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Valley of Turmoil 1.2

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: S
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 2
# of players: 2
Skill Level: Average
Password Protected: No
A small map with two levels made primarily for 1 vs 1 human play, but should be ok for a game against the computer AI. Some story elements and events. This is my second map submitted. Made primarily for a fast PBEM experience. You should be able to scout your side of the map within the first 10 days after which it will take some time to scavenge, explore and build up for a strong strike against your enemy.

The premise...
Queen Noora and Cruel Grumshank are the two most powerful forces in the small but prosperous valley. A peace has blanketed the valley for the last decade as many independent war leaders hold fortifications separating the two would be antagonists.

By coincidence both leaders have decided that it is now the time to consolidate their power, spread their rule across the rich valley, and dominate. May the strongest and most cunning wizard prevail.
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Very nicely done!

Some of the mappainting is stunning and very inspiring! It almost seems like the map was too small for you, it kinda is filled with a lot of variety!
I'd love to see you take on a big project!

As for balance, I am not too worried as I know you to be one of the best pbem-players around! The map seems symmetrical but there are subtle differences.

The one that concerns me the most is that the elven players domain is much more effective than that of the Orc one. This in terms of summoning scouts to places and having domain cover more key sites (certainly when domain is expanded), to name a few.

I didn't spend more than 15 minutes staring at it, so correct if if I am wrong!

I like this type of map and I hope that Timelord will take a good look and use it for the Pbem Tournament. It might need some balance testing, though!
gerd The story makes hungry.
The map contains buildings which are not to easy to take. That's what I like!

But in my case the game ends after 34 days because red player was defeated and I've never seen a red unit. So, it would be good to give red player a stronger position!
File Author
Swolte: Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. You are right about the advantage to the elves by having an aboveground wiz tower as most action will take place aboveground. Lordtheron and Timelord are playing the map so I'll have to see how this discrepency plays out in their game. I mostly put the orc tower underground for map design flavor and gave the orcs a better network of underground tunneling possibilities to somewhat compensate. The orcs also have access to a slightly more powerful hero in the 'rescue' event than the elves.

After my large map, 'Destiny of Rivals' I wanted to try something that I could finish quicker and also start to play with events. Right now I'm working on a XL map. This should take me.... forever! ;-}

If TL uses the map in a tournament, that would be great... for me in the tournament! :-}

Rat_Peddler: Thanks for taking the time to try my map and review it. I like your AoW Heaven name and would like to name a hero in my next map after you.

Gerd: Thanks to you for your enthusiasm and comments for my map. Sorry about the untimely end, but the AI isn't human and doesn't react too well on maps designed for tricky balanced play, as I'm sure you know. I see a Gerd hero too on my next map.

Thanks guys!
Ikki Fun one, first elves which went nice.. i did all the digging tho..

Then i tried orcs, and the elves died around turn 30.. never saw one of their units. I was pretty badly pressed by roaming neutrals aswell.. all energy went to that for a long time.

Access to third level units from the start, nice cash, along with full construction buildings would help quite a bit.
File Author
Donarudo; thanks for the review and glad you had fun with it. Unfortunately it seems that the ai wizards are getting destroyed by, I'm guessing, some raiders that make an appearance around turn 30. For the human player you get warnings of these events and can plan somewhat to counter.

Ikki; thanks for the comments. I purposely made the towns very primitive and in some cases specialized as to what can be built because on a small map like this, if too many powerfull units are being made too early the game won't last too long. It gives the player more time to build up, make strategic decisions, and struggle.

I'm working on a new map. This should take forever, but all people that comment, or review one of my maps will become a hero in my next map. I don't know if this is an incentive to contribute, but I'm too poor to send cash. ;-}

Swolte; couple other thing on the balance. I gave the orcs a slight advantage in their town growth potential. The orcs have a one step advantage on one of their towns. Also, The elven wizard domain doesn't reach across the water until 3rd level wiz tower, or 2nd level wiz tower with the farcaster upgrade. Finally, the orc leader will tend to leave the wiz tower and accompany the troops. He has the ability leadership 2 and the stats of a decent warrior to encourage him to get out and stay out. The two wizards will probably experience two different play styles.

[Edited on 08/04/06 @ 01:26 PM]

File Author
Very (too) kind of you Luna Park. I'm glad you had fun with it and appreciate you taking the time to rate my map. A hero in my next map will be in your name if that's ok.
File Author
Idealistos, kind and generous remarks from an ecellent player. You blew me away on my own map!

One correction though, there is a third crossing point of the seperating river in the far southern swamps.

I've been so busy lately with school, but when I get some time to finish it, your name will make for a fine hero in my next map. Thanks.
File Author
Henrysix: Thanks for the review and you're right about adjustments needed. I'm working on them and will resubmit this map to make the indies stay put and be available to hire if they become scouts or patrols. A few other things too.

I was pleased to hear you enjoyed the map so much. I followed your email games and the second one sounded pretty fun. Idealistos is tenacious, but then so are you.
File Author
Based on everyones comments I have made some balancing changes as well as some upgrades to make the small map play even bigger, with more options and things to do. Every turn should provide many decisions and lots of action.

I'm guessing this map would resolve itself around turn 30-35 in a head to head match, perfect for a quick and fun pbem game or a quick match against the AI.

Events might make this an undesireable map for online play.
Zeldafreak i dont wannt to rate, cause i go along with the other ones. i just want to say how much i like this map^^

the evnts, the level of detail its just awesome!

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