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Darkness over Kaldria (Chapter 1) (Updated!)

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: M
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 4
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
I have resolved some serious issues in my previous submit, it seemed I had not cleaned properly up after a testing session. Some scripts have been fixed including one that made the game end prematurely due to an 'OR' condition where it should have been 'AND'.
Im terribly sorry for this screw up, It won´t happen again. I hope you´ll take your time and try out this scenario again.

Please follow these rules:
Disable surrender, build outpost and city growth
Do not perform any diplomatic action with any of the allies since there doesn´t seem to be, to my knowledge, a way to hinder the player from forming and breaking alliances.


This is the first scenario in a campaign inspired by a book I am writing. Technically this is not a campaign, but a series of scenarios i.e the story continues in the next scenario. However the items acquired in this scenario naturally won´t be carried over to the next.
I would really love to get some feedback about this scenario i.e what you liked and what you didn´t like, do you like the story or not.
The first few scenarios will be in rpg style. You won´t be conquering cities alot rather you´ll control the key characters in the plot. Don´t worry I´ll do my best to make the scenarios as fun as possible, thats why im asking for a feedback.

Below is a short summary of the plot, it´s not 100% accurate since the plot had to be plausible in AoW. But it gives the big picture. More will be revealed later.

Andria was but an infant when her parent´s where forced to hand her over to their good elven friend Lomako for they feared for her safety. Margelon wants to kill Andria and get his hands on Minostalon, a sword that legends say was crafted by a god. Lomako had to convince the elders of the elven city of Myrkrarskjol to allow the human infant entry. It has always been an elven law that no human may ever enter an elven city. Seeing how dire the situation was and the fact that Andria was only an infant untouched by humans custom, the elders made an exception. Lomako raised Andria as his own daughter, Andria grew up in an elven society and studied their teachings. She also learned to fight in which she excelled all other students. At young age it was discovered that she had magical powers, Lomako sent her to Sero, a friend of his and a master of the arcane to instruct her. She became adept with her magical powers but soon she had to leave Myrkrarskjol since her destiny became clearer as she became older. She could not stay much longer for sooner or later Margelon would find her, she was endangering all of Myrkrarskjol with her presence. At Andria's 17th birthday Lomako finally revealed to Andria what really happened to her parent´s, brutally murdered by Margelon just couple of nights after they gave Andria to Lomako. Andria´s destiny was clear, she had to stop Margelon and his evil plan.
Margelon wants to build a gateway to this world from the realm of his demon master so he may enter this world and destroy it. The key to Margelon´s plan involves Andria and Minostalon.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
For starters, I usually make comments on maps that I haven't played, and so I rely on my experience as a mapmaker/player.

This map is truly very story-driven, and it contains well written and engaging story! There are many events and a lot of them look very intricate. I do hope the mapmaker has tested them (and the map) out thoroughly, especially since this seems to be the first map submitted by him/her.

I have two main criticisms:
Firstly, as for the mappainting, I think the author has chosen a very functional approach. Everything looks ok, but there is very little that is actually stunning. The level of detail doesnt seem to be consistent across the map.

The mapmaking is an skill, I think, where the mapmaker could really improve his series! The latest patch isn't used and this is a little limiting in the amount of structures seen and units used on this map, especially given the scarce amount of cities. I would strongly advice using this.

Don't get me wrong, all areas are filled and have a purpose. I just have a feeling the author can do better! The level, by comparison, is below that of Triumph Studios standard map (and we strife to do better!! :p)

Secondly, a story driven map like this could really benefit from custom made heroes with descriptions (or even Wizard descriptions!!).

Anyway, it looks interesting! I am curious to know from people who play and get immersed in the story of the map.

Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
It was a non-scenario. If it were the first step in a campaign then it would be fine. I finished it after about 10 turns. Just go to the west, get the shadow key and it finished. Is that meant to happen?

Balance: 1
Way, way, way too much money income. There is no opponent except neutrals. You buy all the farms from blue and he then loses all his troops who then join you. One fight and it is all over.

Creativity: 3
Well, the story seems to start well but then stops.

Map Design: 2
Basic stuff.

Story/Instructions: 4
Starts well...

Additional Comments:
Sorry to be harsh, but a ten turn scenario is not really great to play. Did I miss something here?
File Author
I have updated the scenario

ibobs: Did you read the file description? It is the first scenario in a campaign, the story didn´t 'stop' it continues in the next scenario.
ibobs Yeah, but it also stops in this scenario too quickly. The guard man tells you to get his shiny star and bring it to him to get through the forest - and I then expected to go through said forest...

[Edited on 11/11/07 @ 02:10 AM]

File Author
Yeah in the next scenario
rat_peddler I was killed twice on the first turn before I could even pickup my items. It sure would be nice not to be attacked the very first second of the game. Pretty tedious having to restart a scenario just to see if one can survive.

The variety of objects available was really poor. Mostly armour. A shield and helm sure would have been nice.

And why not Eleven priests that can at least get around better in all the forests as those you can recruit.

Most of the quests were undoable or I wrecked them before I got the quest.

The final objective was very unclear and I never got there even though I had explored most of the map. This would have been nice to be a quest with a long time period on it to clarify what was expected.

[Edited on 11/15/07 @ 12:37 AM]

File Author
There is an easy solution: play in classic mode as intended. Simultanious mode is mainly for multiplayer, it takes the computer players half a second to finish their turn.

[Edited on 11/14/07 @ 10:01 PM]

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