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Alarick's Nemesis Scenario Modded

Author File Description
Alaric29 Ave Tenebrae Introduction.- (Nemesis Alarick's Mod).

all have been lost, now, you know that are all dead, barely manage to listen the demon hordes at the gate of the once
mighty fortress citadel of Samuel, the high wizard, master of the councill of the four mages of the order alliance, now,
them all are dead, you, Alarick Morgan, the Master General of the Archon's army are near dead too, the three wounds on your
body are bleeding your blood, barely manage to stay alive, not sure for how more time, all around you are dead bodies,
they are your comrades, and as an well fighter of the light the ideas come to your mind, if you have been aware at time
of the chaos hordes coming, if you manage to destroy the unique source of the power of darkness, the dark lord, melkor
in time to vanish these overwhelming and unstopable hordes of demons and orcs?, can have manage to take your friends and
comrades with you to the unmovable fortress of melkor and kill he?, now is too late, but wait... it is as time have frozen,
it is as time is coming back, even your wounds are not more bleeding your blood, all is retreating, but all world, the time,
you even not listen more the hordes of melkor and nekron claiming his "ave tenebrae" scream at the gates of the citadel, all
is happening in increasing quickening, on few minutes you found again before the battle, it is again the dawn of the day,
Droana walking towards you, and She speak as at the begining of the day... -what happens, Alarick?, I do find you disturbed,
what it is, please?... now you know that the enemy armies are on the march, but maybe, maybe for sure the Gods have been
given you the chance, this time it is The Last Chance to survive, you speak near mechanically to Droana, -dear, there are
not time to lost, recoil the whitelords in the sacred hall, we are on danger, the power of darkness is walking again, i do
not have to make explanation about it, you will know, but we must go to melkor's fortress, we, all the whitelords, and make
sure of aware the other wizars, as well as to Samuel, to Julia, Eru and Fangir. You know that this day, if it is not
avoided all you will die, and the power of darkness will rule the world under the lord of darkness, melkor, forever, it is
the day of the Ave Tenebrae, Gods have given all you one more chance to victory, this will be the last battle of light
against darkness, it can be named as the battle of the nemesis.

WARNING... only 8 races are at configuration for play...
(Dwarves, Humans, Archons, Elves, Dark Elves, Undead, Orcs and Shadow Demons.)
please choose only from them to play.
WARNING... wizards start with powerfull spells, however only 4, four, spheres are on configuration for play...
(Earth, Life, Death, Fire).
please choose only from these to play.(best if you set off "configure wizard" as main configuration will work for the
wizards have common spells, as double gravity from the begining, each sphere have four powerfull summon units,
one each sphere, one each level.
Balance... chaos factions have double cities, income, power nodes and troops (nearly double), all used units are on
the at start setup, the only good factions advantage are his heroes, some units have resurrect ability but spells about it,
resurrect spell and resurgence spell have been removed from the Life Sphere.
about units... all factions have recruits for following types...
3/4 level 1 units, 3/4 level 2, 3/4 level 3, 3/4 level 4 units, and one powerfull level 4+,
the special unit only can be recruit from "race building cities", a "race building" cost four (4) turns to build, so for
the special race unit, all "extra" special units have a "+" in his name, you can identify them in the at start set up, in
example... "Ent" is named "+Ent", the special unit for the elves.
Summoned troops... all summons are overstrenght about his level, you can recruit regulars from cities but only can summon
one unit at a time, given that you do not spend casting points on spells on the battles, so, i find right to give some
advantage to summoned troops.

Strongly Encouraged House Rule... If Melkor is defeated and killed on any combat declare the game concluded as a good
factions win. (sorry, scripting is not my main strenght, so it are not scripted).

Install Path... (Encourage to make a separate install for the mod, one /shadow magic/dict/ file is changed and mainly
the fresh install for my mod will only work with my mod).

path for install...
1- Brave New World 1.0
2- Brave New World 2.0 (both needed)
3- Dwiggs 1.4 main install
4- Unoficial Patch 1.4
5- Dwiggs 1.4-Patch
6- Dwiggs "update"
7- install "nemesis" resources and files, i will try to make user's friendly the download file and give guide with
"directory structure" for what files go where on the install.(In Example... Files Under /User Dir. Goes On
/Shadow Magic/User Directory.

Disclaimer... Brave New World Mod and Resources by Kirk Picard, thanks to he my mod have seen at last the light, and
Dwiggs mod and resources, by The_Stranger, thanks again to he for his good-outstanding work on his mod.

thanks to Kirk Picard And The_Stranger, they indeed have enhanced the gameplay for age of wonders shadow magic, a game
that without his work indeed will not have been the same, for worse, without this two mods.

contact email...
(i do not have more work planned on this scenario, it is the work of some near four years, and, of course, my own concept
of perfection is the perfect scenario, maybe in some place in the future i will work on one to two more scenarios, but not
sure about it.)

note added 01... use "english" languaje mode, spells of summons are in configuration for this mode, set it in SMSetup.

Download Link At...

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