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Family Feud - Blood Brothers

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
It has been 50 long years since the fall of the Realm of Kisomi, the now legendary battles between Father and Mother and the final defeat of their corrupted son, Prince Humperdink, in the now named, War of Betrayal.

Peace held for only two short years after the final end to the War of Betrayal and Bardia and Jasmin were reunited for this brief time. Hoping to keep the Realm together, they had a baby son and loved him for that short time. He was to be the next great hope for the Realm.

However, times have (and always will be) changed.

Lady Jasmin did not recover from the insanity of being buried alive and did not forgive Lord Bardia for the pain that she had endured. With the insanity taking full hold in her, she drove Bardia (and their son, Prince Menelaus) away and held the throne by herself for a short time - long enough though, to have a second son (father unknown) to be her sole heir when she died (again). A surrogate held the throne after her death and then turned it over to her heir when he reached maturity at the Realm's given age of 25. Thus rose the self-proclaimed Emperor - Deridius I. And the Empire of Determined Enlightenment.

In opposite thinking to his deranged mother, Deridius saught order from chaos, good over evil, and conformity in all things. He drove the evil races from the land, he forced his rule over the neutral races and even introduced enforced breeding of the good races to increase their population more rapidly than others. In other words, as his obsession grew, so did the seed of insanity that was planted in him from his mother. It grew over the next 20 years to a point where he became detached from reality and even razed his own cities to the ground to stop the spread of lawlessness and disparity. Of course, as any good leader would know, communities grow strong with disparity and the more you push any people, the more they push back.

Thus started the War of Uprising.

In the years since Bardia's banishment, his son, Prince Menelaus, grew strong and became the leader of races that the Realm should have had. After the death of Bardia and the growing insanity of the Emperor, Menelaus saught allies against Deridius and formed a resistance that grew along with Deridius's insanity.

When the War of Uprising started, Menelaus had a force strong enough to challenge Deridius on his borders and started to take back territory, gaining support as he advanced. In the final year of the War, this advance and the perceived betrayal by his people, pushed Deridius further into desperation and he called upon great forces that should not have been awoken. He called forth the Avatars from the void and used their power to strike back at Menelaus. Deridius wants him dead more than all - as he perceives Menelaus as Chaos with the only goal of wanting the throne from under his still warm corpse.

However, the Avatars are not to be controlled and caused more damage with their magics than any force could have imagined. Even the earth was split assunder, magic from the void was let loose and cities shook and fell with every passing day.

So finally, five long and bloody years after the War started, the show-down is about to happen. The mighty armies of Emperor Deridius I and Lord Menelaus face each other across the Creeping Desert. The Avatars (thankfully) seem to have forsaken Deridius for this one last fight. The winner of this battle will take all... They will take all as at the center of the battle field, lies the key to victory...

Game play notes - do not enable item teleportation, call or resurrect heroes, outpost building, force field. Some events may occur without notice and you think that this is unfair - everything is planned and if you avoid it then you will break the story line. PS expect a few surprises.

Also, this should be played in Classic mode as I have no idea how the AI will deal with the many events in the first few turns.

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you are getting messages then the events are planned and expected, so please continue to play even if you think it looks hopeless. There is one point in the beginning story where this is VERY important remember this, and to continue regardlessly. It will make sense after that point.

SPOILERS - You are meant to lose the first fight.
Do not use Draconian troops if you do not have to.
If you ally with a different side, then expect consequnces.

Version 2.1 posted 30/04/2008 - Changes to Draconian diplomacy.
Version 2.2 posted 01/05/2008 - Speed improvements to movement in beginning from Rat_P feedback.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
This looks... crazy.

The previous installment of Family Feud got way over 2000 downloads and more than 40 comments with ratings that went through the roof. I can only imagine what this monster of a map can receive!

I am not sure what to say. It's so vast and diverse in terms of areas and scripts that its hard to predict how well it plays. I know a lot of things can go wrong, however, looking at how iBobs has performed in the past, I have little doubt that this immense project is in capable hands.

