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Wizard's Folly

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
My third map and the largest I ever made. Again based on multiplayer, prepare for ages of gametime due to the size, but also playable in singleplayer.

The scenario takes place 40 years after Celederion. This means that most heroes return in this scenario.

The map is divided in three parts, the underground is the middle part of the land, the surface the left side and the shadow world the right. Combining these three maps creates a full land. There are teleporters and events to travel from one side to another, so if you want to travel from the surface (left) to the shadow world (right) you have to go through the underground (middle). There are fast travel locations though.

New features;

- All small towns (the scenery towns) have stories, so don't forget to visit them!

- During the game events will pop up to hopefully create some more immersion than in the Celederion map

- All parts of the land are reachable by sea/river. So, especially for multiplayer games, you can now launch amphibious attacks which makes for whole new multiplayer tactics. It is also possible to sail from the surface to the shadow world, through the underground, without leaving your boat due to river teleporters.

- The AI gets boosted through events. Because this is a no-mod map, the AI doesn't build wizard towers but to add that you could play it using Wizards & Heroes. Furthermore, while the Nomads, Tigrans and Frostlings are present, you could also launch the map using Brave New World 3 Beta which adds excellent unit grafix.

- Customised history for wizards as well as diplomacy messages.

- Many events

- Mana vaults have a limited capacity

- All cities have been named and "raced"

Many thanks to "The Geez" for additional ideas and support.

Hope you enjoy the map!

Kind regards,

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Ah, I remembered this name from Lords of Celederion and I think this one will establish Low_K as an expert mapmaker for sure!

The mappainting is very detailed and natural. I particularly like the use of the dense forests, it gives the map a more serious, almost darker tone. The use of the muddy 'changeable terrain' around cities also helps this dirty, realistic atmosphere. Although the map is largely in similar foresty area, there are enough unique areas that make it a joy to explore. The Orc area in the underground is great, and I like all the little decorative details.

This map is huge, and I think few people realize the amount of work it takes to design this. The heroes are all custom made (although some have descriptions), there are items, and a lot of events to enhance the gameplay. I am very impressed! The underground seems to be only connected by teleports (which are razable), so I am not sure how a razing tactic could handicap the flow of the game.

The balance may be a bit risky, I think. It seems as almost everything revolves strongly around race and with large resources and opportunities available from the start (almost 4 tower cities close by of same race!!). This means that racial advantages on a map like this will probably explode from the start and be an important factor.
Could be interesting, however, I'd perhaps start a lot less powerful, and introduce city limits. This way, lower level units play a more important role in the production decision of units. This may also be a personal preference issue of mine, mostly made from a multiplayer point of view.
The AI should do good on this map as it will buy a lot of cities and start producing right away with its financial advantage.

Thank, I want to type more, but I have to get some work done today.
Well done!
File Author
Thanks again for the kind words, Swolte. Look closely, you might see a familiar city ;).

The underground, surface and shadow world are also connected with river teleport events, so at least against human players, there is always a possible teleport point. But I think when playing this map you just have to agree on not razing the teleporters. :D

Again, thanks for the comment!

Kind regards,


EDIT: River teleporters are marked by a flard of mist on the water. Sail into the mist and be teleported :)

[Edited on 04/22/08 @ 03:43 AM]

Unnapu Do you recommend any of the wizards to play the map in single player?
File Author
Hello Unnapu,

I tried to balance the wizards as much as possible, so that no one has a clear advantage. Play the race you like best I'd say.

Oh watch out for familiar cities too, mate ;)

Kind regards,


[Edited on 04/21/08 @ 04:10 PM]

Ravencourt Hey Low, this has to be the crown on your work :). Really enjoyed playing it, and yes, I played ot to the end :P.

Seeing as I love your mapmaking skills, I had a question to ask: might I interest you in this? ^^,5258,,60

E-mail me if you have questions mate :)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Hours and hours of solid game play.

Balance: 4
AIs have plenty of resources to resist. Plus large size makes it harder to mass troops to invade. Takes lots of coordination for human as well.

Creativity: 4
Used all three levels as normal ground levels.

Map Design: 5
A nice design with a mix of terrain, chock points, etc...

Story/Instructions: 4
Lots of detailed signs and events to provide background on the world.

Additional Comments:
Seems some unfair to have to rate these large maps with same scale as smaller efforts.
File Author
Thanks again, Rat_Peddler, for your review.

Kind regards,

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
This map has kept me hooked to the screen for many an hour so far. It is challenging while not marred by annoying bugs.

Balance: 5
On turn 63 I am still not out of the woods. One of the very few maps appealing to single players.

Creativity: 4
A conventional approach brought to near perfection.

Map Design: 4
Pleasant landscapes as far as your troops may see. Pales only in comparison with some superbly inventive maps. I for one do not miss the power nodes that much.

Story/Instructions: 4
There are no quests in the usual sense. Nor is there a story thread for players to follow. Nevertheless, there are several surprise events which add to the map's depth.

Additional Comments:

This truly is a great map. Most elements are customised and I cannot begin to guess how much time went into its making. If I had to criticise something I would mention an odd feeling encountering many Tolkienesque heroes. Since I am somewhat of a purist, I would suggests reserving the latter for Tolkien-only maps. But then, putting Lord Celeborn to good use is so much fun... One final note on balance issues: I first played the Elves since I prefer their units. It proved to be too easy, so I switched to Archons, which is much more demanding.

Once again: Thanks a lot for this marvellous map and the huge efforts you must have made!


[Edited on 05/14/08 @ 02:28 AM]

File Author

Yeah, I agree that the LotR heroes are stretching it although please be advised that they will not return in the next scenario, while I am building a whole new heroes library again from scratch.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your review!

Kind regards,

Oakbow2 I will admit to having a hard time rating this type of map. The rating system available makes it hard to rate a map that in my opinion would have a much better rating from a pure multiplayer perspective. Therefore, I am just commenting on the single player and not rating, b/c I have not played this map multiplayer.

Single player, it is too easy to expand. I think you made a very nice map, well constructed and awesome potential for huge battle multiplayer games. Single player, because so many cities around your starting point are the same type (neutral, good, evil)
and so weakly defended, the AI cannot keep up if you are aggressive. I took neutral and at turn 27, I had 29 towns and nearly 2k gold income. Another 15 turns, and I could have 15 towns making level 4s. At that point, I decided to check on the AI, and the AI on emperor was not even close. They expand too slowly. Also, you can crush the AI in the shadow world b/c the AI will not cast shadow walking on its unit. The titans would definitely give the best challenge so you cant buy towns so easily, but there are soooo many towns and they are so easy to take, you will outpace the AI too easily.

Of course, none of this is really an issue for a multi game. I could only imagine the size of the fights in a multi game. With the emphasis on cities over all else, I think expansion would be fast and people would be fighting quickly and repeatedly. It could be a lot of fun.

Just thought Id let you know my thoughts.

I know this map took a lot of work and I applaud all your effort!
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Map Design4.5
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