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Fortress Europa

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Journey to an alternate universe where heroes of fact and fiction journey across time and space to do battle. Command vast armies as they clash across the continent of Europe. Challenge god-like beings such as Odin and Zeus - defeat them and their powers are yours to control!

Map Features:
-Over 150 custom heroes each with their own personal missions and/or special abilities
-Over 50 additional quests triggerable in game
-Loads of custom items, from the Holy Grail to the Necronomicon
-34 Custom Wizard pics

Disclaimer: Although the ESRB has not deigned to give this scenario a rating, it would undoubtedly be an "M". Therefore, if you cannot normally play an "M" rated game, you should not download this scenario.

This scenario uses Smitty's Custom Wizards mod pack, available here:
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
I should note that this scenario also requires the 1.4 MP Up-grade patch located here:
Lal strange strange map... perhaps too strange for me :) lot of... fantasy ? :p the first XXX map ;)

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This is by far the funnest map I have ever played!! I really had no idea what I was in for when I started it yesterday, but I have played nonstop ever since... I have tried out all the different starting wizards (playing at least until turn 60) and have yet to get the same heroes. The author is not kidding when he says over 150 heroes--and each have their own personal quest!!! I could play for a year and still not play the same game. Very, very cool.

Balance: 4
Having such a different experience each time I played, made it hard to rate this category. There were a couple times I died early on, but when replaying I was able to not make the same mistakes. That said, maybe the balance should get a 5 because it's just hard sometimes (nothing wrong with a good challenge!). I would hate it if it was too easy anyways. One time (out of the 12 or so times I started) the AI defeated another computer controlled character on turn 13 and I was tempted to restart thinking that would negatively affect balance later on. I think I'll have to play it a LOT more to really get a feel on the right rating here. I really like how the game continues to increase in difficulty as my heroes and wizard get stronger. It honestly is exciting from start to finish! Oh wait, did I say finish? I'm still playing....

Creativity: 5
If I could give a ten here I would. Completely original, this map really made me laugh when I was playing hotseat with friends. We had Mad Max battling Henry V outside Arrakis for rights to challenge the SandWorm when the Alien and Don Corleone rounded the corner and nailed us both. Simply hilarious, man. Big tip of the hat.

Map Design: 5
Absolutely nothing wrong here. No bugs found yet, no inaccessible areas (unless you aren't the intended hero for that quest of course), some very beautiful areas, and great teleport placement all contributed to this rating. At first the mafia (i.e. the Dark Elves) gave me problems because they can pop up to infiltrate most major cities, but isn't that appropriate?? I really like how accurate the city placement is to a real Mediterranean map, and yet all fantasy/sci-fi/fictional areas completey fit right in.

Story/Instructions: 5
Again, fantastic. This map gives the player a lot of freedom which is how I like to play. I'm not required to follow the author's plot. If you do, though, it's worth it. DEFINITELY read your signs as you go. The hero quests are vague enough to be a good puzzle, but I eventually figured out everybody I ever recruited. The questing is more fun than actually winning the game;) Some heroes' tasks are easier than others, but the tough ones give better rewards. Not a strong story, but that's because the game is so different every time you play based on the heroes you get. The detail to everything (the instuctions, signs, quests etc.) is incredible. The AI completed its quests too, which impressed me. I haven't noticed any typos and the cleverly worded (or just plain funny) events are great.

Additional Comments:
Awesome map, completely recommend this to everyone! Oh, except for the young 'uns of course... Pay attention to the "M" rating the author gives. I'll keep my eyes open for your next map Caius75!!!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 3
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 2
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 3
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 3
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Funny map but not really innovative only for heroes (hitler, reagan...) not my cup of tea
no good story
Not a bad map but not an excellent map
IMO a fantasy world will be better than a real world.
But with a buzz in the mouth, this map is prety good yeah !
File Author
I feel that I should add that this map does not have a linear story line. My intention was to increase replayability by giving individual heroes separate quests so that the player can have a different experience each time you play based on the random heroes that join your empire. (I figured that since random quests can't really be scripted, taking advantage of the random 'Hero Join' event would be the best -perhaps only- way to implement random quests).

Each wizard also has goals, which I guess could be considered a story-line, but mainly that is an attempt to introduce a Risk-style reinforcement system (ex: Human player must control all of the cities on the Iberian Peninsula in order to get extra units to join). Details regarding these goals can be found in the Readme file and the hero/wizard descriptions in-game.

Also, many of the heroes that you can see in the map editor are not hireable. They are placed on the map to act as bosses in certain areas to guard certain special items (ex: Hitler), or provide bounties if they are tracked down and killed (ex: Osama).

This download also includes two versions of the scenario, one for multiplayer deathmatch, and one for single player/multiplayer co-op (details in Readme file).

[Edited on 06/16/07 @ 04:06 AM]

The Groll First - I don´t dare to vote for this map.

But after some time of thinking about it, I dare to write a comment.

