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Silent reign of heroes II

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No
First of all i want to say that this is the update to Silent reign of heroes II and that i truly believe that the problems with the earlier map now should be fixed.
I allso want to update a little about the map, i have made it to be a long runner with great replay value and i have tried to make a good balance between the 8 wizards and i made the independense a force to be reckon with, a living moving part of the map.
The races of the starting towns are on random so ya can customize the wizard and race you want to start with.
This is a big map with lots and lots of things to do so don't expect to be done in 100 turns unless you lose or get allied with all your opponents.
Hmm..what else...yes a little advice playin' the map, don't run off leavin' your wizard alone in town at the beginning or you might get an unpleasant surprise hehe..and ya might want to be carefull travellin' near independent towns with a wizard tower...that's all i say..:)
I hope ya will have a good time playing the map and that it runs smooth and looks cool and that i don't have to fight of any more editor bugs..:)
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
This map is very playable, thre are goodies every where. Which I don't particularly care for there is too much .. But thats just my taste and I won't hold it against the rating.

Balance: 4
I have not played from all sides but they seem to be set up well.

Creativity: 2
No Custom Wizards, No custom heroes, No custom items.

Map Design: 3
I would love to give this map a 5 becuase the underground took lotsa love. The top however is a little sparse for my tastes. Too much open ocean with nothing there. The undergournd might have a bit of an advantage.

Story/Instructions: 1
He stated in the begginging there is none.

Additional Comments:
DarkMind Great map. Great design, good and a bit hard playability - but... take a look at this forum thread, dear author:,2038,0,100

This is a serious problem. You really should update your map to make it more playable.
Besides that the map is just GREAT!
cycl0ps Looks good to me; difficult on highest level and plenty of action. Will rate it later when I've seen the complete map.
Dafyth This was a fun and challenging map, but then it crashed around move 40. I checked the forums and found that it might be a border issue. If it gets fixed let me know and I'll play it again.
File Author
I'm aware of the problems of the map and i am workin' on it..but in worst case i have to remake the whole underground "Sigh" and that might take some time :( I have notice however that the problem is random because i'm on my 100 turn with the dwarf now so i hope ya have patience until' i get the new one out.
DarkMind We will. Such a great map surely deserves it's time to be finished :)
cycl0ps This is one great map unfortunately the 'path' failure to display means keep saving and exiting and restarting. I believe it is something to do with boundaries and walls within one hex. Sounds like an excuse for bad programmng a map has natural boundaries! Weird thing is it only seems to happen in the early stages. Maybe it's only some independant unit close to the edge.
I changed a couple of things to make it more playable. Just made one human and one halfling town nearbye instead of random. If not it turns into a long drawn out saga Airships and my favourite unit the rogue. Without an airship or two the spirit of order quests can't be done because of the distance. The rogue is the best low priced unit in the game good for defence and attack.
File Author
Well i just want to say that i have update the map now if anyone missed it and that it should run ok.
Good luck playing it:)
DarkMind And where to get it? The map attached to this link here is still bugged...
Map Design5.0
The sort of xl game I like to play. I care greatly for a well designed map with a lot of individual interesting places. Clealy some time has been devoted to this. More maps like this one pleace.
I like the fact there there are very few entrances to the sublevels which makes for powerful strategic key points.
Just one thing i'd change in the editor before play... (thanx for not password protecting): There is a lot(!) of roaming neutrals which can cause a sudden death of a computer player very early in the game. When and if that happens it would unfairly help a human player that was placed in that region...
I recommend erasing just a few of the troublesome level three or four creatures.
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Map Design4.4
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