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Brave New World v2.0

Author File Description

It has been one year and one day since the brave new world v1.0 was made available. It was definitely time for an update! And after approximately 10-11 months of working on this, I now feel it is ready for release. There has been a ton of content added which I hope BNW players will enjoy. A fixed version of BNW 1.0 is also included in this package which is essentially the v1.1 version which had been making its way thru cyberspace. The only changes to this version are necessary ones in the unit bodies section of the editor so some fixed ILBs are set up properly. I felt it important that this should be included as well.

For players unfamiliar with the original, I should explain that this is a mod which places a great emphasis on heroes. Developing your heroes is an extremely important aspect of game-play and if you do so you will find they are capable of great deeds. This time around, as well as having distinctive portraits, each hero also has a unique body graphic and gone is the generic rider-type for each race. Expect to battle with great looking heroes who smoothly jog around the battlefield with very fluid and realistic animations.

This mod also is very much a tactical combat mod. The battles you have to fight are much more difficult than in the normal game and you will have to defeat powerful creatures as you struggle to expand your empire.

As players of the original might expect, there are many new and exciting creatures which have been added. Some are beautiful while some are bizarre, and still others are downright scary!

You can also expect to find many new artifacts, new map structures, changes to spells and abilities (plus a few new ones) and much, much more!

Finally I will just say that the mod comes with an easy install (same as the original) and this time around we have included some good documentation for you with illustrated tables and lots of information.

So prepare thyself brave one, for the new world beckons!

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pignogonido Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Absolutely wonderful, great job,the new units heroes and mages, the texts, the images, the balance in the rools, thank you very much Kirky.

My review is for the old versión with i discovered only a couple of weeks ago. I have downloaded the new version but the first was so good that i thing it deserves a review and a 5.0
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi pignogonido,

Thank you for the nice comments and I hope you also enjoy the newer version. This version has not yet had a lot of play-testing and there may be some changes that are needed which will reveal themselves over time. But hopefully players of the original will enjoy this newer version as well.

Thanks again.

Hi IthkariXen,

First let me just say that I think some peeps around here need to make their names just a tad harder to spell, lol!

Seriously though, it seems to me you are probably trying to play a map which hasn't been re-saved under the bnw rule set. If you look in the BNW v2.0 Readme file (located in your main shadow magic folder) you will quickly see the steps needed for playing a map not created for this mod.


IthkariXen Yeah... about 10 minutes after I posted this I looked it up lol, but hey, Awesome mod. I really love all the new models you put in, and the way they moved with out a choppiness of rigid fashion, and how the picture stays to the charater your picked, btw, niiicccee pictures >.>. but hey I noticed one thing, it more of the game than anything, when certain models wet killed and they 'morph' to what the land on, the models seem to grow then melt into it, stretching textures maybe, but like I said, great mod.

Ps. I wish I got 10 bucks for every time someone messed up on my name XD
pignogonido Hello Kirky, I have been playing a lot and I have found several little bugs.

Firt I don't known if here it's the place to talk about this.

Second I don't known if you have your play-testers and/or are interested in this feedback

In that case, sorry, but if you want the feedback I'll be delighted of giving it

By the way, the new mod is COOL.
Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Pignogonido,

I definately want to hear from you and any problems or bugs or even suggestions you may have for the mod. I also appreciate your thoughtfulness on how to best relay this information to me. :)

My e-mail is: if you would like to correspond through e-mail.

There is also a thread in the forums here called "Kirky Picardo" (needs a new name I know hehe) that you could post in if desired.

And of course it's not the worst thing in the world to write here about such things. It kinda depends on what the problem or mistakes are really. I can't elaborate more on this until I see what the little bugs you are finding are.

Anyway, thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


genocide_o6 hi kirky!

im a newbie here and your mod is the very first i downloaded... im kinda new at this game also... anyway... i've already installed it and so far it only worked on the SM editor... all new units are very impressive... renamed and saved the map... but when i played it, it was still in default... i'll try to give you all the details the best i can...

here's what i did:
-installed your mod, i have the UO 1.4...
-SM setup, enabled Custm resources and found these options: v_13, BNW 1.0, and BNW 2.0...
-i tried BNW 1.0 and 2.0 but still the game plays the default...
-it works on the editor and as i've said, i've seen all your marvelous units... then rename and save...
-still... default...
-did i miss anything???

could you please tell me what to do??

Kirky Picardo
File Author
Hi Genocide_06,

Well...I am unsure of why the mod is not working for you. The problem you are describing is always a case of a person not having patched the game or not having loaded a map and re-saved it in the editor with this mod selected in aowsm setup. Yet you say you have done this and it certainly seems you have.

Have you tried playing a random map? And if so do you see new wizards and units there?

Sorry for not having a quick answer for you but we will figure it out.



[Edited on 04/28/06 @ 05:11 AM]

genocide_o6 yes i also tried random maps... it didnnt work as well... and yes at the main menu i can see the Upatch 1.4..

maybe think i missed one of your steps???


[Edited on 04/28/06 @ 12:09 PM]

Munataros This dwiggsation wont really work too good. Not much innovative, graphs are nice but units are all the same.
Kirky Picardo
File Author

Well that's certainly a mean-spirited review there, Munataros. It's funny how if I use one tiny element in my mod which may of originated in dwigs I get criticized for it while the new version of dwigs has a lot of bnw ideas and material which I don't mind TheStranger using.

On all units being the same...well you are the same guy that said many level 4s have double strike in the original when only 3 out of 44 did.

Anyway, it's very sad when fans of one mod purposefully sabotage another mod maker's hard work just for spite.

Oh well...

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