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Brave New World v2.0

Author File Description

It has been one year and one day since the brave new world v1.0 was made available. It was definitely time for an update! And after approximately 10-11 months of working on this, I now feel it is ready for release. There has been a ton of content added which I hope BNW players will enjoy. A fixed version of BNW 1.0 is also included in this package which is essentially the v1.1 version which had been making its way thru cyberspace. The only changes to this version are necessary ones in the unit bodies section of the editor so some fixed ILBs are set up properly. I felt it important that this should be included as well.

For players unfamiliar with the original, I should explain that this is a mod which places a great emphasis on heroes. Developing your heroes is an extremely important aspect of game-play and if you do so you will find they are capable of great deeds. This time around, as well as having distinctive portraits, each hero also has a unique body graphic and gone is the generic rider-type for each race. Expect to battle with great looking heroes who smoothly jog around the battlefield with very fluid and realistic animations.

This mod also is very much a tactical combat mod. The battles you have to fight are much more difficult than in the normal game and you will have to defeat powerful creatures as you struggle to expand your empire.

As players of the original might expect, there are many new and exciting creatures which have been added. Some are beautiful while some are bizarre, and still others are downright scary!

You can also expect to find many new artifacts, new map structures, changes to spells and abilities (plus a few new ones) and much, much more!

Finally I will just say that the mod comes with an easy install (same as the original) and this time around we have included some good documentation for you with illustrated tables and lots of information.

So prepare thyself brave one, for the new world beckons!

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Runescapenoob wait nevermind. sorry! i found out i needed to install the patch. my bad

[Edited on 10/31/05 @ 09:01 PM]

Wanlorn Okay,haven't actually started the mod but I have used it in the editor. Real cool mod except for the naked women. this might be an accident, but alot of the wizard pics in the editor are showing up as topless fantasy women. Skulkan and Meandor among them. Is this intended?
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Wanlorn,

What I think you are doing is looking at someone's map with the editor and seeing the custom wizards that person made for their map. Skulkan uses a portrait of a male orc in my mod and Meandor is an undead guy. There are many attractive female wizards in this mod and for one of them you do see a bit of her breast, but that's all. :)

Loki666 It is simply GREAT!!! :-)))
I enjoyed it a lot and my girlfriend likes it, too!
Very complex, well balanced, just a great piece of work!!! :-)

Kirky Picardo
File Author
Thank you, Loki666. I very much appreciate the comments from you and everyone else who took the time to post here. It encourages me to work even harder to try to make some more nice things for you all.

Thanks :)

Prowler Thanks so much Kirky, this mod is amazing. I love how you've upgraded the weaker units. Lately, I've been an Elves kinda guy and the upgraded Nymphs are awesome. Seduce can be a powerful weapon and your addition of archery and more hit points to the hot little Nymphs helps to keep them out of trouble. That, plus all the wonderful new units and everything else make this great game so much better.

"It encourages me to work even harder to try to make some more nice things for you all."
Wow, there may be more coming? I'd love to see what you come up with next. Again, thanks for all your hard work. It's very much appreciated.

Kirky Picardo
File Author
Thank you for the nice comments, Prowler. I am very happy that you are enjoying this mod. :)

To answer your question about more things coming...I have been working on an expansion to this mod as well as another Shadow Magic project for quite some time now and when I hear from people like yourself it really does encourage me to continue to do this.

Thanks again.

Baloc the Black Great job on the mod - I've played it extensively and have very few issues with it. It's well balanced and creative which has given the game new life for me. I greatly enjoy the new and adjusted units not to mention the hero-power of the mod. Very well done in deed.

Have you considered making this wonderful mod compatable with the unofficial 1.4 patch?
jpinard Kirky - I'm about to download your mod. I'm a very old AoW'er... and have been absent for a long time.

At any rate, I'm downloading your mod now and am in "mod overload". It seems I'm trying everything at once - hehehe. Now does this work at all with patch 1.4? Is patch 1.4 really just a mod?

Just to clarify for my overloaded mind... if I want to play one fo the original scenarios with your mod... I just make sure your resource kit is selected, and load up the scenario?
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hey jpinard, fancy meeting you here lol.

To answer your question, I think it's fair to say that the 1.4 patch is a mod in some ways. It has its own resource set which contain things that are not present in any of the current mods until we all update them. So I wouldn't really try playing any of the new 1.4 maps that came with the patch with the BNW mod at this time (although if you want to try feel free lol). However, for other maps you just need to load them into the editor and re-save them under a new name. Make sure the mod you want to play the map with is enabled under custom resources before doing this.

To Baloc the Black:

Thank you very much for the comments. I do intend to make this mod more compatible with the 1.4 patch. I need to finish another project first then I will get back to working on the expansion for this mod which will incorporate some elements from the 1.4 patch and many new things as well.

Thanks. :)


[Edited on 12/15/05 @ 09:02 AM]

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