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Shadow Magic Autumn 2003 Challenge

Author File Description
Roger the Rampant
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: S
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 2
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Average
Password Protected: Yes
This map can only be played in Shadow Magic

The first ever Shadow Magic Monthly Challenge map is a slightly edited version of my custom scenario, Revenge of the Magic Servants. You play as Heineken, and your job is to finish the map in as few turns as possible. Grolsch must be set to CPU Emperor and alliances must be OFF. You can have exploration ON or OFF, whichever suits you best

Because this is quite a complex map, despite being small, I've given you three months to submit entries, and a maximum of three entries per person. Hopefully this will give lots of people an opportunity to enter the competition, as Shadow Magic gradually becomes available around the world. Please save on days 5, 10, 20, 30 and then every ten days thereafter. Save immediately before the final battle, and send that final save to by 23:59 EST on Sunday 30th November 2003. You can save and reload when necessary, but please do not reload battles excessively in your aim for perfection. The final battle must be winnable in autocombat - good luck!

Roger, 1st September 2003

Robin Bars-Tird was not a popular leader, and was widely reputed to be a very cruel man. He was feared within his presidential palace, and not just by his senior ministers. Various young serving wenches from respectable family backgrounds had unexpectedly fallen pregnant, and been paid to keep quiet about who the father was. Male members of staff that ended up on the wrong side of Sir Robin's vicious temper also had a habit of mysteriously disappearing. The Ancient Order of Druids refused to have anything to do with him, after he desecrated Stonehenge by using the stones to rebuild his brewery. In fact it had become so difficult to recruit domestic staff from the local community that his secretary of state, Lord Lucan, had finally resorted to desperate measures. He had arranged a meeting with the local wizard, Heineken, to discuss whether he could be of any assistance to Sir Robin

Now it should be made clear here that Heineken had no great desire to be of assistance, and to be perfectly frank was extremely sceptical. Sir Robin had made no great secret in the past of his disdain for magic, and his lack of respect for those that practised such arcane arts. There was only one way to rule, according to Robin Bars-Tird, and that was by the sword. However, Lord Lucan did appear to be offering some excellent financial incentives for Heineken to become involved, clearly believing that Heineken could reach the parts that other wizards couldn't reach

Eventually they came up with a solution that appeared to be mutually beneficial. The presidential palace would be completely staffed by magic servants. The monthly wages bill - a significant amount of gold - would be paid directly to Heineken, and as the magic servants did not receive wages that was very good for Heineken's financial situation. From the viewpoint of the palace, and in particular the chancellor of the exchequor, Mo Nandgroan, it was beneficial because the magic servants didn't need feeding, which in turn saved the palace a small fortune on the food budget. So it appeared to be an excellent solution, whereby everybody was happy

Or at least, everybody would have been happy if Sir Robin could have paid a little more attention to the niceties of life. Magic servants are very undemanding employees, but even they have a limit to what they are prepared to put up with! As they became increasingly despondent at the disprespectful way they were being treated, they became increasingly rebellious. Eventually they formed their own secret guild, calling itself the Select Secret Society of Servants, and started to plan a rebellion

They were not just cross with Sir Robin, they were also very disgruntled with the wizard Heineken, who they saw as a puppet of the tyrant. They had discussed their concerns with Heineken, but he could not afford to lose his large monthly allowance of gold from the palace, and they quickly realised that it was pointless discussing their concerns with him. In the end they stopped mentioning their frustration to Heineken, and concentrated instead on finding a way of resolving the problem themselves

They hated direct confrontation because they were servants, that was their sole reason for existence, and their natural instinct was to do what they were told. So instead they waited until Sir Robin and Heineken were out horse riding, then walked out of the palace en masse. The magic servants had gone on strike!

They headed off to another local wizard, called Grolsch, and offered their services to him. Needless to say he was delighted to have a group of volunteers working for him that needed minimal upkeep, whereas Robin Bars-Tird was outraged at the rebellion. He declared war on Grolsch, and swore that all the magic servants would feel the sharp edge of his trusty sword, Ebenezer
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Sid Amazing
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
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Balance: 3
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 3
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:wow what a map, never played a map like this one before. I have to say I enjoyed it alot. I just wish there was more of an underground section. Keep up the good work.

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Map Design4.0
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