always defend some of his towns well, including the key one with the level 3 tower (he needs it to cast spells to defend his others, so it should be main target if possible).

Ilya Glazunov
File Author
TO multilis3:
Thanks for all remarks. Though I have managed to win the scenario to the end without serious problems, I agree it's a little boring to wait, because all players are able to maintain huge armies. But I'm going to reduce some time of neutrals movements.
About "useless" artifacts of yellow player... He is your ally and you may trade wuth him for these artifacts. He is also a quick spell-learner. Trade for spells and artifacts. Red only seems to be weak at the beginning. If you manage to capture something from him, doubtly you will defend it. He is supposed to have the greatest army, so he is the slowest party of the game. But if he is quick - he is of no challenge!
multilis3 (Spoiler hints below)!

Yes, that is why I mentioned Yellow in my hint. Trading really helps. I took reds super tower city first in my invasion, was barely guarded. Then I started going around and dominating some other recruits to help defend it. I traded one of the cities I captured to yellow for some nice artifacts.

Red had 2 and eventually 4 superheros flying around to retake it. But they weren't brave enough to try with me sitting in the enhanced city. I could pick them off one by one when they were retaking the other cities. One at a time I could handle. Two at a time was too much, the combined spell power (2 heros + wizard all geyser) would finish off my wizard/hero faster than I could heal.
multilis3 Oh well, time to try again I guess. I downloaded version 1.02 a few days ago. I am getting better. Took a better guarded tower on turn two with the help of some dominated friends. It got hung on turn 5 again. I am guessing the boat patrol is getting jammed, no boats moved, but his other units seem to have moved. Now for version 1.03! Can't wait to see if those steam cannons and friends are any challenge :)
multilis3 Downloaded 1.03 and am still on turn one. Got a scare once with a similar red not finishing lockup, but it got cured with a save and load.

I think the old peasants were easier to manage than the scary new raiders I met on turn 1 in one of the 2 games I tried. I lost a big battle and had to restart.

Now for the bug. I traded a certain spell to yellow for 120 gold (wanted to buy an outpost for 100). You wouldn't believe the bonus he threw in, it is a pleasure doing business Mr. King! (I got the same gold and troop additions the 6 computer players get).
Ilya Glazunov
File Author
Multilis3! Thank you. Really. For those spoilers specially. But it's hard to believe, that v.1.03 locks the game. There was a diplomatic script, which I added to enchance diplomacy... I have added lots of scripts after I have played the scenario to the end. I have been checking them all now.
Concerning the spoilers:
Yes there is an event, which gives bonus to those players, who have more than 50 gp at the first turn. You only need not to trade for 120 gp with "Mr King"... 1 gp would be enough... I will fix this by this weekend.
When a player captures red-player's-town, a player should receive a counterstrike. A hevy one! But this happens only since ... days past. How could I imagine that you would dare to capture them so early? Those ... (censored), and ... (censored) red heroes, should have ... (censored) you from doing that, but they have ... (censored)!!! I PROMISE TO FIX THIS TOO!!!
About those raiders... This event was made to discourage player from spending gold. There is an event: spawn units; condition: players has a little gold; condition: random. Condition "random" I wanted to replase for "after some days" but "random" was much more interesting, because a player may not receive this event some time. May happen and may not, may kill or may not. Then later in the game players could use this event if it has 100% chance of happening. They could use this to train their units. But random 50% - is slightly another thing. Would you agree? I think that "Mr.King" (I just like your word) will warn everybody at the first turn, but the event will remain even in more haevier manner (to prevent from training). Aren't leprechauns smart for this?
By the way, have you won gladiator's fights?
Again thank you for playing and for commenting. This weekend I will change end enchance the map for better challenge. On 10.21.2002 I will post v.1.04.
Any comments and suggestions are welcome to
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