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Avenging Forces 2 (V 2.11)

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 2
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
This is a one or two-player-XL-Scenario against 5 overpowered and one VERY overpowered computer-opponent with 91 additional heroes and 124 new artifacts. Very hard.
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Chat Noir
Map Design2.0
Playability: You get crushed around day 30.

Balance: You get crushed around day 30.

Creativity: You get crushed around day 30.

Map Design: Yoy don't get to see the map (unless you look at it in the editor), and what little you see is quite boring.

Story/Instructions: You get crushed around day 30. End of story.

Question to all mapmakers: What's the point of crushing the human player (and/or select AI players) with forces that not only outnumber what one could produce if one were to produce nothing bit lvl 1 units from day 1, but are also insane stacks of lvl 4 units (or enemy heroes > lvlv 10 while the human player just got a join offer that s/he can't afford to accept; never mind enchanting the hero one might have started with)?

If you don't want your maps to be enjoyed, keep going in that vein.

Frankly, I'm getting pissed off at this kind of map: it's a waste of time, not entertaining at all, not creative (quite on the contrary, even kevinking can "design" enemy forces that will crush whatever the human player might be able to muster).

Do yourselves a favor and don't download/play this map. There are better things to do with your time. (Even if you're not married).

Mac Florisac
Map Design5.0
I play Age of Wonders since Age of Wonders I, and there always was one big problem: the AI is not the best. A human player will always have a smarter way of heroe-leveling, city-building, mana-using and most of all fighting.
For my favorite map style ( hotseat-XL-epos )the most maps are too easy, even if you fight against 6 Emperors.
So we tried all handicaps from the game and others like no peace; waiting same turns before we start our game; times of no casting, no building, no walking or limited level 4 creatures, to get a hard battle.
But now we can play Avenging Forces II! No need for any handicaps, really!
Well, we get crushed at day 30 too( human lost capital and all heroes deserted). But half an hour later we tried it again my friend.
And this time its day 50 and we still alive, because we learned from the first try.
Maybe we need another restart to win this map.
That´s what we missed for so long. We have to plan every coin of gold and every cristal of mana we spend and every fight is very important and exciting. Trying to survive and get the heroes better and better until we can strike back. That´s what we read in the File Description and what we expect.
Maybe that´s because we Germans like this kind of battle (against all, survive as long as possible) :-), but we enjoy this map.

To Hermes666: We tank you for this great challenge and 80 very intensive turns for brain and nerves.

To Chat Noir: If you get dissappointed, when you loose a map at the first try, you should not play maps with words like "overpowered" or "very overpowered" in their File Description. For shure there is no dissapointment and no cry in the tutorials :-)

File Author
Thank you very much, Mac Florisac.

I wish you guys good luck and much fun with killing the All-Devourer and his minions.

This scenario was made for guys like you, who like a good 2-player hotseat with an nearly unbeatable opponent. Others, like Chat Noir, will never understand what a real challenge is...
Stillborn hey just want to say that chat noirs opinion is a minority, This map is exactly what me and my friends have been looking for.

Infact if you could make a 3/4 player version that would be awsome.

Its really hard to know what to do with 3 players because well it always turns into a 2on1 when we fight eachother.

anyways keep it up.
gerd This map is a challenge because of the power of the main opponent (All-Devourer). It takes me 494 days before the final battle was won. You've to live with low resources of gold and mana for a long time. Because of the interesting map design (there are only a few towns having a Wizard tower) it is not possible to leave your empire until you are strong enough. Magic relays influences battles a lot especially when All-Devourer and his minions have casted Poison-Domain, Fire-Domain and Damnation. So, due to the map design I had to find a certain strategy and that's what I like!

It was hard to play this long scenario without getting the Healing spell. There are a lot of interesting items you can win and theses items are extremely important because you'll not be able to produce your own items. There was a day of destiny for me inside the game when All-Devourers hero came to crush my home town. This hero (a level 20 one having excellent items) was nearly invulnerable to me and I lost all of my costly units except my heroes before I could win this battle after the 6th try. Now, I got powerful items and I could send my heroes into unexplored areas!

This map is not for Beginners and even if you are an experienced player you need a lot of endurance until the final battle. At the end at day 494 I had 15 heroes. All greater than 20 and 6 of them at level 30!!

Thanks, for that good scenario!
Skull666 could you possibly upload your item library as i like to see whats added to the new items without playing the map and even when you do play the map you can't always see what the item withs the hero
thanks Skull

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Map Design3.5
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