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Gates to another World 1.4

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 7
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: Yes
THE MAP-PASSWORD IS INNERSANCTUM (maybe that´s also good for me should I ever forget the password myself :)

HERE is the (slighty) 1.4 adapted - but most importantly - bugfixed version of this scenario!! Have fun!!

This is a reproduction of the original map of the Might & Magic 2 Role Playing Game - "Gates to another World".
Not only the map has been transformed into an Age of Wonders scenario but also some of the main plot of the original RPG !
This is why you start with all the 6 original Heroes from the beginning and it is meant, that you keep them together in one group!!! There will be situations in the game, where you are forced to put them together anyway so keep them together from the very beginning, this is the special kick of this map!
You will have to solve many scripted quests throughout adventuring!

A dark force of alien creatures infiltrates the Land of Cron. The evil dark Lord Sheltem and his minions, coming from another world, seek to destroy Cron and all it´s inhabitants... Seemingly endless hordes appear apparently from nowhere, roaming the land and destroying whatever they find... Will you be able to find their base and stop the intrusion before the whole land has been overrun...?

This is only the present situation you are faced with... The real story being behind all of this has to be unraveled whilst adventuring... There is, let´s say, a main plot with many main "quests" that have to be solved as well as some subquests of minor importance such as mere gaining of artifacts or so...
You should always read the messages that will appear throughout the game, watch out for signposts and I´d recommend using scouts of any sort... But be careful with sending out single units or even small groups. The chance for survival in the land is very small in these times...

© 2005 by Sure Valla ;-)

Uuhps...I´ve just seen whats all new with the 1.4 patch... It is definitely possible, that all these changes may have some impact on the difficulty of this scenario.... This map has been playtested by two Experts and one novice ;-) but we all played with the 1.3 patch...
So please don´t kill me, if this scenario kills you should you be using the 1.4 patch :-))

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The early game is very hard and takes patience to accumulate the power to move to the harder challenges. The trick is figuring out in which order to tackle them.

Balance: 5
Early game is much in favor of Sheltem. However, the peacemaker setting really helps give Merlin a chance.

Creativity: 5
I am not a M & M player, but the idea of translating a board game like this here was good and soundly executed.

Some of the none traditional transporters and "jails" made the quests even more challenging.

Map Design: 5
Very well done. A good mix of detail and geography without getting too busy. XL map does get to be alot of time in movement though.

Story/Instructions: 5
Well done. They were clean enough that a person could figure things out.

Additional Comments:

I can tell alot of effort went into this. It took me 276 turns (over almost a week) to finally win. I wasn't really completely in control to after 200 turns.

I played with the U1.4 Patch! So you can rest assured that it still works just fine.

[Edited on 01/16/06 @ 06:18 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(I´ve sticked to the 'rules' and kept together the six heroes in one stack throughout (almost) the whole scenario and had a hard time to survive defending myself against Sheltem.
It turned out to be extremely challenging mostly in the beginning but as soon as the heroes reach higher levels it worked just fine and was a damn lot of fun! Because of the rare mana and gold income structures, it´s very hard to come along with your ressources and to build up more troops than an adequate defending army ...)

Balance: 5
(There´s no f***ing balance in this map ;) Sheltem kicks ass from the beginning making it a hard time for you and the other wizards to resist his assault but I think, this was planned and it´s OK because it´s part of the story and not meant as multiplayer scenario.)

Creativity: 5
(That´s (together with the "story/intructions" category ) the icing of the cake of this scenario!
I loved the idea with the "restricted" teleporters (especially the timemachine *lol* but I don´t want to give away to much...) and most of all the idea of translating a computer role playing game into a strategy game - which worked out brilliantly!
Unfortunately, I never played this one but some other parts of the M&M series )

Map Design: 5
(Solid mapmaking! Unfortunately not done with the 1.4 patch which surely would have helped adding even more atmosphere but that doesn´t take off the fun of this map. Good Idea with the four elemental planes which add a lot of variety, challenge and fun (especially the scene at the beginning of the Air-plane :D ) to the whole.

Story/Instructions: 5
(I haven´t played a scenario that outranks this one with it´s extensive and most of all, exciting story. Most of the messages are a really good read! No more (well known) bored "klick-aways" ! I was curios for each new appearing message!)

