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Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: Yes
Over two thousand years ago King Margash was ruler of all Heliskith. He was a powerfull mage who dabbeld in the art of death magic from time to time. His kingdom was huge and he ruled all within with a fist of steel. But on one clear and sunny day the unthinkable happend. The massive volcano in the west erupted with more force than the gods themselves could summon. Within seconds Margash's entire realm was showerd with huge burning boulders, destroying and killing much of Heliskith. Then a few hours later the land of Heliskith was in total darkness, the sun blocked out from the thick ash cloud. It was during these dark hours Margash hatched his plan. He knew all within his realm would not survive another day. So using his skill with the dark arts he made his greatest creation. A magical liquid rock what could raise the dead when used. It would also hold his body in safe keeping during the ash storms and destruction caused by the volcano. His plan was simple. Enter the magic rock and survive the destruction, then leave the rock and bring his kingdom back from the dead to rule once again. What he did'nt know is that the rock was so overflowing with death magic that he too would become one of the walking dead. Had he known this he would never have made the black rock. Just as the ash began to fall he teleported himself into his creation, and there he would stay for two thousand years......

The date is now October the 16th in the year 1326 within the land of Heliskith. This day will never be forgoten.

Within the Great Hall of Marathdel the Dwarf Lord Gloim sits writing the days events in his journal when a dirty miner comes running into the room.
Out of breath the blackend dwarf shouts, sire, sire!
Lord Gloim turns from his writings and says. Yes, what is it?
Dwarf: We found somthing!
Lord: Fantasic, can i go back to my writting now? I'm busy...Gloim turns back to his journal and trys to remember what he was about to write.
The dwarf miner looks around the room unsure of what to say next. He shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath, then speaks. My Lord i dont think you understand.
Lord: Thats the first thing you've said what makes sence.
Dwarf: My Lord?
Gloim was about to roar some abuse at the miner but managed to keep his legandry temper in check. Turning to look at the dirty dwarf he says. Why dont you tell me where you found this somthing and what it is?
Dwarf: Yes my Lord. We found it between mine shaft 86c and 49f. The earth had moved and...
Lord: And what?
dwarf: Many miners died...... But after the dust settled a new passage was shown to us. It was not of our making.
Gloim raises an eyebrow at that and says. Intresting, so others have been in these mountains before us, i find that hard to believe. But go on.
Dwarf: We sent a party to explore this new passage and they came back with fear in their eyes and a strange thing. We tryed asking them what they seen but they would'nt talk, and they looked diffrent somehow. They looked pale and cold, and they..... they walked very strange like, almost like puppets.
Gloim was begining to wonder if he was talking to a madman. Knowing full well that months in the deep mines can do things to ones head. Taking a deep drink from his mug he decides to hear this dwarfs story before calling the guards and says. Yes, yes. What about this thing they had with them?
Dwarf: Well em, i cant realy explain it.
Lord: TRY!
Dwarf: Sorry my Lord. Well is was black, blacker than black. It was like holding a hole with no end in your hand, and it had a strange magic to it.
Lord: What shape was it?
Dwarf: It dosent have a shape my lord, it moves like water, yet its solid.
At that Lord Gloim bursts out in a fit of laughter. After a few moments he regains control of himself, sweeps his hand across his desk knocking everything to the floor and rises from his seat. Now in a fit of rage he walks toward the dwarf miner grabs him by the beard and roars into his face. Get to the point!
Dwarf: Ye... yes Lord. It had a red part to it. It looked like some kind of activator.
Lord roars: Please tell me it was'nt pressed!
Dwarf: Sorry my lord. One of the dwarfs who found it went insane and attacked us. He managed to get his hands on the device........and used it.
Gloim had now let go of the miners beard and was pacing back and forth infront of the huge fireplace. Scratching his fury cheek he says. So what does it do?
Dwarf: It kills the living and makes them walk as the dead my lord.
Gloim is struck by a sudden fear in his heart and stops in his tracks. Lowering his head he says. Where is this thing now?
Dwarf: Its gone my lord, when it was used, it vanished into thin air.
Just as the miner finished speaking a host of guards come running into the room.
Seeing the guards come running in Gloim begins to hope this is indeed a madman, and they are here to take him away.
One guard steps forward and says. My Lord Gloim, we are under attack. Hosts of undead are attacking everywhere from every direction. We cannot hold my lord. We must get you to the surface.
Gloim, still shaken from the miners tale says. Is it realy that bad?
Guard: Yes my Lord. We have lost, or are losing all of our underground strongholds. We must get to the surface and make a defence my Lord!
The guard then takes Gloim by the arm and half drags him from the room. The rest of the guards and the miner follow.

