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Dark hordes

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 3
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Matron Malice has enslaved all the races of the Underground, constructing an empire never seen before among dark elves. All other major families have been forced to join her in alliance. But now she wants to prove to Lolth her faith and her power: she is preparing an invasion of the surface world, in order to erase disgusting elves and halflings and to use humans as slaves. The menace has been only discovered lately by surface races, but instead of cooperating with the defenders of nature, King Erendal has decided to destroy them while weakened by the dark hordes' assault, and become the new Emperor. Nevertheless, a new ally appears, thirsting for revenge for his brother's kill: and so, the defense of this beatifull and wild land is left to Queen Amlauril, Siira Elrinwood and King Durin Faen, but can their forces oppose the rising darkness?

Old update:
Fixed some problems, modified some heroes and items.

Old update:
-Added a new quest involving the Guardian (look for it at the new "Wandering Treant's Inn".
-Eliminated external incomes for Matron Malice, and given more initial troops to Good players (The map will be a little easier now, I hope)

Old update:
fixed an unexpected bug involving the endless bag of gems

Old update:
-I've maked all quests (expect Durin Faen's ones) non-quests, in the sense they will not be registered as quests: instead you will recieve messages explaining what to do (you will have to remember them). In this way, I've been able to handle mutual exclusive quests MORE easily, and I've eliminated a LOT of problems I've found playing in coop.
-Added Shadow world: I've done it as Demiplane of Shadow of D&D, you will find no Shadow demon's towns, only nodes, missions, magical items.

New update (2 January):
-Resolved some minor issues
-King Erendal is now stronger (he will oppose Malice for a longer time)
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Impudent Domain
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
(not a bad map, but I had to tweek it to have a chance at success)

Balance: 1
(unbelievably hard, I had to go to the editor and knock down the power of the purple player to even have a chance)

Creativity: 3
(one of the best underground maps I have seen)

Map Design: 4
(pretty map, but a little too "busy")

Story/Instructions: 4
(worth playing, only if you change the power of the underground Queen, She has heroes who can whipe out an eight unit army of mid-sized units all by themselves)

Additional Comments:
willy1798 lorenzomichele,

Really like the Hero's and Items. Very tough. Would it be possible to get your Hero Library?
File Author
The map has been designed to be nearly impossible:
so it is very difficult in single player mode (because allies' AI is poor), but if I make it easier then it would be too easy in cooperative mode. Try to play it using two of the three players.

As for heroes, they are balanced: even your own hero can destroy full armies, depending on magical items and enchanting spells (take them from your allies).

As for heroes' library, this is my first map so I didn't make a library, sorry.
asheldon hi!

I played this very nice map now for a long time, but I cant find this orb of darkness, how do i get it???

please give me a hint at least...

File Author
The orb of darkness (or Alastar's orb) is in a tomb in the Valley of the dead. Explore them all and you'll find it.
File Author
I've posted an update to fix a bug involving the endless bag of gems.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
One of the toughest maps around, definitely not for an inexperienced player. I played the map as single player. In this configuration, I would recommend to play the three good wizards as cooperation among them is the only way to stand a chance.

Balance: 3
Balance is not really an issue here. The map is designed to be tough and it is.

Creativity: 5
Apparently endless evil hordes raised underground by Matron Malice will keep you busy all game long. Even when the surface is more or less secure, cleaning the underground remains a challenge.

Map Design: 5
A very nice two layers map. Good landscape transitions.

Story/Instructions: 4

Additional Comments:
A good map in the same category as Athendore II or The Battle of Creatino.
File Author
New update avalaible!
I've made the old quests as non-quests for more flexibility (see map description). I've also added
Shadow world, as D&D Demiplane of Shadow (see map description).
willy1798 My friend and I play this as co-op game. We love it even if we still haven't won. We usually play evil forces so getting used to the "good guys" is taking awhile. If you find yourself bored someday could you reverse the game? ie make the good guys bent on exterminating the evil forces. Thanks again...for all the fun and frustration.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(see below)

Balance: 5
(see below)

Creativity: 5
(see below)

Map Design: 5
(see below)

Story/Instructions: 5
(see below)

Additional Comments:
(review made with the older version)
I had to give this map the highest available rating, because it is damn fun. It is one of the rare maps that places you in an almost-impossible-to-win-situation.
Well designed, lovely new heroes and items.
If you expect a map, where you can have an easy time winning within 100 days you would rate this map as 1 probably, but if you are waiting for a challaging map, which takes all your human strategy to win it, try this one.

There are only three points of criticism from me:
- the spells are too random: it would be cool, if Malice gets some spells every time, like fire domains and poison domain and if the good player gets something like watcher and hast domain. But on the other hand when I started my first try with this map, she casted all of her death spells plus fire domain, poison domain and death mastery in 20 turns, which was way too much and not knowing what this map was about I lost miserably.
- King Erendal usually dies much too quickly. I would give him more ressources and maybe it would be cool to block the erendal exit for a given time.
- You should ai-block some of the items, like the strange gems. Sometimes it happens that Malice takes that items in her inventory and you don´t get.
(spoiler)p.s.: In combination some of your items will create an almost invincible hero. This is cool because I needed that very much, but maybe not intended.

Ah, some more (big spoiler): I was very pissed when one Malice took one of the strange gems and I found a solution which was really nerve-saving, but it shouldn´t be like that: I summoned a creature near to a weak defended town near her (an angel or chaos lord) and conquered that town. After that sent some troops through teleporter doors and forced her to the void. I think you should take measures agianst such a tactic.

Anyway, the critic-part was very long, but this is definitely a very cool map and you should try it asap.

p.s.: where did you get the halfling wizard picture from? I love it, but din´t found it around the net.

[Edited on 11/14/05 @ 10:46 PM]

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Map Design4.8
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