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Age of Glorantha

Author File Description
RosenMcStern This MOD recreates the classic Fantasy setting of Glorantha ( 13 races have been totally replaced by a Gloranthan equivalent. Most units have been totally altered. New graphics have been added. There are also some major changes in gameplay, explained in the attached PDF file. Some “goodies” similar to those included in the Unofficial Patch are also included (recruitment structures, racial priests, altered Air Galley, etc.).

A large map, playable Single Player or Multi Player with two or three human-controlled wizards, is included with the MOD. The map is a faithful conversion of the famous Dragon Pass, one of the first fantasy boardgames ever designed. More maps are in the making.

Due to the painful history of the Glorantha copyright, Issaries inc., the copyright owner, is very cautious about giving permission to publish fan works. Before downloading the MOD, read the following excerpt from the license agreement granted by Issaries. Downloading this package means automatic acceptance of the terms stated below.

“By downloading Age of Glorantha, owners of a legal copy of the Game accept a restriction to the license agreement between TS and purchasers of the Game, due to the need to guarantee ISSARIES’ copyright. Players that download Age of Glorantha must be informed of this restriction prior to the actual download. Players are restricted by the download in the following ways
a. Players may not distribute Age of Glorantha without including an unaltered copy of this license agreement. Players must request explicit acceptance of the terms included in this license agreement by all other parties to which they distribute Age of Glorantha.
b. Players may not extract or modify the text and pictures included in Age of Glorantha that are copyrighted by ISSARIES.
c. By making Age of Glorantha publicly available, all owners of a registered copy of the Game are permitted to create and play scenarios that include Gloranthan contents. Players are free to create and play random Age of Glorantha scenarios, and to create prebuilt scenarios for personal use. Players need an explicit permission from ISSARIES to make scenarios created with Age of Glorantha available to the public domain.
d. All scenarios that are created with Age of Glorantha and obtain permission for publication from Issaries must be distributed under the provision of this license agreement, and accompanied by an unaltered copy of this license agreement. Subsequent modification of such scenarios are subject to the restrictions of this license agreeement.
e. Using Age of Glorantha to create and run scenarios with illegal copies of the Game (i.e. pirated software) is explicitly prohibited
f. Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in immediate termination of the effects of the license agreement for the offending player.
g. All restrictions that violate the laws of the country where the player lives are not in effect”
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File Author
IMPORTANT WARNING: if you see black squares on the global map, where structures are supposed to be, disable "Use Direct3D" from the AOWSetup utility.
cowboys94 I think i found a small problem that occurs with installing this mod. I installed the mod and it runs great...but I switched back to the BNW mod to work on a map that i am tryin to make for it....and the race names from the Glorantha mod was still on the tabs in editor. I dont know if anyone else has had this problem...but i had to uninstall AOW:SM and then reinstall to fix. Someone might know of an easier or better way to fix it and post it.
File Author
You must not switch back and forth from Age of Glorantha and default AoW by using AOWSetup directly. Use the installation script you run to install the MOD, named install_glorantha.bat, choosing option 2 instead of 1, to switch back to standard Age of Wonders Shadow Magic.
First of all, this mod is slightly different from most others since it doesn't try to improve AoW, but instead tries to be a new game. I really hope more mods like this will be made.

When you play the maps that comes with the mod it is clear that there's a lot of work behind it all. I had never heard of Gloranthia before I tried this thing out, but that didn't stop me from having fun.

The streamlined install/uninstall procedure is excellent as well.

Well done!

[Edited on 07/23/05 @ 02:37 PM]

jpinard Will install/uninstall script still function preoprly if I have the unofficial 1.4 patch installed?
pcharnley The installer batch file tells me it cannot find \Dict\Glorantha and that I must have extracted the zip file incorrectly.

I followed the instructions in the pdf file, any ideas please?
Rating: 4.5
Unique gameplay, as it has all-new races and units, altered spheres and spells, special Glorantha atmosphere due to well made explanations on all units and to things mentioned above.

Additional Comments:
I have waited to see an action-based Glorantha computer-game version for long, and this mod succeeds in it well. Most of the important factions and races are represented (i think) and the design is pretty appropriate for what i can see. It leaves much strategic options and the races i've tested feel different enough from each other. New graphics are good except for the racial picture on Uz towns and the model of Night trolls :P (and maby that female Orlanthi hero, whatshername..).

P.S. I hope u continue to work on this mod Rosen, to get all the races as playable ones. If u need some assistance, send me an email at, i'd love to help in project like this.

[Edited on 02/24/06 @ 01:33 AM]

File Author
@pcharnley: I suppose you are running win98, aren't you? Open a DOS command shell and patiently issue CD commands until you are in the main Age of Wonders directory, then launch the setup_glorantha command from the DOS prompt. Sorry, but I no longer have any win9x installation to test script compatibility, so this bug was discovered by unfortunate players.

@Griffith: thanks for the comments. The troll racial city pic was taken from the Japanese RQ site, so it is rather manga-style. And the picture of Gunda is in fact the worst in the entire package, but since she is, together with Harrek, one of the best graphically characterized characters in Dragon Pass, I used this picture that is astonishingly similar to "traditional" iconography, although rather unappealing. In fact you detected exactly the two pics that I am not totally satisfied with.

Big news coming with version 2.0 of the mod, including 11 or 13 playable races. Send me an email with your address and I'll tell you how you can help.
how786 Are mods like this for AOW II only? Or are some of the mods for SM?
I can't seem to tell whether a mod or a campaign is for AOW, AOW II or SM.
I'd appreciate help.
File Author

In this section, you'll find only mods for AoW2/AoW:SM. Mods for AoW1 are in the AoW forum section.

However, since modding AoW2 is rather difficult, there is in fact only one mod for the old good AoW2, that is GreenMonster's mod. All other mods in this section, including this one, are for Shadow Magic.

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