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Brave New World v2.0

Author File Description

It has been one year and one day since the brave new world v1.0 was made available. It was definitely time for an update! And after approximately 10-11 months of working on this, I now feel it is ready for release. There has been a ton of content added which I hope BNW players will enjoy. A fixed version of BNW 1.0 is also included in this package which is essentially the v1.1 version which had been making its way thru cyberspace. The only changes to this version are necessary ones in the unit bodies section of the editor so some fixed ILBs are set up properly. I felt it important that this should be included as well.

For players unfamiliar with the original, I should explain that this is a mod which places a great emphasis on heroes. Developing your heroes is an extremely important aspect of game-play and if you do so you will find they are capable of great deeds. This time around, as well as having distinctive portraits, each hero also has a unique body graphic and gone is the generic rider-type for each race. Expect to battle with great looking heroes who smoothly jog around the battlefield with very fluid and realistic animations.

This mod also is very much a tactical combat mod. The battles you have to fight are much more difficult than in the normal game and you will have to defeat powerful creatures as you struggle to expand your empire.

As players of the original might expect, there are many new and exciting creatures which have been added. Some are beautiful while some are bizarre, and still others are downright scary!

You can also expect to find many new artifacts, new map structures, changes to spells and abilities (plus a few new ones) and much, much more!

Finally I will just say that the mod comes with an easy install (same as the original) and this time around we have included some good documentation for you with illustrated tables and lots of information.

So prepare thyself brave one, for the new world beckons!

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Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Aylsham,

Even though I only posted here a short time ago, I felt I had to post again to say thank you very much for the super nice comments (and thanks again to Wusong as well).

I want to quickly add that I am trying very hard to take your advice about "vaporware". I guess sometimes when you are shooting for the moon, it's easy to miss the mark and instead end up lost in space, lol. So instead of trying to come up with a completely 100% finished version of the mod before making it available, maybe just concentrating on getting a good playable update as soon as I can would be better. There is a lot of really cool stuff that is in this new version, and to not have it available to people who are interested is a bit goofy really. I can always continue to work on it and make smaller updates later on as you suggest.

So hopefully when next I post there will be something new for you to play as well.

Thanks again, guys!



Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Jurgen,

Thank your for the review. It is nice to know there are still people who enjoy the mod.

I am somewhat confused about your comment that you can't play normal maps though. BNW is very compatible with custom maps and was designed to be so. You simply need to first load the map in the editor that you want to play then save it under a new name.

Now, I know there seems to be a lot of confusion about this recently, and just loading and saving a map in the editor won't work for all mods, despite people sometimes saying it will, sigh. It will depend completely on the mod and how it was made and what that mod-maker did. For one thing, mods which re-arrange default resources in a completely different order will not be compatible with maps made for the normal game.

However, BNW doesn't do this and loading and saving the map with a new name should work fine. I have not seen one map so far made for default rules where this didn't work and I tried hundreds!

So when you say you can't play normal maps, I would ask if you first tried loading and saving them in the editor with BNW selected?

If you have then I think that maybe your game is not patched correctly or there is some other problem. In this case please send an e-mail to:

There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to play normal maps with this mod.

Anyway, thanks again and let me just say to you and anyone else out there who may be interested, you might want to check back here in a couple days as I will be providing a link to a beta version of BNW 3.0! I think anyone who enjoys this mod will really enjoy the new version. I hope so anyway, lol.



[Edited on 03/28/08 @ 11:36 AM]

pignogonido Hi Kirki:

I'm still playing Brave new world and I'm waiting the new versión. I have no time to do an intensive playtesting but I always can play some random map and tell you my impressions buy I´m sure that your work will be -like always- excelent.

Thank you again for the hard and good work and the funny moments playing AoW:SM with your Mod.
wusong Hi Kirky,

I hear a great news from you (-:.

Thank you again for the hard and great work, every time that you release a new version of your mod I am relive the game again.

I am waiting for your link to reschedule my free time for the next months.

You did a wonderful job for triumph studios, the only think they need to do for age of wonders III (I still hoping) is integrating your mod.

Thanks again


Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Pignogonido and Wusong!

It really made me smile to see these comments from you guys. Nice to know you are still out there and looking forward to this new version of BNW.

Thanks a lot for all your support!

EDIT: Iskatu Mesk had put the file on his webspace, so people can download it directly from there if they wish.

Here is the link:

Alternatively, people who have Pando installed can download the mod with Pando here:

Weird Link I know, lol.

You can read about this new version of BNW and see some previews in the mod-making section of the forums.



[Edited on 04/02/08 @ 08:59 AM]

daniel_haze I have already custom resource to BNWv2.0, I also already installed upatched1.4 but the game still doesn't take any effect. Could you please help me...
(I have sent message to your email)
Yamael I made a forum account just to be able to say thanks. I've been an instant addict to all the new content, and especially the work on heroes ever since version 2.0 and routinely drop by to see if anything new happened just like that other post said. BNW breathes new life into shadow magic. Also you're always nice with people and you assist people who run into issues. I really dont get how you get down morale though. Personally Im always very satisfied just to know you havent yet abandonned updating bnw and you still have new things in the baking process. As a last not im maybe less of a enthusiastic of the "lots of smaller playable updates" idea considering I consider BNW an integral part of the shadow magic game and I burn a disc every update :P Also I suppose its sort of a christmas feeling, when you get it working and you see all of those polished seamless updates. Anyway I rambled enough. I got the idea for making this post cuz its just not cool that you wouldnt have as much fun making this as we have playing it. Maybe the interview they made will motivate more people to voice their satisfaction. Keep up the good work!

Question : If I install BNW2.0 and Beta 3.0 do i miss any content by skipping 2.5 like the improved structures mentionned in the readme?

[Edited on 08/08/08 @ 05:24 PM]

Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Yamael,

Thank you very much for the nice comments. :)

You don't need the 2.5 version as the new material from there is included in 3.0 Beta. You just need the 2.0 version from here installed first then you can go ahead and install the beta.

Thanks, mate!


[Edited on 08/09/08 @ 11:28 AM]

TarponCrest Greetings,

I am new to AoW (I am a HC NWN Player :> ) and have to say that I LOVE your work the possibilities are infinite.

I have to admit that the "vanilla" version is fun but gets old due to lack of new units, heroes and wizards.

In a quest to satisfy my thirst for MORE ,MORE,MORE!!! I discovered your modpack. And all I can say is WOW! Thanks for making it. I downloaded many but yours... well... is the best! it has the best balance, it is well organized(the download and notes)and many more things(to many to list).

Thanks again! be safe!
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi TarponCrest,

Thanks a lot for the comments. Nice for me to hear about new people finding and enjoying the mod.


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