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Hunters of Blood III - Shadows of Legends Past

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 7
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No
This is a very huge map,perfect for all players who loves long games.Human,Elves,Nomads,Dwarfs,Draconians,Dark elves and Orcs are playable,Goblins are controlled by the comp.
The map plays best on emperor setting.
Contributions by Bluecollarheaven and Mr Leif Nilsson.

Hope you will enjoy the map and don't forget to vote.


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
(+) Don't have to go far to find things to interact with/conquer.
(+) This map is pretty tough, even with 2 players co-operatively attacking the AI.
(-) We gave up on defeating the AI around turn 75. Waiting 15+ minutes for every turn, just to get jumped by a level 20 AI hero was not fun at all.

Balance: 2
(+) The players in this map seem fairly balanced.
(-) The items and heros in this game are unbalancing. There are too many uber items and heros.

Creativity: 2
(+) There are lot's of signs giving you a sense of regions
(+) There are a few little stories. I liked to cut about the Wizards of Creation.

Map Design: 1
(+) The use of shadow terrain in the underground to speed up movement is interesting
(-) The map file is just too large which causes everything to slow down
(-) There are way too many teleporters. I think this really slows down the AI

Story/Instructions: 2
Nothing negative or positive to note here

Additional Comments:
This map has a lot of potential, but right now it takes the AI forever to complete its turns even on a 1.7 ghz computer with 512 MB of RAM. I even tried increasing the priority of the application in the task manager, but it only slightly improved the situation.

I would only recommend playing this map via email. The AI and map loading is just too slow. Maybe the author can slim down the number of teleports and the size of the hero and item library. This would likely improve the map dramatically.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 3
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 3
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
It's not terrible as stated in performance. Actually my systems could run it well (a desktop with 1.6Ghz P4 CPU and 512M RAM, a Pentium mobile 1.3Ghz CPU and 512M RAM). It's about 2 to 3 minutes per turn. And I'd like to say that it's full of pleasure and the map was rather detaily designed. I meant you have to put some tactics and strategies in playing it and gainin final victory. It was surely a long run.
Don Quijote -

[Edited on 01/25/04 @ 09:52 AM]

Don Quijote
Map Design5.0
HoB III ---> The Expert Player Review

If you are interested in opinions from someone that actually know how to play this game/map, read on! If not, go with the first review...

I played this map as Singleplayer with the hardest settings possible.
Hidden map, no custom wiz, no allies, no cheating/replay, no nothing...
Started as Nomads. This is a "medium" race I think.
I used a A650/512/GF256/XP burdened by AV/FW/Inet apps running. No problem.

Playability: 5

(¤) Playability is really good! Good enough to play the map more than once.

(¤) You are busy from day one.

(¤) Many different strategies can be used. Peace or war? Be a builder or a razer? Play it wild or play it safe? They may all work...

(¤) There are plenty to explore. Why not take a few Inn's, Dragon Towers and Dungeons, to get some nice troops? Or go for a artifact-hunt... Campsites, Ruins, Crypts, they are all there waiting to be explored. Better still, take a few Enemy Towns on your way to fulfill one of your Quests. Many things to do, and not enough troops/power to do it, will force you to lots of decicions. If you're not under attack...

(¤) If you know how to use different movement-bonuses, this is the map to prove it! Flyers, Swimmers, TransportMachines, Spells, Skills, Ground... Use them all! AI does.

(¤) AI will give you a good fight for your money. They move around a lot, and make use of them teleporters. And yes, you will meet high level heroes with some mean artifacts... You can't expect to kill them off with peasants. However, if this is a problem at day 70+, sorry, I can't help...

(¤) Map works fine in Singleplayer. I guess Multiplayer is equally good. According to other reviewer Teamplay doesn't work. Well... :)

(¤) There are scripts adding quests and more.

(¤) There are race-specific scripts adding to replayability.

Balance: 5

(¤) All in all, well balanced between the races. Biggest disadvantage maybe was living close to me...

(¤) Map is arranged to balance movement (dis)advantages of each race. Type of ground, distances, hasteberrys, likely troops, all is in the formula.

Creativity: 5

(¤) This is HoB III, obviously a sequel to I & II... If you have played them (do!), you might recall a few things/ideas/the story. Not that anything is copied from early maps, more the feel and idea behind I guess. As a sequel is supposed to... If you have never played a map "made by DIX" before, creativity probably is 6.

(¤) Event scripts are used for various stuff.

(¤) A few "specials/surprises" on this map. Did you ever have to pay at a teleporter before? Find them yourself, I don't wanna spoil your fun!

(¤) You'll need to pick up on a few rumours to get knowledge of some important places.

Map Design: 5
Story/Instructions: 5

(¤) Graphics in short: Stunning! It's not only very good looking, it also serves a purpose. Map is divided in different regions, more or less populated. Signs help you navigate. Popups/scripts add to story and gameplay. You like poems? You'll get poems...

(¤) Nothing looks missplaced or 'added in panic'.

(¤) Extensive teleporter system, heavily used by the AI. Some you have to pay to use. Some are private. Some you can't see... I'm not a total teleporter-fan, but teleporters on a XL-map I think is a must. It's well done, not too much, and you'll use them a lot...

Additional Comments:

(¤) Heroes: Numerous custom heroes. You'll recognize some familiar faces from early AoW, as well as some on this forum...

(¤) Artifacts: Numerous custom artifacts. As mentioned, there are some rather powerful stuff out there. That's not a problem, unless you're the only one not having some of them. If so, try to improve your gameplay. You will probably not encounter them in the early game. Later, it's nice to load a rookie hero with some nice stuff, making him usable.

