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Downloads Home » Scenarios » Exploring Washington Part II (5 maps now, the 4 old ones updated and one new one w/cities). Beta .9

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Exploring Washington Part II (5 maps now, the 4 old ones updated and one new one w/cities). Beta .9

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 1
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No

Have made the first beta of a w/cities version, - 8 player (included). So there are now 5 maps in this pack. In this version races as well as spheres are customizable, so ya can pick any race or sphere.

Added 2 more gold sources (a windmill and a mine) to the eastern WA area for balance reasons. (all versions). As requested.

Added some more terrain features. (all versions)

Changed away from 'tutorial messages' to regular messages so that they don't show to all players when someone enters the wastelands of Canada. (all versions)

Got rid of the wandering pioneers that were in the less than 8 player versions.

It would seem the 2 player version was the most buggy. Got rid of the extra wizard that wasn't supposed to be there (was controlled by the ai as an independant, not as an actual wizard, and if you took him over, you'd lose your *main* wizard and all your spells and items!).

Now allow for more than 3 heroes per player. (all versions).

Switched out the dark elves and orcs for a more fair match up for the 2 player no cities version (people complained the dark elves were too weak versus tigrans, the other opponent in the 2 player version).

All the heroes were true historical figures except for SmegInThePants, MonkeyPants, and Baldy (inside jokes, though they are real people and are really from WA), those 3 are now replaced w/non-inside_joke more historical figures. Next in line is to make a many more heros (so far, there are 24).

Increased the allowed number of heroes per player per game from 3 to 12.

Thinned out the forest in central WA, making it easier to move along the road and more fair in 8 player games for the central player (all versions).

On a similar note, took the storm off the road itself, as having it on the road screwed w/teh pathfinding when trying to move along it more than one step at a time.

Thinned out some other 'thick' areas allowing for more areas to build cities in (in the no cities versions).

Made the center player the archons, instead of Noah Sealth (who is now the humans). (all versions)


Races as well as spheres are customizable.

All towns and cities are of a random race to add to variety of gameplay.

Can play this version single player or w/less than 8 players even on the 8 player map and still have a good experience because the AI works fine when there are already cities on the map.

Added some more independents to the map.

Central player gets 2 towns to start w/, while all others get one. This is to help offset the central player's disadvantage for being in the middle of everyone. (there only exists a central player in the 8 player versions).

To Do List:

Balance tweakage.

Reduce the number of mines and nodes so that they are of more strategic importance.

Fix any reported bugs.

Add many more heroes, on the order of at least triple the present amount.

Spice up the terrain a bit more.

Maybe make a version w/an underground level.

Alter to take advantage of any new features when new patches come out. (and/or expansions).

Add more independents to the 8 player w/cities map, maybe to the others as well.

No-Cities versions DESCRIPTION:

Author: SmegInThePants

Aching for a MoM/Civ like experience w/aow2? Well here ya go. Ya start w/just a wizard and a pioneer, and that's it. Not one city exists on the map to begin with. You must build your entire empire from scratch. You must decide between building or exploring or conquering at every turn, and the wrong decision, depending on what your opponents are doing, will mean the difference between winning and losing the game.

This is multiplayer only. The AI doesn't know how to use pioneers to build (at least not yet in patch 1.1). Because of this, this file actually has 4 maps, a 2, 4, 6, and 8 player version. So pick the one ya want at set-up time, depending on how many opponents ya have.

If ya attempt to play w/a computer AI as one of the opponents, he will just wander around, never using his pioneer. So if ya want AI players, play the w/cities version. Otherwise, the AI might be dangerous in the first few turns by summoning some creatures and attacking you, but he'll never have more units than he can summon, because he'll never build a city. So it is *strongly* suggested you play w/only human opponents in the no-cities verisons by picking the appropriately sized map. Hopefully the next patch will change this.

Magic spheres are customizable. There is no generic pioneer unit available in the editor, as of yet, however. Because of this, races are fixed. Again, this will hopefully change w/the next patch.

If there are any play balance suggestions, or any other suggestions, please send them to For right now, the map is in a 'beta' stage, though very playable even now.

As to the make up of this map:

The land is Washington State. All wizards and heroes are based off of real figures that are from, currently live in, or who were made famous in Washington State.

The time period is just prior to the age of technology.

The goal is simple, conquer the land to make it your own. He who can conquer this land at this critical period in history, shall forever have dominion. And as we all know, Washington State is the center of all civilization, so this is no small matter.

In the *true* history of the world, Bill Gates won this war, allowing him to attain his current standing as world leader. This time around, however, maybe things will turn out differently. (though if ya want, ya can play Bill Gates and try and make history repeat itself).

All wizards are *supposed* to start off balanced and equal, so it doesn't matter which wizard you start as. Choose based on which race ya like best. The map has some random items and ruins w/random treasures, to add variety to gameplay. If anything seems unbalanced, please email me.

Mines and nodes exist throughout the map, but are not in super abundance, so as to keep them and their locations of strategic importance.

If a future patch allows for random starting points, generic pioneer units that will conform to whatever race a player has chosen in the setup screen, or the ability to change the number of players on the map according to how many human players are joining the game, then expect to see these in future versions of this map.
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DarkMind Please add a non-passworded version as well. I always take look through the editor before I bother playing a map or not - wanna see the landscape design etc..
File Author
I think the new versions are not passworded now, open 'em up in the editor to your heart's content
khaizano Thank You!

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