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Lucretia96's Evilution Mod Version 3.0 "The Swansong"

Author File Description
lucretia96 05/10/04

My Email Address:


Unzip the file then copy and paste both USER and IMAGES folders into your AGE OF WONDERS SHADOW MAGIC folder. You will have to either delete or overwrite the previous version of Evilution Mod (if you have not yet deleted it). Then go to AOW SM Setup in the Windows Start menu->All Programs->Age of Wonders Shadow Magic and check the CUSTOM RESOURCES checkbox and select in the dropdown menu LUCRETIA96, click OK, and then you can play. But if you want to switch to the original game then simply go back to the Windows Start menu->All Programs->Age of Wonders Shadow Magic and select default from the dropdown menu for CUSTOM RESOURCES. Also this mod will not work with pre-made Scenarios or the Campaign, but I think there is a way to do it, if you need that information, please email me and I will find out how. But this mod works fine with Randomly generated maps.


--Focus on "ROUGHLY" balanced races and units (a game of this magnitude cannot be precisely balanced)

--This mod's focus is on multiplayer gameplay, but is fine to play single player as well.

--All races and units are unique, some races are very different from the rest

--All Races are worth playing and have some strengths and weaknesses

--All units are worth building and each unit has some good use either as a scout, melee, spy, support or shock troop

--All units, abilities and most other aspects of gameplay have been re-adjusted to get the most playability and balance

--Multiple strategies and tactics

--Great diversity--Total of 213 unique units (no 2 units use the same graphics :) ); each race can produce 11 to 13 units that are unique to only that race

--Slower paced empire building (by proportionally increasing costs of buildings), but faster paced combat

--Global spells play a much bigger role due to each race having access to Magic Relay units

--Low level units are more useful--play a huge role in the early stages and gradually become less needed in the later stages, but still provide good cheap support and shock troops even versus the toughest units.

--No level 4 and level 3 unit rushings--gradual progression from level 0 to level 4

--Witness Larva being hurled from the womb and mature into a Skimmer :)

--Watch Hatchling and Lurker evolve into either Dragon Hatchling or Slither and then grow into a full grown Dragon :)

--Higer building costs and higher research prices provide you with tough decisions on how to improve your empire, resulting in higher replayability.

--More challanging gameplay--each global site is now well protected and will cost you dearly if you aren't careful.

--Visually enhanced gameplay to provide eye candy and a fresh new feel

--Restructured spell system to get the most out of the spells and eliminate useless or redundant spells to get the best spells available for research.

--More benefit from being a sphere specialist rather than Cosmos--results in more replayability and more spells being in use

--Restructured all the heroes to make them unique by class, by race, as well as by each individual mug shot :) Each hero now has at least Spellcasting I

--Units gain new abilities with experience

--Elementals are now extremely fearsome and powerful

--Emphasis on building various units to complement each other, rather than mass produce one or two units

--No ridiculous changes to the gameplay like making city size determine which buildings you can build, or 1 Wizard skill be worth 2, or making units extremely slow, or having produce housing cost gold :)

--Overall, to make the game more replayable and fun, but without bending it into something ridiculous and difficult to adapt to for those who have played the original :)

--Very detailed stats, info and descriptions are included in database and text files

--And much, much more...

This is a finished and polished product, there might be a 3.1 if there are any problems or balance issues that require fixing, otherwise there will be no more. I thoroughly tested this mod, but I could have missed something, please let me know if you locate any problems. :) I had a lot of fun making this mod, and it has come a long way from its original version. I feel this is a very complete and mature version in comparison to previous ones and it is by far superior and I hope you enjoy it and have fun with it.

Your feedback is important, if you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, or error reports then please email me.


Doom Knight(Crusader Knight)--originally by Sekhemty, then edited by me
Blonde Beserker--Sekhemty
Naga(Rusalka)--originally by PawelS, then edited by me
Blue Avenger--PawelS
FireGiant(Titan)--originally by PawelS, then edited by me
IceSpider--originally by PawelS, then edited by me
Shredder Bolt--PawelS
Golem(Earth Elemental)--PawelS
Nomad Eldar(Old Crone)--PawelS
The rest were done by me (Yeti, Infernal Machine, SpyShip, Sasquatch, Spearmaster, Tiny Sprites, Shade, Bloodsucker, Chameleon, Astral Sprite, Relayer, etc.)

Want thank some people I forgot to thank for their comments and suggestions: Sul the Wise, Wyz_sub10, Cherusker, gepro, Evil Roc, Kasper921, chaplain, rychenroller, iceman, Timelord, Kirky Picardo, Fog.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4

A great mod for 1 simple reason. Units receive major boosts for attaining a level. It gives a twist that makes you think twice before throwing your fodder to the front line.

Playability: 4

It was fun. Pure and simple. Levelling troops to see what awaits around the corner was a blast.

