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Tales of Matunmura: The Titan Gate

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 3
# of players: 3
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
IMPORTANT: Please save the map from time to time to avoid frustration later on bcoz some events are irreversible!

ABOUT THE MAP: First true RPG map. A Solid storyline spanning more than two scenarios. Presently only one scenario is designed but work on next will start shortly.


'Raznipul: The Demonlord' and 'Anzara: The fire queen' are the rulers of the void. Through tyranny, they have the void under their control. The dreams of conquering the world are ripe in their mind but this is not possible without opening the Titan Gate that separates the void from the World. The Titan Gate magically binds the void throughout and has three powersources / 'keys'. ODROSOL i.e 'OD', 'Ro' & 'SOL' keys are the powersources of the Titangate .If they are moved from their original positions, the TitanGate will lose it's power .Anzara and Raznipul want just that thing to happen. Both of them are powerful in the void but do not have any power outside it. So they also build three powersources in the world with the help of The Nagas, The Orcs and The Goblins. The only thing remaining is to shut down the powersource of the TitanGate. They are successful in doing so ( You will come to know how when you play the map) and all hell breaks loose as demons start popping out from the void into the world. Their mission: Retrieve the keys, the powersource of the Titangate to their masters. Raznipul and Anzara plan to use the powersource of titangate to their own benifit so that they can have a hold over the world also. Now that the Titangate is open, to close the gate, there is a ' Main Titan Key ' that is heavily protected. The mission for Marcus is: Go to the Void, destroy both the devils and restore peace in the world. Some potential allies will help you defeat the enemy in the game.

Please Do not use These Spells in the map:
1) Bind Summoned
2) Shadow Shift
3) Mastery Spells
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File Author
This map was originally designed for marinus only but later I thought that other two wizards should also be given a chance. This map may have a few bugs which I will correct later on.

Note: Play as Marinus first since story was designed for him.
The number of recruitable units for Marcus is very few so I would suggest players to engage more in manual battles.
(id: swolte)
This is one of the most packed scenario's since v1.4 was released. Very colorful and filled with exciting encounters. This will have hours and hours of gameplay!

I think I might actually try and play this one. More comments will follow!

File Author
Thanks Swolte. I would suggest you to engage more in manual battles since it will save you a lot of units and you will be amazed how even low level units are formidable opponents for higher ones.
psykitty Oh! I didn't notice this'd been released! :D (After a while, I just stopped looking at the downloads section..)
Probably have a review/more detailed comment on the weekend sometime. :)
File Author
Some bugs were reported and fixed. An update to this map will be available in a day or two so I recommend people to wait for update b4 downloading the map.

[Edited on 09/23/06 @ 02:30 PM]

File Author
I have fixed some of the bugs as pointed out to me. Now people may download the map. please report to me any bugs or anything that you dont understand.

Some Changes:

1) titan rod-> 'resurrect' replaced by 'animate dead'.
2) Bishop now asks you only once to join the monastary association if you have captured magic relay and have 400 gold.
3) modified naril's dialog. now if yoou retrieve the smoking pipe for him, he will teleport the nomad guards on the bridge somwhere other place.
4) Backup city for marinus now has more restrictions.
5) Terrain around the backup city now changed.
6) The powersources are nothing but the mines having that satanic star above it and guarded by dread reapers around it.
7) fixed the bug where you will win game when only the specific player enters the specified place.
8) you now get a reward for rescuing hermie. go to the place where the centre view event shows you and your hero marcus will upgrade if he is alive.
9) You get 4 additional tigran units for dealing with the guards of Sol key in Tarnia.
10) New watch area events allow you to spot the Monastary Association training centres on surface so that u dont miss their training.
11) All wands now have a description.
12) Manipulated the attacks on marinus.
13) Pestilence attacks on you city from day 100-500
14) Fixed the teleport event for Rhadi in Tarnia.

[Edited on 09/25/06 @ 12:40 AM]

File Author
For all those who have downloaded the updated map, there is a big bug:

I forgot to remove the extra units I used for playteseting as Wortan from the map. please disband all those units ( Hero and 7 Rift Lords)so that the game proceeds as normal.

I have created a thread in general discussions regarding this map's bug reporting and Q&A. ppl may also comment there if they want to.

[Edited on 09/25/06 @ 02:40 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Marcus/Marinus' storyline is very clear and involving, and makes for a brilliant game in its own right. Kandor and Wortan both leave a little to be desired though; they seem to have very little instructions, and powerful area guards that attack without any warning.

Balance: 5
The difficulty is fairly high for Marinus, and will require a lot of trial and error, unless you're a much better player than me. Then again, most of the older members of aow2h -are- better players than me.

Creativity: 5
Very involving, and full of events. Marinus' story is almost two games in one: Marcus' adventure on(mostly) the surface, is a J-RPG-esque adventure unique to SM. Marinus' own territory has a more traditional feel, as he has his own wizard tower and must hold out against fixed attackers.

Map Design: 5
Simply beautiful. Areas are varied, diverse and well-detailed. Pushes the editor to its limit.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story feels quite linear. I know that's a turn-off for some people, so I figure it needs to be said. That said, it's a very involving storyline, the only downsides of which are a few spelling and grammar errors(which can be easily looked over) and Kandor and Wortan, which seem to lack a purpose.

Additional Comments:
Bearing in mind that nothing is perfect, this is easily one of the best maps to grace Heavengames in a long time.

[Edited on 09/30/06 @ 02:30 PM]

Chat Noir
Map Design5.0
The version I played had some issues that needed to be addressed. But even so: I have to give this scenario a 5 in all categories. A more detailed review will follow (I have yet to download and play the updated version), but, as psykitty said, this is easily one of the top-scenarios available here.

That being said:

Balance: forget balance! You want a challenge, you get a challenge here. You *can* survive, and that is all that counts.

As for the other criteria: I'll have to play the updated version first, but I thoroughly enjoyed the original version, and it can only get better.

[Edited on 09/25/06 @ 10:46 PM]

File Author
Hey thanks for the review
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