It is a pure single player map, which is a good choice to experience a story in a world that has a detailed background and can provide hours of unique gaming, imo.
Some areas are breathtaking and make me itch to get into mapmaking myself again. I like those hellish pits and extended cities!

So, I plan to write some more, but I want to give a strong incentive to everyone to download and play this!
File Author
Cheers Swolte. You can see now why I was asking for help in testing it! I was afraid to use the word monster, but you did, so yes, I created a monster...

An honourable mention goes to Boo Mentork who gave me feedback that I very much needed.

[Edited on 04/23/08 @ 02:39 PM]

rat_peddler This is an impressive effort, however, the playability is not that good. The required classic play style ends up with 2-3 minutes of dead time between turns. The options are so limited that my turns usually last less then a minute unless I have a battle. Maybe less AI wizards would have helped as most of them aren't central to the plot so far. I am on day 55 and it has taken me hours to get this far.
File Author
Hi Rat_P,
It is unfortunate that the game takes so many resources to run, but that is the price for the large map and in depth story. Hope that you dont hold it against me. The other players come into it a lot more after turn 70 ish, depending on how you are doing and the inclusion of powerful AI opponents is key to the challenge later on, and trust me when I say your turns will become a lot longer. Have you reached Troy? Your choices open up rapidly after that.

[Edited on 04/25/08 @ 02:55 PM]

rat_peddler I am now at day 103 and have Troy. The options have certainly opened up and the balance is better. FYI one race has been defeated, I think it was the Foresaken. I don't hold it against you. Just some feedback to consider in future map designs :-)
File Author
Thanks, it was meant to be a slow period so that you read all the Spirit information and get attached to the two heroes, also it gives the dumb ass AI time to build stuff. Oh yes, the Forsaken are the weakest player with no real story after being in the first battle so do get killed first.

[Edited on 04/26/08 @ 01:57 AM]

rat_peddler I am stuck trying to complete the quest "Visit Nomad Throne" where Paris takes the Kings Sword to the Free Races. He is there with the sword at the spot indicated by the quest. I have been there a couple turns. One turn I put it on the ground. I tried to look at the map events but there are too many for me to figure out which one this is controlled by. I am on about day 120 or so. Any hints?
File Author
Send me the save file.
Just walk up to the city and it should convert.
Map Design5.0

I was too harsh, this really is a good map.

Balance: 4
I actually renamed the file "attack of the randomly spawning dragons" when i was play testing it, but it got better when he added the warnings

Creativity: 5
I don't think i have ever played a map quite like this one.

Map Design: 5
Amazing, i could never replicate this.

Story/Instructions: 4
You worked very hard on the story, and overall the tale you tell is great.

Playability: 3
A little too much like watching a movie, i dislike that there are allot of events that must take place for the game to proceed.

Additional Comments:

Sorry i did not play around with it more for you. I dislike this kind of map though, i did not realize i was your only play tester.

[Edited on 04/30/08 @ 11:36 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
As noted in other review the options are very tightly scripted especially at first. With so many AIs and classic play the amount of playing vs waiting is poor for the first part of the game. There are some poorly explained key events that one must complete or suffer dire consequences.

Balance: 4
Much of the resources and troops are doled out via rewards for quests. They seem to be pretty fair until the Titans turn on you. Then you are out of luck.

Creativity: 5
Lots of great events with terrain changes, diplomacy, etc... Probably a little too much in that I think playability suffers.

Map Design: 5
A beautiful rich map. I may have gotten side tracked at a key point with my desire to go off script and explore it.

Story/Instructions: 5
Lots of events and messages. So many that it was a little confusing as too which ones to pay attention to.

Additional Comments:

I gave up after the Titans turned on me because this also changed race relations. I was heavily dependent on the Draconians for the bulk of my armies. I don't have the patience to back track and replay. A great technical effort that lost a little sight of playability.
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Map Design5.0
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