Balance: n/a

There is no way a single individual can create perfect balance between the races compared to a team of professionals working for a year. It cannot be done. I do not think it can even be done be the pros but that isn't really the point of this mod. This just gives you a new taste of something different.

Creativity: 3

This score would have been higher but I didn't like all of the troop changes. Again, this is a personal thought. Some of the changes were great and just seemed to fit.

Map Design/Story: n/a

Additional Comments:

I had a lot of fun with this mod. Playing a bunch of friends would be great. Are there going to be any exploits? Probably, but so what? That's what the version number is for. Besides, I had a lot more enjoyment seeing what happens next then creating an uber force.

In summary, if you want a fun new change, try it.
Thanks for a good mod Lucretia96

[Edited on 02/08/04 @ 09:13 PM]

Rating: 4.5

I know I am reviewing my own mod, I don't know if it is ethical or not but whatever. I obviously think it is a good mod, although some improvements and balances have to be addressed in the future versions.

I want to thank Tibbs for a really nice review, I only want to add that this is a serious mod, despite different boosts and a few radical changes. I tried to make races and units more realistic in what they are capable of and tried to capture the flavor of the unit based on its appearance, name, and description.
And from my personal experience this mod plays great in multiplayer games.

And my main goal was to go from "This race sucks, this unit sucks, I will just mass produce one good unit that this race has, etc." to "I can't decide which race to play because they are all really cool. I will build different units because they are all good and worth their price and will make my army more diverse." I hope I achieved that.

And another thing is I am serious about making Evilution MOD be widely used by multiplayer crowd, so please those who like this mod even a bit, email me at, so I could see the list of people who are interested so it would be easier to find one another and set up multiplayer games using Evilution MOD.


[Edited on 02/08/04 @ 09:53 PM]

Rating: 4

Fun mod :)

Playability: 4

No problems.

Balance: n/a

Well, i don't think this Mod was made for balance but for more diversity, balanced games are the most boring games i know. without diversity you can easily balance a game see chess.
It is a hell of a fun Mod. I like that level4 units get more abilities with gold medal, more and more powerful abilities. sometimes it is a bit too much, expecially the abilities increase on level0-3 units, i don't think low level units should get that many abilties, even if it fits, this should be for level4 units only.
i miss "self-destruct" on the machines, i was so glad to read it in the readmefile, but it was not in the game, why? its a nice fun ability. how about "selfdestruct" for zombies that deals poison and death damage? it was once discussed on the forum boards. after a while, zombies just drain too much upkeep after a while, it would be a nice way to get rid of them and even resurgence wouldn't help here. *hehe*
even with fireweakness, i would give physical protection only to lvl3 and level4 machines, cause ballistas and catapults are way too strong, they still have many hp + def and res and could be build too early.

Creativity: 4

There are some new units, like the southern glow, its a nice unit with that slow movement and dominate it has. the sphinx is considered a stone monument in this mod i guess, cause it can crush walls and has pysical protection.
banshees(spectres) seems more like these in war3, what isn't too bad but then they are too strong for level3 you have to cut her stats in half.
nice to see the glutton improved, but i would only give him gas breath and that liquid form(he is liquid!) on gold to balance things a bit more, that gas breath is certainly a good idea. trolls finally have fireweakness like they really should...why didn't they have fireweakness in the original game? Big Beetle gots swallow whole with gold medal, and wyrm swallow whole and regeneration, very good, at least 2 modders agree with the wyrm having these 2 abilities i have seen this in iceman's lizard mod too. ;)

Map Design/Story: n/a

Additional Comments:

sometimes less is more! while in this mod its too much to give that many abilties to level1-3 units(i only wanted to improve level4 units and with gold medal, and only few level3 units e.g. troll gets fireweakness and big beetle charge) there was virtually nothing done in the original rules of the game. its both unbalanced in the end, but this mod makes more fun, especially the additional advantages when building some certain buildings like hall of enchantment. enchanted walls..nobody builds. i would suggest to improve wizard towers more, cause they are so expansive.
now, if only forcefield would work in combat too with a 50-70% chance to block spells, i would be really glad. i just stick to 1 rule: if you don't build it, it is broken. :)

[Edited on 03/13/04 @ 07:43 PM]

Sul the Just
Rating: 4.5
Brilliant ... the Elves are finally the powerful warriors they should be. Nice units descriptions, my favourite being the addition to the Dire Penguin description and the Bloodsucker's.

Haven't played any races except the Elves, so have no idea about balance.

Minus half a point for graphics - the Iron Maidens are too dazzling and some of the black sparkles seem a bit too much.
Rating: 5

This mod is very creative, and Lucretia has obviously put enormous amounts of time into the graphics, and balance of this mod.

I had a lot of fun playing it. The shades are awesome!

I really liked how units gain lots of abilities as they medal up.

Rating: 4.5

Additional Comments:
I liked the special attention which was paid to details (Structural and unit upgrades). I enjoyed new graphic very much, but some recolored units don't look nice to me...
But the mod itself is great! I wish you upgrade it in future.

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