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The shadow march V 1.2

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 7
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
This is a balanced 6 Vs 2 map. Six wizards are trying to kill shadow demons and undeads.

Unfortunatly I haven't made any events, I have focused on the eviroment and balancing. It can look a little unbalanced in the midplay, but if you use the defensive possitions right, you'll have a good chance to block a large enemy army (and you will see lots of those big armies) :D
I hope you'll like it.

The history:

The lands of Loria was ruled by a human king. His name was king Jearking I. He was an honored man, and the people loved him. But it didn't last long before trouble came into Loria. An enemy had lived in the shadows for so long, making plans to conquer Loria. As king Jearking died because of illness, they buried him deep underground. As they where digging the tomb, some came across a strange portal. The men entered it, and suddenly they came into a strange world. They didn't live long, because some strange creatures attacked them. The creatures known as shadow demons, went through the portal killing everything they saw. The humans were slaughtered in great numbers and could only give some resistance, but not enough. The human heir named Leon, and some of his men managed to escape the shadow demon's grasp. They formed a settlement to the south. The nations that had border to Loria, was realy frightened by the attack of the shadow demons. The demons could attack them as a next target. Therefore they formed an alllinace with Leon. Nomads and syrons came from the south, and made their base in one of the many valleys. Elves, draconians and halfings came from north, and made base there. The shadow demons were outnumbered, so they had to do something smart. The dark magican Sul'hulth raised all of the slaughtered humans into undeads. The undeads allied themselves with the shadow demons, and was ready to strike their enemies. Leon's allinace was also redy to strike. Who will win this war?

Tested this map, and it haven't any bugs that I can find. The only thing is that the turns can take some time if you got a slow computer.

New in Version 1.1:
-Switched some independents to guard area instaed of raid/berserk. This is because they would attack Nekron early and make his start bad.
- All-devourer is now CPU-Emperor
- Made Nekron's base better defended, and added some cities to All-Devourer.
- Made much better terrain, now it is more detailed and have added much more elevation/hills.
- Disabeled wizardtower in some cities, also disabled teleportationgate in many cities

New in version 1.2
- Added some mines to Nekron, cause he earned too little gold
- Made Nekron a slight stronger (not very much)
- Added some events. Now there is a shadow demon spawn when you enter all-devourer's shadow-world.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
A big map with a lot of variety! It seems you are very talented in mappainting as you experiment a lot with combinations of terrain! The use of terrain is very creative, perhaps even a bit too much. It seems like you are using the editor only up to a certain basic level, and it is as if you are not that familiar with the full power of the editor yet!!
This may make the map look a bit simple/different in style. For example, there are almost no elevations.

It almost feels like that with a few simple tips the map might become a lot more interesting!

The fact that there are no events while there is a big story may also be a bit disappointing but I don't want to be nitpicking. Its an impressive piece of work and I think a lot of people are looking for maps like these that have a lot of wizards.

In terms of balance, the design seems quite interesting. Three wizards are separated from the other three Wizards by two 'Big Boss' Wizard.

My largest concern lies in the playability regarding the balance. A fast and smart player won't have much of a challenge, I am afraid. The two big bosses do not seem very strong and since nobody can play this map in pbem or online, with all 8 players, the big bosses are likely to be set on AI... Especially if some of the smaller Wizards combine, it might be too easy!

I'd recommend making the All devourer and Nekron stronger. Make them AI-only and set some units on 'Guard' in cities. Have a few test-runs and see how it goes!

Anyway, very nice map and it looks like a joy to play for beginner/intermediate players! Try and look at other people's maps and discover their tricks!
Nice job!!

[Edited on 04/05/07 @ 09:43 PM]

File Author
Please say if this map is too easy or too hard. After I have playtested this map, I thought that this was a little hard, but I am a little less than an average player, so it's hard to make a decission if it is hard or not.

[Edited on 04/11/07 @ 03:23 PM]

rat_peddler I liked your later smaller map better. This one is too big in many ways. The computer "allies" are not very effective against the evil AIs with the larger territory. Leaves the human player to try to grind out a victory against a much higher resource enemy AI. It can be done, but is time consuming. I am playing with M&H mod which makes it even harder.

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