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Brave New World v2.0

Author File Description

It has been one year and one day since the brave new world v1.0 was made available. It was definitely time for an update! And after approximately 10-11 months of working on this, I now feel it is ready for release. There has been a ton of content added which I hope BNW players will enjoy. A fixed version of BNW 1.0 is also included in this package which is essentially the v1.1 version which had been making its way thru cyberspace. The only changes to this version are necessary ones in the unit bodies section of the editor so some fixed ILBs are set up properly. I felt it important that this should be included as well.

For players unfamiliar with the original, I should explain that this is a mod which places a great emphasis on heroes. Developing your heroes is an extremely important aspect of game-play and if you do so you will find they are capable of great deeds. This time around, as well as having distinctive portraits, each hero also has a unique body graphic and gone is the generic rider-type for each race. Expect to battle with great looking heroes who smoothly jog around the battlefield with very fluid and realistic animations.

This mod also is very much a tactical combat mod. The battles you have to fight are much more difficult than in the normal game and you will have to defeat powerful creatures as you struggle to expand your empire.

As players of the original might expect, there are many new and exciting creatures which have been added. Some are beautiful while some are bizarre, and still others are downright scary!

You can also expect to find many new artifacts, new map structures, changes to spells and abilities (plus a few new ones) and much, much more!

Finally I will just say that the mod comes with an easy install (same as the original) and this time around we have included some good documentation for you with illustrated tables and lots of information.

So prepare thyself brave one, for the new world beckons!

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ACEofHeart Absolutely fantastic work. The variety of new units and wizards is a feast for this gamers eyes.
Only question I have tho,, is this mod only for Random Map games..? I didn't see anything regarding this is any of the instructions...
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Ace,

First of all thank you very much for the nice comments :)

As to your question, to play custom maps with this mod simply follow these steps:

1. Make sure BNW v1.0 is selected as your custom resource.

2. Run the AOW SM Editor.

3. Open the map you wish to play then save it under a new filename.

You will now be able to play the new map with this mod.

If you have any trouble or require further assistance please let me know.


[Edited on 04/27/05 @ 09:41 PM]

ACEofHeart Would be helpful to know what changes you made other than the great ghaphics..
All I know so far is that:
1. Roaming neutral creatures are plentiful and nearby, so any thoughts of leaving your Wizard alone in an intial starting city too early will result in a loss.
2. Neutral creatures guarding resources are much stronger...
3. Ending battles however are not changed as much..
Kirky Picardo
File Author
First of all let me thank you all for the comments. Now let me see if I can maybe answer some questions that have been asked.

This mod comes with documentation that gives a general overview and list some of the changes. However, it is by no means a comprehensive guide. As stated in these docs, such a guide will be made available in the future. At which point there will most likely me an update of some kind that may include additional changes or new things.

I can tell you now that I will look into making the mod more compatible with existing maps. Many maps can be played with this mod now simply by loading and saving them under this rule set in the editor. But I will look to see if this can be made possible without having to do this. However, to have 100% compatability with all maps as well as the campaign...well that may be asking too much I'm sorry to say. The slot changes, new wizards and various other things that are intrical parts of my mod may just not be possible to have in the campaign especially. So honestly, I think its best to just concentrate on making it easier to play other maps.

Now, that being said, I do not think that the lack of a comprehensive guide should mean that everything is a complete mystery either, so let me at least try to shed a little light here and explain some stuff in more detail.

First of all, the difficulty level of this mod is quite a bit greater than the normal game. In the description I wrote:

Expect to fight bigger battles vs. more powerful creatures as you struggle to expand your empire.

As some of you may of discovered this was not an exageration. The battles you have to fight are very hard and you will need to adapt your playing style to compensate for this. I would recommend looking around and picking early battles based on what you need most and what you feel confident fighting. Finding early recruitment sites can obviously help as can the use of enchantments on your heroes and best units.

Wandering creatures like everything else are more powerful here. However the amount of wandering creatures is determined by map settings. I would very much recommend that until you are comfortable and familiar with this mod you set independents to few or even none when playing random maps.

Also, I dont think I can emphasize enough how important it is to take care of your heroes. With enough experience they can really become very special.

Finally, let me just say that while some things may be different than the normal game, this mod is still very much shadow magic. It is not a monopoly game or something totally new. It is still shadow magic but with harder fights vs. more powerful unit and greater emphasis on hero development.

If anyone has specific questions about this mod you are welcome to post them here or in the mod-making forum. If you prefer you can also e-mail me at:

I will do my best to answer any questions you may have in a timely manner.

Thanks again.


Death master Have not tryed this mod much yet so dont have to much to say but kirky have done a great job :)
Anubis565 hello, i installed the BNW file and set it up in the SETUP screen for AoW SM, but when i try to play a scenario a yellow block pops up at the top and says, "incompatible resources." I tried re-installing the file, but still no success. What's wrong?
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Anubis,

My guess is that the reason for the incompatible resources message is because you have never applied the official 1.3 patch to the normal game.

If your game is patched and you still have problems then write back and we will start from there.

Anubis565 Thank you for your time Kirky, the patch idea worked and now the mod is running great. I just played a scenario, i love your mod. Kudos to you Kirky, can't wait to see what you think up next.
Palderon I'd love to know where you got the pictures for the wizard portraits, most specifically the male draconian (the actual draconian) and female undead (hooded scythe lady).
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Palderon,

Well...I didn't get all the wizard portraits at the same place of course. I have been collecting fantasy art for a long time and when I first saw how you could use custom portraits for this game I started making some. I probably have hundreds of wizard portraits lol.

Anyway, I am not positive but I think I got the female undead picture at:

and the Draconian I got for sure at:

the artist is Jason Engle.



[Edited on 08/30/05 @ 07:30 PM]

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