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Master Of Chaos

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Average
Password Protected: No
(Written By Swolte) The map-making by email (MMBEM) project was started by Hatstand and involved some of the best mapmakers in the community. Each of them were assigned a section of a map, and for 4 months this map went around until every single section was filled. Then, under the guidance of Swolte, the different sections were more integrated and played by various (independent) play testers to improve the playability and kill the bugs.

Some of the mapmakers involved:
King David
The Groll
Bam65 (+ general intro)

For more details on the process, and who did which sections, please follow this link:,5097,,60

The map has been playtested extensively as a single player map featuring Edmund as the main hero. However, Matron Bearne and Llorg the Wise are also playable by humans. This map has not been tested as a multiplayer map. Future versions might accommodate this play style as well.

The difficulty can vary largely upon the playing style. This is not an easy map (Edmund) so be careful and prepare to have to reload a few times if you are quite new to the game. For those of you who are more experienced and who like the challenge I dare you to play this map in what is called "Ironman" - style. You can only play this only once and it requires some more skill and scouting.

The style consists out of the following:
- You shall play the map blind (no looking at it beforehand)
- You shall not reload
- You shall not trade or make/allow peace with AI (except Syrons)
- You shall not use tricks that you consider to be serious abuses against the AI

Good luck, and please let us know how you do. Feedback on the map is welcome to be posted in this downloads section.
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ltmoon I am playing the Llorgs the Wise. It seems that even my units cannot go back to the spaceship without building a city transporter. Yes, you can decide not to fire the weapons. When the weapons are ready, one of the two astral heroes comes out of the magic nodes at the end of the spaceship. If you move the hero before the fire, you will not fire the weapon.

Well, even the first 1000 mana was not taken from me when I first rebuilt the magic tower. If it is not a critical event, I would forget about it. But, there seems to be a portal to the Shadowland in the middle...

[Edited on 01/23/08 @ 06:40 PM]

The Groll Nice that you play Llorg the wise now!

Well, even the first 1000 mana was not taken from me when I first rebuilt the magic tower. If it is not a critical event, I would forget about it. But, there seems to be a portal to the Shadowland in the middle...

The 1000 mana shall be taken from you when you step on the magic tower and when it is razed/destroyed. That cost 1000 mana.
If not please give me feedback.
You will maybe find a way back to your starship - or other will find it one day? Otherwise your ship can´t be invaded, right? ;-)
And that is a thing that I don´t do as mapmaker ;-)
Ahhmm... There seams to be a shadow portal in the middle of the cosmic string? ;-)
ltmoon Thanks for your answers Groll! Playing with Llorg is much, way much easier than Edmund. Maybe because the spaceship cannot be attacked? If the center of the cosmic ring is the entrance to the spaceship, probably it is a good idea not to rebuild the magic relays...
Anyway, I almost finish up the game and still have some places to explore... which is very nice! And then I need to try the Dark Elves...

[Edited on 02/09/08 @ 12:03 PM]

Xtiaan Awesome map. I'm having a blast on it. Full review to come. Very challenging but not impossible. Beautiful map. Amazing, Amazing atmosphere and story. Best I've seen.....And the Tigran Hero...Best hero ever!
ibobs Hi Groll, I am still playing it but it is a decent map. The lack of attacks against your capital does make it a bit too easy in my opinion as you have all the time in the world to progress with an uber stack. With a teleport gate in your capital you can simply build giants and send them on in stacks of eight when you take a tower. So then the map becomes a bit of a bash. I have two major stacks that are effectively unbeatable. I got the flying dragon hero, plus a resurrect skill, then resurrected a cardinal so I had it twice, thus even if I did lose a troop, then I could get it back. Still, some good fights, some good moments and effects such as the ship weapons so thumbs up for that.
Map Design5.0
This review is based on Edmond playing only:

Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 1
Don't get me wrong here. I don't know what the other guys did, but I got rushed by a level 12 hero with full equip as soon as I got my first elven town. This does not sound like "balance" to me. If you played it you may have much more reasons to think its "unbalanced".

Creativity: 3
Cool, some cool quests, but few actually. But proudly say that I owned King David... =P

Map Design: 5
I must accept that the map was very well designed, the surface and mainly the underground part. I lost some hours trying to dig all those tunnels after defeating Lucrecia.

Story/Instructions: 2
Bite me, but it don't have a history. Why the hell do the Syrons want to help Edmund?

Additional Comments:
I think the creators have a problem in understanding what is "fun". Yeah, hard maps are fun, but its not fun, as I mentioned earlier, to be rushed by a lvl 12 hero right in the beginning. The Greater Demon is a bad joke, and Lord Dread has a lot of them (I never could figure out how many do he has), and its not funny as well.

Varg rushing you with Gluttons and life stealing Warlods as soon as you get your first Wizard Tower is not funny as well. It is actually the kind of map where you cannot allow any mistakes and where you must know what your oponents will do - namely, you must save, end your turn, and load back.

With luck you can defeat 2 or 3 enemies, but when Lord Dread get his Great Demons the fun is over, you don't have even a tatic. You can throw all your army into a single combat but as the demon's stats are 20 (except the DAM wich is 18) you will not even hit him - and if you do, he will heal himself back just by hitting you, he got life stealing. Orc Warlods (God bless Nymphs!) are useless, knights, ranged attacks...

Not even holy magics can deal with him, since they will not hit, and even Weaken magic will not help too much. The AI will not fight these monsters (Syrons will not run into a fight with such creatures) so you're alone against these creatures and the more you kill, the more they appear.

Moreover, the map has a lot of cool places to explore, but you have 6 enemies to defeat. When you finally get time to explore something more than 50% will be already explored. Which is quite stressing.

When I play a game, and waste my hours in it I expect some fun. This is not funny, sorry.

[Edited on 04/24/09 @ 10:01 AM]

oskar4498 Agree with the last post. Everything was way too far apart and you get overrun as soon as you get an elven town.
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Map Design5.0
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