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Downloads Home » Scenarios » David´s Winter Wonderland - The Groll´s Christmas map 2007

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David´s Winter Wonderland - The Groll´s Christmas map 2007

Author File Description
The Groll
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: M
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 6
# of players: 6
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year.

This map is dedicated to my beloved family.

David´s Winter Wonderland:
This first Version: v16
Date: 15.03.2008
Changes in this version:
Many smaller errors (two pages of notes on paper) where corrected and some balance and AI settings where changed. Some new events.

David´s Winter Wonderland:
This first Version: v15
Date: 23.12.2007

David´s Christmas Winter Wonderland.

Winter has caught the world.
Snow and ice is all around. The rivers and even the ocean are covered by big ice masses.
It seams the whole world is frozen and the woods are quiet but in this silence is a small light in this dark winter night. And look there is another light. And there are singing voices. It sounds not like war crying voices. It is no marching music.
It is Christmas music! Yes, Christmas music.
As we step closer to this sounds and spy through the trees we see a Christmas party.
And now we remember the days of our childhood. It is Christmas time. The time of mercy and peace. And here we are at a Christmas party! Unbelievable.
As we stand here not believing what happens here they spotted us and we realise it now.
But they don´t attack us as we grab out our weapons.
They call us. Some friendly words without any false sound. It seams that they are real friendly creatures even when they are form another race as us we let down our weapons. We let them come closer. They are good minded and ask if we want to celebrate Christmas with them. No weapons no bad intentions only peace and harmony.
We said 'Yes' and we all celebrate this day together in peace.
What a winter day!
It is Christmas time.

Some hints for this map:

- The map is not password protected but I recomment not to look inside the event list or inside the map itself. That will take away all the fun for yourself. You should play like a child with it´s christmas toys.
Be happy - play blind.

- Item teleportation should be on. Otherwise there are some paths that you can only use on time. This is not absolute necassary to win the game and can be a challenge if you turn item teleportation of. But then you play with some rare one ways.

- In this map there is a great secret.
I said there are not much events but... there are 'some' but to see them you need to find this secret ;-)

- It should not be allowed to recruit one very spezial hero. You will know which one is meant. He will not offer to join. He will wander accross the world. So you will not find it difficult to 'reject' his offer because you would offer to join your army, not he will offer to join your army. Be fair. It´s christmas time.

For a possible PBEM game I recomment this settings:
- We will play blind. Means. Please do not open this map. I will upload it to the HG download section soon but do me a favor and don´t look at it.
Of course you can do what you like and of course you can play the map in SP alone but that will give you advantages.

- And remember it´s Christmas time. Do not take a look at the presents before Christmas.
Santa Claus... Ähhh Santa Groll will not like that.

- Item teleportation off

- Allied victory is on

- There is a mighty secret inside this map. Try to find it. there are not much events before this secret has been found. So think about it on every message you get in this map.

This map was made in round about only two weeks. It was a hard piece of work but it´s done before Christmas now.
Be nice. There may be some bugs inside but not to much - I hope.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Ravencourt Another chilly, joyfull christmas surprise from the Groll ^^. I'm posting a map as soon as I know how to, but may I add that a lot of learning has been done by me from your maps. I enjoy making maps that are candy to the eye, don't mind playability as much though :P. I'm especially fond of your way of making great dwarven cities ( you know, the bridge thingy ).

On a personal note, may I ask to make a map together? I know you haven't seen any of my work, so I cant prove myself, but let me just say that I'm very dedicated. (if you have the time ofcourse :D )

Ps; Loved the 'secret' in this map ^^.
The Groll
File Author
Hey thank you Ravencourt!

What a nice review.
I plan to make a mapmaking by email project too in the next months - if I find the time.
I just have set up two PBEM games on this map.
I´m very busy the next months but maybe you like to join the MMBEM project.
Thanks for the nice words. They are great inspiration for me. I feel honoured too. :-)
Ravencourt Sure just warn me on this post when you start the mapmaking project ^^. If you could give me an e-mail, maybe I could send you an example of something I'm working on right now and am proud of ^^.
morgul666 hmmm...I was looking for another upload of Mr. Groll ;-) but nonetheless - the master shows again what can be created in a few weeks. Beautiful! really beautiful!

Haven´t actually played it but I will probably do so in the upcoming days or weeks.

If you (or anybody else) want(s) to start another pbem on it, count me in! ;-)

cheers to you, my friend and I still don´t give up hoping to see Marlenes laughter released sometime ;-)

rat_peddler This is kinda off topic and more suitable for a forum, however, RavenCourt doesn't have his email available.

I had developed a map with an extensive scripted story line, but I am more of a programmer then an eye candy guy.

If you'd be interested, I would send you password for this map to give it the "eye candy" treatment.

rat_peddler (at) comcast (dot) net
rat_peddler Was the special hero Santa Groll?

If so, he did offer to join my army. And as I needed the help, I took him up on it.

Thought you might want to know he is recruitable. It maybe because I had researched the Peace Keeper skill.
The Groll
File Author
Hi rat_peddler,

Yes it´s Santa Groll but you should not recruit him. I know that it´s possible but with him you have won the map. Without him and evnen against him it can be hard. You know what I mean if you look at his abilitys. He is recruitable because he is set to 'spy'.
A raider of this caliber would be to hard. As he is he irk´s the üplayer but should not kill him.
I have lost a city against him as he deceided to sleep in his town for one night. I lost my whole guading army against him ;-).
This hero shall not be with the player.
And it´s hard to let him go when you see that he likes to join. Question. What have you paid for him? Realy want to know.

Do you like the AI´s players and their power?

Please vote for this map if you have played it.
I count on your critic.
rat_peddler Santa Groll cost me $750. I was surprised he was recruitable. I am going to rate the map once I am done playing it. I have probably goofed it up by taking this hero, but it does make playing the map a little quicker ;-)

I have stayed away from the AIs for the most part. I tried to take out the Shadow Demon pretty early but my army got crushed. So I have been playing this map more as an adventure then a traditional conquer the enemies approach. The map is quiet pretty and has some nice piles of presents!

[Edited on 12/29/07 @ 06:11 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
A couple issues here. My ally blocked my ability to get any re-enforcements into the group doing the final tomb challenge. So I am pretty limited in my ability to actual finish the challenge. My old eyes also don't like the needle in haystack hunt for some of the underground openings.

Balance: 4
Good enough for single player; except for issue noted above.
Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5
Very pretty and varied map. What a great collection of presents.

Story/Instructions: 5
Good story especially stacked toward s the end.

Additional Comments: Very good map for something done in a couple weeks!

Probably should have an AI block on the Tomb enterance area to prevent issue that I ran into. I don't want to start a war with a powerful ally but I might have to so I can see the end of the story!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Huge stacks everywhere, very challenging, tough start.

Balance: 5
So far so good

Creativity: 5
Wow, so many different things. I'm amazed!!!

Map Design: 5
Beautiful map. Bar none.

Story/Instructions: 5
Not much but clear.

Additional Comments:
I'm desperate so I recruited "Santa Groll" :) Make it easier to clean out the underground. I prefer it better though for the sake of time constraint. Without Santa, the game will last much longer. I got both "Key" but when I bring the keys to the hill side where that Astral Sprite told me, nothing happen??
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