First the positive things:
- This map is a good base for any new europe map. If someone want to make a map that plays in europe he/she should ask caius75 for this map as a base.
- Many events. Have not checked them and have not played the map. Only taken a view in the editor.
For me that´s all what is good on this map.

The negative things:
- The map is not very nice painted. Not very much details, not very much love for details.
- The heros... Take a look and feel what you want but I don´t like this kind of heros and this kind of jokes.
They are the biggest negative part in this map.
AoW is a fantasy game, not a game where this kind of heros should be. And even when someone likes to make a technogame of it this kind of heros is false.
Maybe someone have fun playing with this heros but I can´t have it. Never. For everyone who don´t know Dr. Mengele for example, ask Wikipedia and learn who this "Doctor" was.
Than think if you like plaing with this kind of heros.
If someone have fun playing with this kind of heros...I will not say what I think here...
It´s a thing if you make comedy, fun or jokes but this is no joke even not a bad joke.
There are lines in life and history that no one should ever cross and this is definitly one of those lines.

I´m sadly sure that this comment will raise the number of downloads for this map and I feel sad that this will happen. Therefore I have thought some time, if I should write a comment for this map.

Don´t download this map only because of my commet. It´s not worth the curiosity.

Sorry caius75 for this comment.
This is not a comment of a philistine!
Take this map, scratch all the heros and paint it new. Then you can make a nice map out of it.
As it is, it´s more that a bad joke.
I´m tolerant but this goes much, much to far.
File Author
I think I should respond to the Groll's comment. Yes, there are a few heroes who could be considered objectionable. The last time I checked, the alignment of the Undead and the Shadow Demons is "Pure Evil". I think Dr. Mengele fits this description perfectly. Is it less objectionable to have a fictional orc warlord hero who has committed unspeakable atrocities than it is to have a real-life person who has committed terrible atrocities? If I said in a description that "Hrogath Elf-Slayer" slaughtered several thousand elf civilians in cold blood after decimating their villages, would this "hero" be objectionable?

Also, if a hero who you find objectionable should ask to join your army, you can always decline his offer and kill him yourself, there are plenty of heroes to replace him. I think the term "hero" is taken too literally. I prefer to think of them as the generals of my armies; obviously neither Dr. Mengele nor the Witch-King of Angmar in a LOTR scenario can be considered by anyone to be a "hero".

I would also like to point out that only two "heroes" I think might be objectionable on these grounds (Mengele and Eichmann). They can be easily deleted without having any effect on gameplay. However, I do like to kill them when I get the opportunity. To me there is something more satisfying about killing a real evil character than a made-up one, just as there is more angst over losing General Patton than some made up fantasy hero no one ever heard of. (As an aside, if either Mengele or Eichmann remain in the game long enough, the Mossad will probably catch up with them and they will get their just desserts...)

Other truly evil characters in the game (such as Hitler and Osama) are placed as bosses in areas specifically to be killed.

I will be up-dating this map with improved map details and a few new quests I have thought of as well as streamlining some of the existing ones. This is more or less my first attempt at map-making, and I could probably improve the over-all look of the terrain.

I made this map because I get tired of playing the same old stock fantasy stuff over and over again (hero needs to find magic sword/spell/yak and attack castle/town/fortress to rescue princess/destroy ring etc ad naseum) and I thought giving it a more techno/sci-fi/porn twist might spice it up a bit. Maybe I'm wrong.

[Edited on 06/28/07 @ 07:00 PM]

RedSammy Yeah well - I agree with caius. This map is funny - is just game. Not seriously.

Not rate map. I never rate map before.

I like most heroes, quests and movie areas encourage exploration.

IMO some areas nice, some boring.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Bizzare is good. i cant stop playing this map. Is at present the only map i play. Is very very tricky. So far i hadnt lost to the a.i when playing this game. This map changed that.

Balance: 5
Seems balanced, just tougth.

Creativity: 5
Must be the most creative map i have played. the heroes are brilliant and often make me smile. I have never played a fantasy game that has had me on the enterprise attempting to prevent a breach of starflight regulations...
has to be played to be belived.

Map Design: 5
Many varied and oftentimes bizzare locations for a fantasy game add to the interest. Is an acid dream of europe.

Story/Instructions: 5
Each hero has there own story and quest. And each wizard has there own overall goal. With 150 heroes the story is different evry time you play.

Additional Comments:
I love this map. Its sick at times but in a fun way. I would thoroughly reccomend it to anyone. Not for kids though. Great art however! If you make more maps dude im gonna play them. Great stuff! I dread to think how long it took.
rat_peddler So are you from Minnesota, USA? I see the Mpls/St. Paul are Frostling sites and a reference to your cousin in Fridley.

A very interesting map. I suddenly won when I offed Satin while playing the Archons.

I would suggest actually posting the heros individual goals as quests when they join. Quest can come from appropriate sphere that hero belongs too.

I would rate, but the current ratings and notes seem adequate.

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