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Children of Many Ages - Special Edition (fix)

Author File Description
Griffith * update 16.1.2011


Requires Upatch 1.4:

Then install the 3in1 pack: (457mb)

Finally, install the CoMA-SE batch from this page, to fix a few issues, and you should be all done.


NOTE! use CoMA_ON.bat when starting up the mod, so that you get correct names on abilities, spells etc. (and some other custom things) Use CoMA_OFF.bat to return to normal settings.


Some outlines about the mod:

This mod aims to enchance the races and gameplay further, to a more "epiclike" level. Spearmen and darters wont get you very far once your opponents get their special units under construction, but low levels arent useless either, with mighty meek being cosmos spell and many of them can grow into more powerful form with experience. At the end of the game however, people should get to see huge armies of monsters of various kinds (along with powerful heroes).. I hope there is enough to choose from for starters. :)

Many of the normal units are altered in a Dwiggs-like way and also most of the fiends in New Arsenal 2 are represented.. There has been excessive amount of "testing" done in multiplayer mode, which I hope has resulted in making the units and races somewhat balanced as well as diverse.

Each race have their strong points and weak points, and some are generally just very versatile (like humans). Orcs for instance have very powerfull melee units (and lose research as racial penalty). Draconians can grow many of their units to a stronger form (7 "evolving" units), but usually have a weakness to either cold or lightning. Many undead have resurgence and holy weakness. Halflings still dont have very good melee units, but nice shooters and some special, strange and sneaky creatures. And Syrons for instance have very exotic units, like almost invulnerable scout Probe, Force Field, Ancient Ones, the Changeling etc..

Heroes are mainly from Dwiggs (and therefore are quite interesting, each having their unique style and description), although bit rebalanced. Ability set and spells are from NA2 as is most other rules currently, hoping it will result in fairly fast gameplay (and it was easier point to start from). Also NA2 settings are set for "epiclike" gameplay with units varying from levels 0-8, powerfull indie monsters, heavy defenders on recruitment structures but also powerfull recruits, fast town developement, good spirit rewards, much gold to be gathered etc..

Ok, hopefully that says something..


This is getting to be pretty finalized version..

Work list:
- Much testing for units, general balance and each race . . . (done)
- Unique wizard system . . . (done)
- More balancing for heroes . . . (done)
- More new graphics for overland structures (for RMG) . . . (done)
- All new magical spheres . . . (done)
- Maybe some extra, freeware fantasy music added for custom playlists


Last update:
- Fixed few issues with the installer. The CoMA_ON/OFF.bat should be better configured and wont mess up with existing MLD files (names), or cause desynch issues.

Older version notes can be seen at CoMA.txt


There has been a XXL map made for CoMA mod by Roger Rabid, you can find that at:

Also check out these cool mods:

Dwiggs 5.0:

BNW 2.0:

They have been great inspiration and aid for making CoMA mod as it is.

Project Credits go to:

Dwiggs team, UPatch team, PawelS, The Stranger, Kirky Picardo, Rosen McStern, Webusver, FireGolem, HamletG, Roger Rabid, King Chaos, Munataros, Binary Captain, Karfhud, Luna Park, Merkraad, Gandalf_DK, TurboBeholder, DimaGromyko, Jor-El Elessar, True Purple, Climber and all (other) Testers / Commentators.

Thank you all for your work and in some cases, criticism / support. May you have Lady Luck with you in future pursuits.

* * *
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Shakiko The second link to the Image Libraries seems to be broken (?)

On a sidenote: Any suggestions in what order it is best to install all those ILB/files from NA2 and CoMA ?
Or are you going to make an "include-everything-pack" ? O:-)

[Edited on 05/01/07 @ 08:55 PM]

File Author

It shouldnt matter in which order you install NA2, Dwiggs or CoMA ILBs..

And i am planning to make a pack which contains all of these.. soon :)
When there´s bout 500 new units it makes somewhat AoW a new game, there´s still a lot balancing to do for units or shrine rewards.
Tekee downloading gonna try it
vicbrother Hi Griffith,

good work. But I have two wishes:

1. Can you make the Goblin Bomber cheaper (f.e. 15 Gold)? A lot of better units (like the eyes of dusk) costs 30 gold too and are stronger.
Or can you give him resurgence? This will be nice for this price :)

2. The big gremlin morph is nice, but why are they paralized after a morph? Can you disable this behaviour?

Thank you!

[Edited on 06/22/07 @ 06:40 AM]

Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
File Author
Good point on the Goblin Bomber, I'll fix this for next version. The paralyze on the Big Gremlin is intentional, as is the case on other morphers who can shapechange back and forth between forms (otherwise it could be abused). One-time morphs usually dont have paralyze penalty (like on medal rewards). Keep them coming :).
shodanswastika Okay,I got all the ilbs(except for a Syron hero),but there aren't any new wizards,not even any new portraits.The infuriating thing about this was that they were there when I started up one game to test,but I was still missing ilbs at that point.Then I installed all the ilbs,and the wizards are back to the old boring ones.Also,do the spell descriptions change at all?The names and some graphics are different,but I would like to know what I'm casting.
File Author
The New Wizards are at CoMA ILBs pack3, theres link above.

Descriptions should be changed by default with the new resources, the naming of some buildings and new spells might be wrong if the file switcher didnt work properly. Anyway the CoMA's .mld files can be copied to right place manually from \Dict\CoMARes to \Dict. Use English language from setup also (not auto for example).
shodanswastika I downloaded all the files(ilb too)again, and reinstalled them.When that didn't work,I manually copied the three mld files from CoMARes and renamed the ResStr.Coma file so that it's the default.Still no new wizards.Heroes,yes.I've spent alot of hours on this and its frustrating. One of the games I started did have all the new wizards,but at that point it was missing too many ilbs to play with. Somehow in the process of getting the ilbs the wizards disappeared.And none of the spell descriptions have changed.The mod looks great (I loved NA2) but I don't want to play an incomplete version.
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