Age of Wonders II Heaven Julia with Gameplay background
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Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 7
# of players: 6
Skill Level: Average
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
This scenario started with an idea and changed into something else.

It features Julia, Fangir and Marinus combining to close a strange chain of magic rifts and to remove Necron's and Karissa's presence from the lands. The first three start in a slightly worse position, so they'll need to exploit they're combine.
There is also Tempest on his island, who can be played as a loner hoping to profit from the war or just as an cpu casting ice age after a while to speed up the game.

All sides should give a different playing experience.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
This depends on which mode and which side you are playing.

Balance: 2

Not really balanced. But the map for its purpose, I don't suppose it is to be symmetrically balanced.

Creativity: 3
The map idea is a good one. There's the use of some scripts as well. But it seems to be capable of so much more somehow...

Map Design: 3
The map is beautiful. However, it is a little hard to play on at the beginning of the game. The main problem I see is the Halfling and Dwarf starting positions. They seemed to be cornered off by their Elven allies. The Elves are in the position to move out and take on everything. This is also having an effect on balance.

Story/Instructions: 2
The map looks set for a good story. Maybe more could be elaborated upon in the introduction of the map and a few scripted message events might have helped in the story too. One wonders how the situation depicted in this scenario came to be. Should've more of those humorous messages too. :)

Additional Comments:

[possible spoiler alert]

This map is a good idea. It can be played in many ways. The one thing it might not be suitable for is league gaming. I think this map would be fun for coop. gaming as well as single player. Like I've said before because of the position of the 'good' forces, the best side to play is probably the elves if you're going solo. For MP, I imagine two teams would make this map quite fun to play. It would be interested to see a 3 vs 3 game - the 'good' forces on one side and then Karissa, Necron and Tempest on the other.

The game has a slow beginning in that forces need to be build up before you can take on the guarded cities. A surprise here (when I started with the Draconians) that some of the same race cities were not bribable. :) ;) There are also few roads and no teleports or haste berry trees - I didn't see any. Moving around is a little tedious. But that might be just me. :) Tunnels seemed rather long and empty, it's a little boring like that.

Within the game, Tempest should have been given a message that he is to take the ice age spell so that he can leave the island, since he is a playable side. I didn't get it the first time. (I can be a little slow in catching on. :) )

Also, I did think that the Dwarves and Halflings should have been given more than one route out of that corner they're in. They just do not seem very useful the way that they are positioned now.

The evil side seems a little less frustrating. However the smaller Orc city seemed rather redundant being so deep under there.

Then I wondered why the same song is being played over and over again. Perhaps you wish to keep to a theme, but usually a cycle of songs is preferred.

Overall I think this map holds a lot of promise. It does play differently depending on which side you choose. It's a great idea, just that the starting positions may need to be reconsidered.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The map starts slowly due to most sites being well guarded, but it picks up later. Playing as the neutral Tempest there was lots of scope for both underground expansion and using fliers to explore on the surface.
The three good guys were allied to each other, the three bad guys were allied to each other and they were all at war with me, so there was fighting on a very wide front.

Balance: 2
The positions are uneven, with Karissa being weak and Nekron very powerful on the evil side. The good side seems more balanced with Julia being most powerful. The sites near the HQ are too well guarded, which means you have to build and summon more units before you can do much.

Creativity: 4
Lots of nice touches and an amusing HoMM reference.

Map Design: 4
Mostly nice and varied, especially the underground. The overland is dominated by one large forest and one large area of wasteland, which could have been more detailed and less uniform.
The small islands were very nice, though.

Story/Instructions: 3
Not much of a story, but there are some hints and some stories.

Additional Comments:
I think this map deserves more than 2.6 stars. It was one of the first big map to be released and it's obvious a lot of work went into it.
If you want a challenging SP experience, play as Tempest, and prepare for a long fight.

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Map Design3.5
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