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Ancient Times v.1.3

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 1
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 5
Skill Level: Average
Password Protected: No
New in this version:
- 1.4 errata (terrain, structures etc.)
- New playable force: The Huns!

In this scenario modelled after ancient european times, you will be able to control some of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known:

- The persians( represented by Tigrans )
- The romans ( represented by Archons )
- The chartiginians ( represented by Nomads )
- The germanians ( represented by Orcs )
- The Huns (New) ( represented by Nomads/Frostlings )

Choose between these different yet unique world powers of the Old world, each with historical correct information and heroes such as Julius Caesar and Hannibal. Battle your forces on the frontiers of Europe, from the british Isles to the midde-east. Expand your empire through domination and conquest. Play the legendary hero or commander of ancient times, and fullfill the Rise of your civilization!

The map has modified the following:
-Romans made to right race (Archons) instead of humans.
-Independent Ai made less aggressive in roman territory. (This might also have been the reason why the romans died in the first rounds)
-All should now function properly. Sorry for the inconvinyence
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
For the future: it is possible to update your map, so we won't have 2 versions in the downloads sections. Check the update button!

It also a good idea to really thoroughly playtest all sides. The time between the reported mistake and the newly uploaded version is very short...

For the rest, nothing but compliments! Brilliant idea and wonderful mapdesign! Surely a joy to play and simply watch (I like history myself). Please make more (I expect some nice historical battles next... ;))

Chat Noir Thanks for the update, though I must say that the previous buggy version made it more interesting to play the Romans (and Germanians = Orcs? Snork!)

Anyway, I'm usually not he first to complain that a map is too easy to play, but... this one is. Wonderfully designed, and an interesting idea that has a lot of ptential, but it lacks that certain je ne sais quoi, though I don't know what it is.

The one thing I immediately missed was an underground fitted to the empires/religions playable. I can see why there is no underground in the interest of historical accuracy, but it would be nice to have empire-specific undergrounds relating to the mythology/religion of the respective peoples. These undergrounds should not be connected to each other (so that the real war has to be fought on the surface, as in real life), but it would be great to have people-specific undergrounds that would provide for race-specific challenges and rewards (and if one invades an empire, one surely has to deal with the religion(s) of the occupied people, which could add an extra twist).

Other than that I have to say that playing this map makes it obvious why it was the Romans and no other people that reigned supreme in the Antique World, and that is actually an achievement.

The Groll I have only looked at the 1.2 map now in the editor and want to say: Fantastic map design!
I made a map by myself many years ago in Warlords II deluxe where I made the land of Tolkiens middle earth in the second age. I have used pencil and a paper where you can look trought and paint on the monitor to make it correct. My question is: How do you made the landscape in the right size/dimension?

What can be better in your map?
All what Swolte and Chat Noir sayed.
Try before you upload a map but there a many "mapmakers" that make very worse maps and upload one after one. So don´t worry.
What can be better for me? There a to less events. In face no one. There can be diplomatic changes or vulcanos (Pompeji) or sand storm or such things that can be historical correct. And there can be offers of heros and Tuarek or huns or a canon in London or such things, offers to help or what you can imagine. You must have historical knowledge and this was not an easy map to do. I know that and I be impressed. This map is fantastic. I only made no voting for it because I have not played it yet and it can be even better when you bring events to the map. That makes a map very interesting and the map is worth that extra time. My last maps are very event strong. Maybe take a look at them when you need tips for event making.
Very nice work!

[Edited on 05/17/06 @ 02:19 PM]

Chat Noir A further suggestion: to stay consistent with the historical theme, turn Teleporters off (as well as item-teleportation).

Disabling the Masters Guild was a good idea (so that no anachronistic weapons like cannons can be build), but it leads to imbalances. Example: without the MG, Humans cannot build flyers (Airgalley), but Tigrans, Nomads, Archons etc. still can via the Champions Guild. Restricting buildable units to Lvl 3 might add to the challenge.

Personally, I'd also like to see more sites where I can find items for my heroes.

A final thought: using Archons as Romans fits their theme, but it introduces a historical inconsistency: the real Romans got along with everyone as long as they accepted their rule. That is impossible with Archons. To stay with the historical theme it might be better to only use neutral races for all factions (and good/evil races only for the occasional rogue tribe).

[Edited on 05/17/06 @ 07:26 PM]

File Author

I am much pleased to see so many comments on my map. This will help me sufficiently in further development on this map and others.

When it comes to events, there probably could be some, if not many. But in this case my knowledge and/or imagination was not enough. I think that in this case I will have to lend some ideas:) On the question of map accuracy, I just used and old atlas as guideline, no more.

When it comes to item teleportation I should of course have turned it off, since it would be more realistic that way.
On the issue of making underground and mythic creatures, I was inspired. This was a good idea, but I think I will go for the strictly historical type in the first round. But a mythic side may be relevant on later works since Aow afterall fits undoubtly in a more fantasy mythic fashion.
About the Mg and humans lack of air galley, this is something I must see trough. Humans is not a starter race, and I myself favor Archons as Romans mostly because of the visual part, wich have important similarities I dont think should be thrown away.
More item sites is a good thing, tough.

I wish to thank you all for good comments and advice on the scenario. I will keep working on this map, and im also speculating on making an Alexander the great campaign. (dont tell anybody! ;)
Too all others that havent played my map: Try it out and let me hear what you think. Knowledge have nevered harmed me, and I guess I 've always more to learn. -Ballemann-
Map Design4.0
I had a lot of fun playing the german orcs. :)

I found myself fighting a two front war with the romans and the huns, but after a while the persians came to the rescue and we made ourselves an alliance. This allowed me some time to construct a network of teleportation gates, and eventually destroy my enemies. >:)

It was a great idea to disable the level 4 units, as it makes the game more interesting and more challenging. As others said, this scenario does not have the highest level of difficulty, but I find it pleasing to actually win a scenario now and then as well... And since I allowed myself to make alliances with the AI the game got even easier.

A very well made map, thanks for the fun. :)
As a SP map this map really suffers from the AI not being able to use Haste Berry Trees (unless stumbling upon them) and Recruit Sites and not being able to build ships, making it far too easy for the human player.
The abundance of independent stacks probably don't help the AI either.
I played as the Germanians and by the time I had expanded far into Russia and conquered Gallia and Balkan down do Byzants, the only AI player I had seen was the Romans. They only conquered their two nearest cities around turn 15 and on turn 19 I vanquished them.

The map would have been much better with:
All players start with a ship.
Start with more troops, especially the Romans who are surrounded.
No Haste Berry Trees.
Prisons instead of Recruit Sites (but keep Stonehenge) since the AI will explore prisons.
Fewer independents.

The Haste Berry Tree + Recruit Sites combo makes it easy to expand extremely rapidly for a human player.

As it is I think the old Ancient Europe map is more fun and much more challenging to play.

Apart from the actual map design is very nice and detailed (although more conform forests would be more realistic), with very few Nodes making magic less important.

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Map Design4.0
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