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Brave New World v2.0

Author File Description

It has been one year and one day since the brave new world v1.0 was made available. It was definitely time for an update! And after approximately 10-11 months of working on this, I now feel it is ready for release. There has been a ton of content added which I hope BNW players will enjoy. A fixed version of BNW 1.0 is also included in this package which is essentially the v1.1 version which had been making its way thru cyberspace. The only changes to this version are necessary ones in the unit bodies section of the editor so some fixed ILBs are set up properly. I felt it important that this should be included as well.

For players unfamiliar with the original, I should explain that this is a mod which places a great emphasis on heroes. Developing your heroes is an extremely important aspect of game-play and if you do so you will find they are capable of great deeds. This time around, as well as having distinctive portraits, each hero also has a unique body graphic and gone is the generic rider-type for each race. Expect to battle with great looking heroes who smoothly jog around the battlefield with very fluid and realistic animations.

This mod also is very much a tactical combat mod. The battles you have to fight are much more difficult than in the normal game and you will have to defeat powerful creatures as you struggle to expand your empire.

As players of the original might expect, there are many new and exciting creatures which have been added. Some are beautiful while some are bizarre, and still others are downright scary!

You can also expect to find many new artifacts, new map structures, changes to spells and abilities (plus a few new ones) and much, much more!

Finally I will just say that the mod comes with an easy install (same as the original) and this time around we have included some good documentation for you with illustrated tables and lots of information.

So prepare thyself brave one, for the new world beckons!

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Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Baloc the Black,

First of all, I hope you had a nice Christmas (if you celebrate it) and thank you very much for your comments :)

I am aware of the transparency issue on some units. The reason this got by me is because I had long ago turned off Direct3D in AOW SM SETUP, and with Direct3D off this is something you just don't see and the units all look like they should. All I can do is fix the ILBs which have this problem (about a dozen or so I think) when I update this mod. It is annoying for people using Direct3D I know and I am sorry for this.

The update will incorporate the 1.4 Patch as well.

Thanks :)


[Edited on 12/26/05 @ 08:49 AM]

Rating: 5
I played all the mods i could find on this site and i can tell that BNW is the best.The fact that there are so many new units and not recoloured or maxi/minimized ones really shows the effort Kirky Picardo put in making this project.The new wizard and hero portraits are also well chosen.For me it was a very pleasant surprise when i played Planescape Torment and found many units from BNW.They were translated perfectly on AOW.
As a minus i could say that some of the new units were not so well arranged with the races in the game.As a remark i can tell u Kirky that i played with the dark elves and i didn't think the Soul Thief was a good unit for the Dark Elves.(i find it kinda weak for a great race as the dark elves).Kirky u could make Nameless One a level 4 unit! :) Jokin' of course.All the new elements in this mod made me say that BNW is actually AOW2,5 or even AOW3 until the real AOW3 will actually appear(if that happens:()
I can hardly wait a new mod from KP.
Additional Comments:
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Well i would just like to say that this is the first mod i downloaded and best i have played so far. If i am playing a non-ladder game this is my first prefrence. Online play is great and really it is not that slow i can get through a 1vs1 in arond 3 hours. So i would encourage anyone who has this mod to come to gamespyarcade aow sm room and play it; so many people have it downloaded but only a handfull play it online that i know of.
And any work being done on new versions of this mod are eagerly awaited by myself and many others so keep up the good work kirky and im sure you will be sainted.
Kirky Picardo
File Author

I just wanted to say thank you to Lucian and Vampyreking for the recent comments as well as make a comment or two of my own.

First of all to Lucian, thank you for your remarks, but I do want to say that it was PawelS who did the actual conversions from Planescape Torment, not me. So really it's him who deserves the credit for these.

I also want to thank you very much for making maps for this mod, my young friend. I believe you were the first person to do so, and it's a very nice thing that some others have also followed in your footsteps. In fact, there is a new map available for this mod by someone named FTiger777 which looks absolutely great and I hope BNW players check this out! (Hehe, I say that as if there are actually a lot of people who are going to read this.) :)

To Vampyreking:

Thank you also for your comments. I have to say I am not really surprised that not many peeps play this mod at gamespy. It's not really designed for the style of play I believe people use there and is more aimed towards tactical combat etc. However, what does surprise me is the fact that there are a few players at gamespy who DO play this mod. I had no idea this was so. If this is still true when 1.1 is available I would like to come and play some games myself! :)

Finally I just want to give a bit of news to anyone who may be interested:

I have all the stuff from BNW 1.0 set up now in a new 1.4 compatible version and have added a lot of new stuff as well. This last week I set up many new body ILBs for the heroes in this mod and am still in the process of doing this. Having truly unique, identifiable heroes will be something which I think will add a lot to the game and is something I have been working towards for a long time. There is more of course, but rather than talk about it, I think I should just shut up and get back to working on it!

Thanks again.