(Undead have taken the Dwarven mines and many underground citys. The realm of Marath is under attack! Make ready your defences! To war!)

Meanwhile in the land of the Nomads, Khan Forimar sits in his tent within the city of Morakin.
Khan: Damn Elves.
Slaver: Damn Elves.
Guard: Elves?
Khan coughs on his wine, wiping his mouth with a silk cloth he says. When was the last time you left this tent?
Guard: 48 days and 3 hours Great Khan.
Damn boy, what do you do for...well you know... Says the slaver grining.
Khan Forimar waves his hand through the air dismissing the question and says to the guard with an angry tone. Well if you took a look outside for once in your life you would see alot of trees, grass and flowers.
Guard: Trees, grass and flowers?
Khan Forimar shouts. Yes stinking trees, grass and flowers! Those damned Elves have cast some kind of spell on our land. Our roads are overgrown and the whole damn place is just plain ugly!
Guard: How do you know the Elves are doing it?
Khan Forimar ignors the guards question and says. No my loyal guard, the question is, what are we going to do about it?
Slaver: War?
Khan: We have no choice, they have attacked us with their foul magics. Who knows what will come next? I dread to even think about it. We must teach those Elves a lesson they will never forget!

(Elves have attacked the land of the Nomads with some kind of evil flower magic! We must attack these Elves and put a stop their evil spell before it gets any worse.)

Three hours later, deep within a long dead volcano in the underground realm of Shachmar. Prince Darimoth stands alone in the throne room of the Dark Elf city of Marganis.
Darimoth says to himself smirking. So it is done.
Looking around his feet Prince Darimoth examins the corpses of his family. His two elder brothers lay dead and lifless after drinking from the wine bottle he had poisoned. His three younger sisters lay in pools blood after he slit their throats in three lightning quick moves. His mother and father sit lifeless on their thrones with bloody spear tips showing from the top of their skulls. That was his best one he thought to himself. Two days it took him to rig the spear trap within each throne. He laughed out loud as he rememberd himself seeing his father sitting on his throne first. Then his mother, without even noticing what had happend to her husband. Perfect he thought, priceless, he would cherish this memory till the end of his days.
Now with all his family dead he was ruler of Shachmar. No longer would the Dark Elves cower from the Archons. They would meet them head on and crush them. Now that his father, the weaking king was dead the Dark Elves would truely know their potential. Shachmar will wage a new unholy war against all of Heliskith.

(Gather the Forces of the Dark Elves and crush the stinking armys of the hated Archons. Once this is done we shall wage our war on all of Heliskith.)

Meanwhile in the lands of Grom a great hord gathers within the Orc city of Sakar. They gather to see their new king.
As King Gorkan takes his place on the wooden stage the whole city explodes with the roars of many thousands of Orcs. King Gorkan waits a few moments for the roar to die down, then he roars out loud.
Orcs of Grom, we are one!
Again there is a huge roar from the masses of Orcs.
I am your King, I am your WarLord, I am your Master.
The roar goes up again.
Today we shall sharpen our blades and axes. Today we shall feast for the coming battles and victorys. Tomorrow, we goto WAR!
The roar what goes up this time is deafening.

