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The_Stranger This new mod tries to add a little more magic to the already magical world of AoW:SM. How is this done?
In a nutshell:

Lower level units have value throughout the game. Rushing to level fours and building stacks of monsters is not encouraged. The intention is to make more expensive units stronger to not to the extent that they make cheaper units worthless.

Buildings generate income and mana. Instead of starting with a city that has gives you gold, you choose your city upgrades. Do you want to go for research? Build a library and wizard tower II. Mana and growth? A temple complex and monastery. Gold?!! Then build a Builder's Hall and Siege Workshop.

Cities grow slower and structures are determined by city size. You can speed this up by building buildings with growth benefits. But again, this isn't a race to the Champion's Guild. There are so many interesting units in between, and this mod encourages you to explore them.

Units and races are very unique and have their own flavour. In 1.4 rules, low and high level units tend to mimic each other. You have the level one swordsman with block, the level four with 30 hit points and so on. In Dwiggs, there is more variety among units. I have not added heaps of new units, but tried to make existing ones more interesting. But, you'll find plenty of new critters to build and buy as well :

Heroes. They are more than walking domains now. Each hero line is unique and limited to certain upgrades. Warriors have higher hit points but they can't cast spells. Rangers are swift and deadly at range but won't be able to fight off a Paladin hand to hand. There are over 100 new and unique heroes with individual portraits, graphics, and descriptions.
Wizards. Wizards now start with a skill that matches their personality.

Unique units can now be hired at recruiting structures: no more buying what you can easily build.

What's new to Dwiggs_1.4?
Over 100 new heroes with custom written descriptions and individualized graphics.

Three new Races-the Fey Folk, Demons, and Lizards-with new racial portraits, units, heroes, and cities.

New abilities: Trap II, Entangle III, Control Animal II, Stunning Magic Bolts, Pixie Bolts, Dwarven Fire, Flaming Arrows, Black Javelins, to name a few of them.

Unique heroes with modified abilities and each with his/her custom animations, many of which are gracing the AOW world for the first time!

And there's probably a lot more that's new as well :)
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Rating: 5
*look at comments

Additional Comments:

Ever got tired of too fast flying lvl 4's racing to your capital? Or too simplified city building? Air galley rushes? A bad starting position? A game too fast paced and too weak and non-genuine lower lvl units? The same old units?

It will be all fixed with this mod, take Dwiggs his brilliant vision on game tactics and unit statistics and mix it up with endless hours of balancing in online games, new added items, countless added heroes including well written descriptions by Stranger and you'll get a slight idea of what this piece of art encompasses.

While it is designed and the most played online multiplayer mod, it's quite the challenge in singleplayer as well.
tornnight Not sure what is wrong but many/most of the units don't have graphics. The images/units directory did get installed in the right place but nothing.


Nevermind. Found out that the UGPM tool that was included wasn't executing correctly.

[Edited on 08/01/05 @ 06:46 PM]

elimaginario Hi, thx before anything for your work to this nice community.
I have downloaded v4.5 and I haven't been able to start any map. Taking a look to the aow log I see the following:


In the Units directory there are a lot of .ILB, the list of missing ones is about 12. Tell me if you need the complete list.

Is it possible that there are some ILB files missing?

[Edited on 08/06/05 @ 01:36 PM]

File Author
Hello there,

and thank you for trying the mod!

As Tornight noted, several ilb's don't show up because the UGPM program isn't doing everything it's supposed to for some reason....

But!--the problem is fast and easy to fix. If you don't already have UGPM_Gui, download it here:

Extract it to your main AoW directory and open it (it's the colorful icon that looks like a stack of hats). When it opens, on the left you will see lots of folders and text files. About halfway down is the text file: Dwiggs4.5_script.txt. Click on this, and a whole bunch of text files pop up. Go to the top of the program, and click "tools." Then click "create all units." Wait about 20 seconds, and all the units will be recoloured. :)
elimaginario Ok, ty, it worked! :)
MitchK1989 Excellent Mod, Brilliant even. Only gripe is that even after running the UGPM tool to fix the missing ILBs on units, several of the items still have no ILB! They have a glow ILB, but no actual picture on any of the new items! Looking forward to the new version after the UPatch
Rating: 5

See my above post.
Roger the Rampant
Rating: 5

This mod is absolutely brilliant. Although I agreed with some of the goals that Dwiggs was striving for, I didn't find any of the previous dwiggs mods anywhere near as involving and as fun as this one. Stranger is a very talented mod-maker, and puts a lot of time and effort into talking to the people that use the mod in an effort to make it even better. That effort clearly shows in the quality of the finished product
File Author
Thank you everyone for the comments :)
TruePurple does not work.

Also I can't find any Dwiggs4.5_script.txt
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