[Edited on 01/30/06 @ 04:10 PM]

ArkhanTheBlack Well, since I'm playing with the patch 1.4, I'll wait for the new version. But since I had a look at the mod, some impressions:

The new units are quiet impressive. I know some of them from other games, for example Warlords Battlecry. I think I also saw some units from Warcraft 3 and Planescape Torment, though I'm not 100% sure about that. It's quiet interesting how you could get the source animations so easy. Normally the animations are not so easy to extract from the original ressource files. I once tried it with Battlecry and I could extract the terrain and buildings, but not the unit animations.

Most of the new hero and wizard portraits are also very nice. I've seen a lot of images from Luis Royo, Boris Valleyo and other great artists like Jonathan Bowser.
But I must admit that some of the portraits really disturbed me. Several portraits are comic style like the darkchylde image. I'm also pretty sure that I saw a WC3 screenshot from an orc and a 'robo girl' with a hightech science fiction city in the background. Although I don't have anything against comic/anime/science fiction style images, I don't think they fit to the classic fantasy style of AOW2. Why don't you replace them with more images from Royo or the other illustrators? Royo's black knight for example is nearly a must have.
BTW, where did you get the image for the Necromina queen of darkness. I've a huge art collection myself, but I've never seen that, and it's really good.

Since you have so many new units, is it possible to use unique units for the summoning spells? A 'dark angel' summoning spell would be so much cooler if the dark elve opponent couldn't mass produce it in each city...

I can't comment on the balancing/gameplay yet, but since you're going to get 1.4 compatible, I'm quiet positive about that.

Hope your new version arrives soon. Can't await to try it out!
forsos I've tried to play the game according to the instructions but I failed.

I had entered the game, I chose what to play, I customized the game and when I selected start, it didn't load it.

Can anybody tell what can be wrong?
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi forsos,

If you are playing a scenario that wasn't specifically made for this mod it must first be loaded and re-saved in the map editor.

If you have never patched the regular game this must be done as well.

If you have done both those things and still have problems just write back and we will go from there.


Hi ArkhanTheBlack,

Thanks for the comments. There will be many new portraits in the update for this mod. Most will be hero portraits, but I'll surely toss in some new wizards as well. Pretty much all the ones I chose to put in this mod I felt fit, although I know not everyone else will think so. For example I always felt that syrons in this game have a certain sci-fi feel to them and are more like an alien race than a fantasy one. This is why I chose the portrait for one of their wizards that I did. Again, to me it just fit.

You are not the first person to ask about the Necromina portrait, as it seems to be a favorite. I believe I found this at

You are 100% right on needing a new level 4 summon and there will one in the update.



Rating: 5
I'm impressed with the many new units that are added in the BNW mod. The graphics and animations for the units are perfect, and the amount of new, interesting, weird or funny units is staggering. Both the normal building tree for the different races is changed (although many of the old units are still there, some of them with unchanged stats), but there are many new units in the building tree as well. However, most of the new units are seen as guardians or for recruitment in structures.
The RPG style of BNW makes it somewhat like AOW1, in which you could also get super-powerful heroes, but there still are units out there in BNW which can take on really powerful units.
I do miss some more custom maps for BNW, but we'll have to appeal to the HG community for that :)
Gandalf_DK Loading problems with BNW: When playing with Stormbinder, we weren't able to reload a saved game. The same happened when I was playing with Roger, but then he sent me the contents of his BNW1.1 folder and I copied it into mine, and that solved the problem. So it seems there are 2 or more versions of BNW out there, and that's causing problems?
Kirk, you should put BNW 1.1 online here, so everybody can use the same version, hopefully that solves the problems; meanwhile maybe we should distribute the one Roger and I have and hope that'll work.
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Gandalf,

Thank you for the comments and I'm sorry about the problems it seems that some peeps are having with multi-player saves. The 1.1 versions of BNW that may be going around are quite old actually and were done some weeks after this mod was initially released. As I am not the person sending this out it's hard for me to be sure exactly what version of the mod someone may have. Having Roger send you his bnw 1.1 folder was a good idea, and as you say this solved the problem, it would seem that your version may of been different than his.

Another possible cause of this is a program called, ahr_val.exe. This is a ultility PawelS made that will allow people to play any map without first having to load and re-save it in the editor. I do know from experience if one person has run this utility then he will have problems joining saves with others who have not. I don't know if it works fine if everyone uses it, because we never tested it.

I think the best solution at the moment, is that someone (you or Roger for example) rename the bnw1.1 folder to 1.2 and then send that to peeps so that all know they have the same version. I can't see me uploading that old 1.1 version at this time because a major new update for this mod is just a few short weeks away (less than a month guaranteed!). Also, a lot of my content is no longer the same as what other people currently have, so it might actually cause more problems than help if I were to do this. However, if neccessary I can do this.

I will also try to get in touch with some people who I had sent 1.1 to months ago and see if I can discover what they have been sending.

Anyway, sorry about this problem. I haven't played multi-player since 1.4 has been out, but we played all the time under 1.3 and there wasn't any problems like this with the mod except for the one instance I described, and this was then solved by re-sending the 1.1 folder as you and Roger did.

Let me know if this continues and I will see what I can do.

Thanks again.

Kirky :)

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