Additional Comments:
Having successfully finished this one after almost two weeks of challenging play, I really have to review this one now due to it´s originality!
There should be more of such inspiring and exceptional scenarios!

This one is really outstanding due the lot of never seen before ideas! Certainly there exist maps which would earn a slightly higher rating was it just about design but since it´s the whole, the fun, that has to be evaluated, this is my personal Number One up to date and therefore I have to give the highest ranking! Thanks for this one! I hope to see more from this mapmaker soon !!
Map Design4.0
Outside of the 1.4 patch games, this is the first player generated map I've ever used on AOW2. I've tried to rate a fair review based upon the review guidelines. I am not the type of reviewer who automatically gives the best scores possible.

Based upon the criteria, I probably could've marked this lower. As my previous comments indicate, you can not "win" the scenario if you beat Sheltem before obtaining the quest item. I personally find this very disappointing.

Botched quests were somewhat annoying, in that you kept getting messages about the elves in the forest and the toll challenge. On the positive side, if you missed or forgot a message reentering that area allowed you to view it again. The elven quest should've stated a general direction in which to proceed (i.e. somewhere to the South). In the early game (i.e. the first 150 turns) you had to keep your heroes close to the home city to protect your income and magic structures while building up your wizard (and heroes) powers. After striking out in a couple of directions and failing to find the cave (I thought it was in Corak's cave as it said forest not swamp), I decided I needed the Elven city more than I needed the quest. Had I been able to build a city to support my mana requirements this may not have been as big an issue.

I did not figure out the challenge quest. The guy challenges me to I fight, I beat him. That should be the end of the quest, shouldn't it?

The map had a lot to do, and tons of items to get. I played this for nearly 370 turns trying to do everything (though I beat Sheltem around 234). Sheltem was quite a challenging boss too I might add. For this reason I marked the score higher because if you play that long there is still a fun factor despite the problems encountered.

Based upon the review guidelines, I had to choose a 3 rating. Unlike the final scenario in the Shadow Magic Campaign or the Return of the Lizards scenario, I never really felt like I would lose this game. Starting with 6 heroes is part of the reason. I eventually build this up to 16 heroes (despite the limit being set at the scenario default of 10).

The computer never sent stacks of Shadow Demons after my home city. The game took so long due mainly to resource starvation, and a need to protect what I had with my hero stack. Eventually I built a second hero stack to free up for exploration and lastly once my wizard got enough mana, I was able to use single units to guard resources in my domain and send my heroes elsewhere. That's the point where the game became less tedious and far more fun to play.

When it comes down to it, the game was billed as really hard, but it did not live up to the previous precedents (the 2 listed above). In that I'm a bit disappointed.

I've not played Might and Magic 2, but since it is based off of another creation, I feel it lacks a little in the "originality" department. I feel there was potential here to do more. I know I really wondered how I could possibly defend such an open city versus a difficult computer opponent, especially since I couldn't build another or move this one.

I will include a few more items I think could've improved the game.

I don't know what it takes to program a map, but at harder levels Sheltem needs more cities. Have him send stacks of shadow demons against the home city.

I did not like the teleport system, though it was definately original. I think a teleporter should not function when razed. If the creator does not want it raised make the costs of razing a teleporter significant. Some kind of marker system would've been helpful. Maybe something like 2 globes. The first indicating the teleporter color, the second indicating the destination teleporter color.

I don't think you should start with 6 heroes, maybe 1-2 and have some mini-quests close by the home city to get the other 5-6 heroes. Maybe make them level dependent.

Since the underground is not accessible by spell alone. Sheltem's home city should be underground (map wise) and inaccessible until the teleporter is unlocked.

I think this map could've been smaller overall, as a little bit of it seemed too sparse. It was really hard to explore much during the early game, since the computer kept stealing my resource generators. However, I think the map's creator wanted that effect and it did make the map somewhat more challenging.

I think the map creator's intro was a little bit of misleading in the you "needed" to keep your hero stack together the whole game. Even after beating the main boss I stuck around to follow up on the main story plot (that which I did not sacrifice earlier). The main plot seemed somewhat forgiving when not executed in precise order.

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