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Tales of Matunmura: The Titan Gate

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 3
# of players: 3
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
IMPORTANT: Please save the map from time to time to avoid frustration later on bcoz some events are irreversible!

ABOUT THE MAP: First true RPG map. A Solid storyline spanning more than two scenarios. Presently only one scenario is designed but work on next will start shortly.


'Raznipul: The Demonlord' and 'Anzara: The fire queen' are the rulers of the void. Through tyranny, they have the void under their control. The dreams of conquering the world are ripe in their mind but this is not possible without opening the Titan Gate that separates the void from the World. The Titan Gate magically binds the void throughout and has three powersources / 'keys'. ODROSOL i.e 'OD', 'Ro' & 'SOL' keys are the powersources of the Titangate .If they are moved from their original positions, the TitanGate will lose it's power .Anzara and Raznipul want just that thing to happen. Both of them are powerful in the void but do not have any power outside it. So they also build three powersources in the world with the help of The Nagas, The Orcs and The Goblins. The only thing remaining is to shut down the powersource of the TitanGate. They are successful in doing so ( You will come to know how when you play the map) and all hell breaks loose as demons start popping out from the void into the world. Their mission: Retrieve the keys, the powersource of the Titangate to their masters. Raznipul and Anzara plan to use the powersource of titangate to their own benifit so that they can have a hold over the world also. Now that the Titangate is open, to close the gate, there is a ' Main Titan Key ' that is heavily protected. The mission for Marcus is: Go to the Void, destroy both the devils and restore peace in the world. Some potential allies will help you defeat the enemy in the game.

Please Do not use These Spells in the map:
1) Bind Summoned
2) Shadow Shift
3) Mastery Spells
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File Author
Hey Gerd, Thanks for the comments and playing my scenario. Actually it's kinda campaign with different scenarios. The RPG factor I have introduced purposly bcoz I was sick of playing only strategy where u defeat other wizards to rule supreme. Strategy+RPG is a very neat combo.

The leparachuan(Hermie) is a very useful unit bcoz of its high level of defence and phasing ability. But be sure to keep it away from riftlords during battles. A Hailstorm is the best spell to deal with demons during the battles.

Btw, there are some shrines stuff like a Shrine of strom off the shores next to Nomad territory where you will be gifted a storm elemental for facing a lightning storm. There's even a shop in Dwarven forge where you can sell some specific shields for some money. Watch out for these palces to gain bonuses.

Finally, I would like to thank u for posting such beautiful comments. Thanks!

[Edited on 10/26/06 @ 11:57 AM]

File Author
Hey toad_hoppin, thanks for the comments. If you have any probs or any bugs to report, u may post it on the " tales of..." thread in scenario design section of forums.
File Author
The second half is bit easy because the attacks cease as soon as you kill Orc Hero Bromboth.

Thanks for the review. I will post an update that will make the gameplay even more difficult. How about that!
File Author
Hey thanks for the review, Black Thor. I'll be uploading an update soon.
File Author
[1]I think there are some issues. At day 50, part of the realm of Marius turned into water (part of the story) problem is that my defending army was right into it, so all died :) and can't really move before it happens. Lucky me I keep many saves :)

That thing is a part of the story and is so sudden an event. This event is a vent to the anger of Asholo for the guys at the recruitment sites for helping out marinus.

[2]The story is good and has a good flow. 4 here because original AoW: SM campaign had the Shadow Demon invasion theme... actually, I think such theme is already overdone in movies, games and books, but that's just my opinion.

All I can say is that this is the theme that people like and it works. It's so sad that you can't create a true love story in AOW:SM. Otherwise, I would've had done one.

[3]At the end of the map - something REALLY annoyed me - those infinite death and fire storms. Also, those poison clouds surrounding Marinus city are really annoying too; I know they are there to weaken etc. but they lag the game like hell, even on a P4 2.2 ghz with 2 gig ram...
They are irritating and have been taken care of in the updated map.

[4]Last, but not least, I could not end the map at all. I placed the titan parts and the titan key into their respective teleporters (left, right) but nothing happened. Any ideas why?

They oughta work. Place the parts in the respective positions and the terrain changes from shadow void to wasteland. you are now ready to teleport to Lands of Gornia. It will again change to shadowvoid if you try taking any of em stuff with you.

Well, thanks for playing and reviewing my map. Actually I do not play a lot of AOW:SM and if you see, this is just my second map. I tried my hand at doing something different, and it succeeded. One thing I have to admit is that I made quite a haste in releasing this map inspite of it being bugged. That's bcoz I had created something like this map earlier named 'the three brothers' for TWT and it never made it to the site bcoz my hdd crashed and I did not have a backup of the map at all. I had spent months designing the map (XL Map) and writing the actionscript only to find it lost forever in eternity. I did not want the same fate for this map so I released it earlier than planned.

Once again thanks for the support of ppl to be curteous to comment and review the map. It really keeps one motivated. I have started work on the next map in TOMM series. I have even uploaded it's images on HG (image no 98,99,100,101 probably if u wanna look). It will be somewhat like morrowind style and include some new concepts. Hope you ppl support me the same way. Cheers!

[Edited on 11/03/06 @ 02:55 PM]

Merkraad Hi Sausud,

No problem! It was a true delight to play this map, like I said. Just couldn't stop hehe :)

Maybe I did get an early version and mixed maps up.. I do have like 40 Mods and 100 maps so...

But the bugs didn't influence the outcome that much, and even at the end (having no end), I wasn't that dissapointed, because I knew I did well, who cares if the last part didn't work hehe. Unless I missed a cool final write up :)

Ouch for that map story. only computers can do that to us... hd crash and a piece of us/our work lost forever... good thing I am an old fashioned artist,for drawings will never be deleted from paper :D

About the theme, I would play a map with a love story threw in it, why not :)

Thanks for making maps and for such an organized and sharing response.I am looking forward for next one(s)! (I did check screenshots from next ToMM)

Obs: What's TWT?

[Edited on 11/04/06 @ 12:19 AM]

File Author
Which part didn't work?

Are you an artist? I too am. Paper media is reliable than Electronic media.

I think I will include some love stuff in TOMM 2.

Thanks for the comments.

TWT = The Wizards Throne.
File Author
Hey SmellySock, thanks for the review. From the points u mentioned, I think u liked my map very much. Thank you.

I will be posting an update soon that will solve the balance issues and also add some additinal quests. (If you feel some additions that u think can be made, please post it on my thread in the scenario design section.)

btw, smellysock reminds me of 'Smelly Cat', Pheobe Buffay's favourite song from 'FRIENDS'.
File Author
Hey Morgul666, thanks for the review. The map, as mentioned by many people is very easy to play and almost everyone have suggested me to replace Popo(That's what the little guy's name is. Hermie is the leprechuan).

Actually I have made an update for the map but it seems that I screwed up the events (which are severly disorganised.) This update resolves the balance issues and makes the gameplay more challenging.

Also some new quests are added (Check my thread in scenario design folder for info on these quests) but they seem to be screwed up.

I will update the map after few days. Keep track of it. IT's gonna be like 30-40% increment in gameplay.
File Author
Hey Ecthelion,

Thanks for your comments and rating the map. Hope you all people liked it. Lands of Gornia will be more on strategic and RPG play. I have planned the main details out. Now I have to think of some subquests. The map will take months to design. Probably next august or september will be the release date.

The url does not work bcoz html tags are disabled here IMO.
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