(Attack, plunder, raid and raze the region of Heliskith under the banner of Grom and their new king.)

Five hours later in the human lands of Helmar at the palace within the city of Niloc.
Advisor: My Prince, i have grave news from our orc frontier.
Prince: Out with it then.
Advisor: As you wish sire. The Orcs have a new leader, and the Warbosses have united behind him. As we speak they are gathering their forces. They will be marching on our lands within weeks, or even days sire.
Prince: Grave news indeed. Guard send for my general at once!
Guard: At once sire!
The guard runs from the room. A few moments later he returns with an angry old man who looks like hes just been draged out of bed.
General: What is it your highness wants at this ungodly hour?
Prince Boris looks towards the Advisor and nods for him to speak.
Advisor: The Orcs are on the march under the banners of their new leader.
General: WHAT!? How and when did this happen?
Prince Boris: That is not for you to worry about general. What you must worry about is how we deal with this new threat.
There is a long silence. After some time the prince looks at the general and notices he has no intention of talking.
Prince Boris: Well? I'm waiting for your answer!
General: Sorry your highness. First thing we must do is double, no triple our forces at Helmlock Keep! We should also pull our forces from our Elven border and march them over the Radithmar river. Once across they will be in a position to reinforce our watch towers along the Shegareth Marsh. While that is being done we will have to begin drafting men into our armys and build up our citys defences. If we can hold long enough we should be able to counter the orcs and launch a surprise attack though the Marsh.
A bold plan my general Prince Boris says with a smile, but what of the elves? We cannot leave our borders with them unprotected. No my general, i think i shall take control over this little problem of ours. You are dismissed.
The general was about hurl a few choice curses at the prince but then thinks better of it and says. Your highness knows best. He then turns sharply and leaves the room.

(Wage war against the orcs and defend the realm of Helmar. If you beat the orcs who knows, maybe you will be strong enough to take the much prized lands from the Elves?)

(You could also play Margash and take over the entire region with or without the Dark Elves help. Play Olis and aid the dwarves or fight your own fight against the hated Orcs and Dark Elves. Play Miriath and push the nomads out of Heliskith once and for all while keeping a close eye on the Emipre and Orcs. Anyway, i'm sure you get the idea! The above storys is just to give you a taste of what is happening in the land of Heliskith. All races are equal in every way. But each is very diffrent and will have their own challenges. This map was made with muliplayer(skirmish) in mind. So it only has random quests etc and does not have events or set quest. Have fun.)


Map: Heliskith
Mapmaker: Sorgoth
Game: AOW:SM
Players: 8
Available Spheres: Air, Cosmos, Earth, Life, Death, Fire and Water.
Available Races: Humans, Archons, Dark Elves, Elves, Dwarves, Undead, Nomads and Orcs.
Map Password: Yes
Size of the Map: XL
Map-Language: English

Map Comments: Second map for this game. This map has NOT been tested much yet. I have spent so much time and effort making this map that i have had little time to get it tested. Once it has been tested the map will be updated. But i have went over everything many times and it looks fine. But i'm sure a few spelling mistakes still remain. As always, if anything needs fixed or even if you just want to tell me how crap my map is please Email me.

Update: Added butterflys to the elves land. Removed one Nomad army, Nomads now start with the same amount of forces as everyone else. Removed the strong current from the orc north bridge. 1 of the 4 dungeons in each realm is now strong. Starting diplomacy settings for all races has been changed. Found and fixed a few typos and spelling errors. Changed the starting CPU player setting to emperor for single player games(can still be changed at the start of each game if you want). Smoke in the Dark Elves land now lasts through out the game and not just 3 turns. Added 2 magic relays in the under ground at both strongholds of doom. Also added relays to all strongholds on the surface( I'm not sure if the relays are for better or worse, but i felt it would make the strongholds more important and more easy to hold without a hero since each race only gets 4 heros). Independent AI is now set on aggressive.

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