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Desolate lands

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
A magic catastrophe of epic dimensions has hit these lands some time ago. Now four wizards want to claim these lands back and rebuild what once has been a great empire.
They are not the first ones to set a foot in these desolate lands. A great power of evil has emerged and the wizards may have to work together to rid these lands of the dangers that lurk above and below ground!
But there is a myth, that no magic of death can persist once the three great cities of
Arden, Belensia and Candarmon are rebuild to their former blaze and glory!

Players: Perses, Julia, Karissa, Symon

This map is primarily thought as Co-Op map versus the computer (AI), with the opportunity to do a FFA after the main opponent is reasonably crippled (the four surface cities taken).
For this reason it is also useable as PBEM, although I would not recommend it as ladder game.
Single player is also quite fun, although because of numerous AI-blocks the 'other' players won't behave like 'normal' human players.
On the other hand you would still get to see most of the special events because due to said AI-blocks the computer won't trigger them.
I wouldn't recommend it for online-multiplayer. I never played online, but I think the scripted events may be a bit annoying sometimes when time is of essence.

This is my first map, so any constructive critics / comments are highly appreciated.

Update: Thanx for the comments! :)
Added a mine on each starting position and allowed for customizing wizards (not races, though).
This maps difficulty level increases quite a bit if you want to play it as single player. I found out that it doesn't really matter if the other wizards start allied or not. The AI wizards (in singleplayer) won't help you a lot either way, the only advantage would be to exchange spells from the beginning.
As single player I would recommend to REALLY go and press towards Nekrons cities in the center before he gets too powerful and starts sending stacks of dread reapers after you (instead of stacks of bone horrors ;).

Have fun!
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jsroy73 I played this map twice in single player mode, and twice I got destroyed. I played elf with AI set to emperor level.

There are many things good about this map, but I would change the following:

-Possibility of customising the wizards (as a single player with AI to emperor, this map is VERY difficult to play so customising my wizard is a must for me)

-Add a mana and gold producing structure near starting position (AI produces WAY to many dread reapers for me to fight on such a low level of gold and mana income)

-As a single player, you dont get much help or coordination from other players, furthermore the AI players that are supposed to help you fight the undead are fighting amongst themself. Because of this, the game is very difficult to beat as single player, and expect to fight the undead almost by yourself. Maybe this can be fixed in the scenario editor?

-If allowed to customise wizards or if their are more ressources added, I would play it again. I think I would even play it soon, just to try and kick that arrogant undead wizard.

Ikki I can but add to that it was very difficult.
After several attempts and being humiliated thruoghtly.. i decided to have a look at the map and plan a strategy (var cheating).

Anyway, new game this time with karissa, sitting back.. building silver-warlords for defence.. and the occasional warlord/doombat strike.
The base for my success lied however in phoenixes that would go in and raze the undead cities.. causing them to lose control of the surface.

Then replacing them with rebuilt dark-elf cities.

Most of the game however was spent doung nothing but clicking turns, researching and building ever bigger armies to defend myself.
File Author
Interesting strategy...
(Edit: And other people were complaining about too few gold/mana income sites!)

[Edited on 09/08/05 @ 02:10 PM]

noothernamesleft Played it twice now, first as perses and won easily due to conqueror and the sphinx dominate power, I had 7 dread reapers at one point. The secret in a long game in an empty land is to build outposts they pay back in about 17 turns and you want to make roads anyway. The other thing the AI doesn't do it raze the power node when the death mastery goes off, if you don't you are dead.

Second play I thought I'd give myself a challenge as the halflings. I again built outposts and by turn 50 I was out-producing all the other 'allied' players combined and tank warfare was pushing the undead back. The leprechans rocked as the taunt hits all the undead easily so your heroes can stand next to them for safe hits. Victory by killing neckron on turn 115, I tunnelled an attack force to him.

All in all, it could have been 20% harder I thought.

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