Age of Wonders II Heaven Julia with Gameplay background
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Author File Description
Triforce Guy
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: M
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 2
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Novice
Password Protected: No
You are the recently deceased hero, Tarsivus. Finding yourself in a strange land, you are offered a choice. Life, or death?
A unique experience, in my opinion. It has multiple paths to reach the end, and also a few side quest type things in it. More than 100 events! Very strongly story-oriented, mostly meant for single-player. Also, it requires the Unofficial Patch V 1.4. I only playtested it a few times, so please tell me of any errors you find. Constructive critiscism is also appreciated.
Oh, and I have used the Standard Editor Mod to design this. The Mod was "recreated from scratch by JamieJME who had the ideas how to do it after the original idea was lost." The file for the Mod was posted by Swolte.
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Triforce Guy
File Author
Thank you to those who have downloaded my file, and I want to inform you that I have added some slight updates. I also appologize for mispelling "Patch" in my initial message (I spelled it Path).
jankes Looks like a nice RPG. Here is what I've found:

1. Small bug: the buildersburden (that looks like it was German;) path message doesn't show up (it has enter area 55,26,0 instead 55,26,3)

2. What is the buildersburden for anyway? can't do anything with it (except building roads) cos the hero disappears.

3. Is it necessary to have all that excessive cash?

4. More messages could be useful in all the places that look like there's something to them, Tarsivus house for example. That's where i got confused (or maybe it's just me??)

5. I'll try to play it again and choose other path.

6. As Swolte pointed out to me the other time: "Your scarce use of grass textures isn't that bad";)
Triforce Guy
File Author

I've rechecked the event you described, and fixed it.

I've completely replaced the old builder's burden item, and fixed the events (I hope).

I have toned down the cash amount, but I still have it pretty high so that upkeep doesn't put you into debt.

I've added some additional things, and added some to Tarsivus's house (this area is only important if you say "No" to the only request though...)

Oh, and I've added some other terrain types besides grass (although there is still a lot :)

So, tell me what you think! (I appreciate your help!)
Ecthelion_21 I've only seen the map in the editor yet.

The AI blocks only block independents, so if you are playing Life the Death units arround 30:53:0 and 73:59:3 will be able to move anywhere.
Why did you place AI blocks on the cities of Life and Death, but not on the whole city?
Triforce Guy
File Author
AI blocks really only block independants? Hm. Thanks for telling me.

Okay, that problem should be fixed now.
Ecthelion_21 I have played the map now and looked at the events.

The win event doesn't work, because it doesn't have a trigger. You should win when you capture the chaos node, but you don't. The event should be "Win Game" and the trigger "Flag Structure". I think this is just an accident, because the other triggers work just fine.

Not all stacks have the right behaviour. I was able to buy two stacks of Black Spiders in the Mines of Morlath and I could also buy one of the halfling stacks that were gaurding the windmills.

The Druids in the swamp part of the shadow world will desert, because their allignment is Good, but they are controlled by a (Pure) Evil wizard.
Julius shouldn't be Pure Good, because Mysterious Hero is neutral. They get a bad morale.

Why are there so much events surrounding the watermill where Tarsivus lived. There is even one that makes you lose the game.

The Dragon Lair (59:33:0) can only be reached by flying/mountainering units.

The scenario is too easy. The chaos node is only protected by one lvl 3 and two lvl 2 units. The Treehulk (54:10:0) doesn't have to be killed by you, because that's done via an event. I fought against one Rift Lord, but I could also choose not to fight him.

More playtesting would have solved this.
jankes Too easy? How about this: I picked up the helmet (NW path). I got teleported to the surface and got attacked by spider queen straight away. The bitch killed me every time (even when I had 'freedom' spell given).
While the idea of hero being attacked by surprise is interesting I think there should be some other unit without web/charm/seduce/dominate ability to do the job.
psykitty Well, I'm impressed so far. However, I've encountered a small oversight: Just stepping on the hex with the dragon mask will teleport you to its path. The event is set to 'enter' and not 'pickup item'.
I guess if you're fast enough, you could pick it up, but none of the other items are like this.

Anyways, I like the open-ended(or seemingly open-ended) nature of this map, and I'm looking forward to beating it. :)
Ecthelion_21 @Jankes: The Spider Queen didn't gave me any problem and you aren't able to use the Freedom spell until you have a Wizard Tower.

There are some bugs with the events and a lot units have the wrong behaviour. You really need to playtest it more.
Triforce Guy
File Author
Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. I have (tried to) correct everything that you have pointed out to me, but I still have not gotten rid of the losing events that seem to "surround" Tarsivus's house. This is how those are suppose to work. If you decline Mysterious Hero's request, a message appears that says Tarisivus is returning home. Then, upon returning home, you are suppose to lose, and this doesn't make a lot of sense because there is another message in between those events.
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