(¤) Rating all 5 doesn't mean nothing can be better/different. I think rating points are relative to the competition, and that's how I rated.

(¤) Final verdict: Download & Play!!! Recommended!

(¤) Oh, all this "expert player" jive...? Am I just a little pompous? Well, I've played all previous AoW editions. I always do ok in this type of game. I'll most probably beat you.
If you win this map in less than 100 days, I consider you a "expert player". Make a review! Maybe we can meet... I used 78 days to win, settings as mentioned above.

Looking forward to hear from you !

[Edited on 01/25/04 @ 10:21 AM]

A Former Lurker
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
This was a tough one to score poorly, but it is very sluggish. Long turns right from the start, but for the most part my pc could handle it until later on, then it got really bad.

Balance: 5
I felt all the sides were equally playable, I love challenges and dont mind facing high level heroes at all.

Creativity: 5
Extremely creative, lots of work on terrain and heroes a splendid creation.

Map Design: 4
Personally I really liked it. I liked teleporters and I'm not sure I agree that they detract from the game. So it works for me. Some of the transistions were a little crazy but for the most part they really did what they were supposed to!

Story/Instructions: 5
Lots of detail and description. A very evolved storyline full of interesting twists and written very well.

Additional Comments: So sorry to review this so late. I really enjoyed it and I hope you get to see the review. A great map and the turns being slow is the ONLY thing I can really find wrong with it. Normally I wouldnt object but it can get quite bad.
File Author
A big thanks to everybody who has been creative and writed a review.

Solidago should learn how to play before writing a review.

zpj2000,thanks for those nice words.

Don Quijote,thanks for the huge review and congrats for beating it on 78 turns.

A Former Lurker,thanks for the kind review,I have been trying to make the map play faster,but it seems impossible in the middle and end game,depending on how fast you kill the other wizards.

On fast computers,like an athtlon 2800+ with a sata hd and fast mem,it is no problems,tried it on a friends new computer,so when I buy a new comp I will play the map again.

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
i really liked to play this map, for me this is THE xl map for Shadow magic, a few bugs with the scripting took away the perfect score (bugs with the *.*deaths )

Balance: 4
I've finished the map with all races, only the orc didn't get played (to easy) The balance is not perfect but 97% perfect :-)

Creativity: 5
I loved the way it looked like its two prequels but was different, the two teleporter circles were a fond memory,

Map Design: 4
A lot of work went into the placement of the shadowterrain on the surface and the underground, having to rethink encounters that would be easy on a normal terrain were more difficult due to the shadowwterrain. I would have liked to give a five here but the lack of elevation on the map stopped me from giving you a five

Story/Instructions: 3
There is a story at the start but sadly its not as good as you did for the prequels, but don't take this to hard 95 % of all maps have even les story, and too many language errors (I know the problem as English is not my 1 language nor my 2)

Additional Comments:
I realy enjoyed playing this map and I hope you'll continue making maps
P.S. After playing 2 times with dwarves and 3 times with the elves I finaly got Arsiel the hero :-)
Map Design5.0
I'm tempted to give this scenario all 5's because that first review is so pathetically inadequate. That may not sound like a nice thing to write...but it's irritating when a mapmaker puts a lot of effort and nice touches into a well conceived map, only to get some shabby and meaningless reviews (as happened with Athendore II) that drag its total rating down to abysmal levels. Anyway, this map deserves to be in the "Best of" section of this web site. Let's hope this little review gets it there!

The map starts out with a compelling storyline, which is well written and free of spelling and grammatical errors. There are also several initial quests lying around the map. Combined, the story line and quests create starting gameplay that is interesting and purposeful. I felt that the scenario lost momentum as it went on, however. Perhaps this was because I was expecting a more extensive narrative voice to continue throughout the scenario. This would be due to the strong initial story line. However, the gameplay is still fun. The computer plays reasonably well, and although the turns are long, this needs to be expected from a big scenario (this also happens in Battle of Creation and Athendore II, which are excellent maps). There is lots of loot to look for, and plenty of places to explore throughout the map. As mentioned in another review, there are strong items to be found, but nothing that turns the game into a hero conquest-fest. Since the computer picked up most of the best ones, the items actually made the game more difficult for me.

I can't completely address balance, since I've only played as the Dark Elves. But based on what I've seen from the other players as the map developed, no one was either far behind or far in front (other than the cpu only player). In regards to map balance, resources to appear to be fairly distributed, with plenty of goodies for any player who is aggressive and explores.

As I mentioned, the map has a lot on it, but it doesn't feel crowded. Also, there's not a lot of the lag inducing placements (heavy storm/current, etc) clumped around the map. Things are well spaced and placed with purpose. This is a map thats fun to move around on. The player must also remember locations in combination with the teleporters in order to navigate efficiently. I rather like the fact that an enemy can (and they did) show up on my doorstep with no notice and take my weakly defended town.

Overall, I've enjoyed this map thoroughly and will probably do so again (as another race). I'll have to try and see if I can beat it in less than 78 turns ;-)

Cheers to author for the fun and creative effort.

[Edited on 07/15/04 @ 07:27 AM]

Roger the Rampant
Map Design5.0
This rating was inserted in another effort to offset Solidago's ludicrously poor marks for this map, which is an intelligent and fun map, we need more quality mapmaking like this.

I have just received an email from DIX which has allowed me to start creating a BNW version of this map, so many thanks to DIX for allowing me to continue his great works!
rat_peddler Looking forward to the BNW3.2 version when it comes out. Thanks for the review that brought this map to my attention.

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Map Design4.1
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