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Desert Shadows - Tears of War

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: S
Levels: 2
Single Player?: No
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 2
# of players: 2
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
The Tears of war - Last edit 3. August 2003

This map is designed for Multiplay-PBEM games and Hotseat. It is possible to play in SP mode, but the AI will not be as competative as a human, cause of the scripting of the map. I suggest it's better to play with Imho Tep in SP, but you can try that for yourself.

The story:
--> In the Aow timetable we are between the end of the Aow2 campaign and SM, Merlin has allready disappeared, but the shadow is not crawling out of the rifts and the Phobian Empire will be the result after the end of this conflict <--

Dismayed by the sudden death of Gabriel. The Wizards of Evermore cried a lot of tears. With every tear they lost a little bit of their magical power. When the eyes ran dry there where no more tears left and the magical powers were gone. Every single tear was collected in a personal reflecting pool for each of the wizards.

Every year when it's the day of the Gabriels death all those tears have to be cried again unless all the "Pools" show the face of the new leader for the circle. One of the children of the wizards will be the chosen one as is was since ancient times. But the magic always took time to select one out of the participating apprentices.

To protect the tears, they are brought to caves within the land of Yaka. Guarded by some trusted members of the tribes. Security spells were spoken and all went well for many years.

The children grew up and every year some more of the pools showed a face. Not for long and the majority would have selected the new leader of the circle. The elder wizards started to prepare themselves for their last journey. Magic was growing strong amoungst the children.

But then, it happened as none expected. Imho Tep, son of Yaka who was not one of the favorites killed 10 out of 11 children with a big fireball-assassination attempt.
Only Daryl, daughter of Nimue survived, cause of a waterspell her mother casted on
her while she was a little kid.

Now Imho Tep is out to gain control over the rest of the tears. He has stolen the tears of his father and his ability to use them is growing fast. If he succeed, he will unite the power and be as strong as Gabriel was before.

Resistance is rising under the control of Daryl. We will see if she is capable of stopping Imho Tep.

One thing is for sure. Someone has to take over control, otherwise, there might be a nameless force out of the shadows of the unknown shadow dimension.


Alternatives for victory:

I. Total destruction of the enemy
II. Control all 10 reflecting pools (The Pool of Tears)

Have fun playing this map !!
It was part of the Desert Shadow Competion by the "Wizard's of Creation" in July 2003 and made a remarkable place as RUNNER UP.

Send your comments to

This Version contains some new and some fixed features:
- Less defenders guarding the pools
- Protection against rushing in MP
- More customized items and heroes
- Additionel story elements
- Fixed logical bugs concerning Yaka's chamber
- Fixed spheres and wizards
- No flying heroes as balance issue
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
As you know, this map was entered for the Wizards Of Creation, Desert Shadows mapmaking competition. It came second in the competition but only after a tiebreak for it was a draw between this map and the winning map. Below is the judging report Swolte and I made on this map. PLease note that this map has been updated and changed since the report was written and a lot of the issues that are mentioned have been corrected. Do not pay too much attention to the official marks that I have given this map, instead, I have tried to make the overall mark reflect what we gave this map (I had to make it less than the winning map though!)

Playability 47 out of 60

Jamie says - This map was very fun to play. The sides are very different but still balanced and this makes the game interesting. The idea of the pools is a good one as it means that strategy plays an important part in this game. However, it takes a long time to build up armies due to the fact that all the cities are VERY heavily guarded and the battles really need to be played in TC.

Swolte says - Map seems very fun to play, although I wouldn't trust it as a tournament map, yet! Balance seems not bad, though, I'd probably go for it in a challenge. Many long roads and crossways will make mobility (+ flying) extra important! Many interesting places for decisive encounters as well!

Visual Beauty 22.5 out of 25

Jamie says - The surface of this map looks very good and the chambers for the pools are nicely done. However, the central chamber for Yaka is not as good as the rest as the use of TC items in it doesn’t really fit in, especially the giant trees. The layout of the map is good and all areas of the map will be used.

Swolte says - Wow, this is visually stunning!
All the latest in mapmaking tricks, inclucing clever elevations! Enough variety to prevent overkill of the same.

Storyline and events 12.5 out of 15

Jamie says - This map has a great beginning story which is supported in the game. A lot of background information is given throughout the game which involves the player. However, a few discrepancies appear such as when I sent my hero ‘Yaka’, into Yaka’s chamber where a message from Yaka appeared telling me to go away? There are a lot of events which help the game along, however, the event taking you to the healers is bugged and won’t work.

Swolte says - This map will be a great pleasure to play. Many, many nice events to immerse oneself into the story and adventure! Nice way of giving the special surface tile a role of providing units as well and getting the 'tears quest' running! A masterpiece.

Total – 82/100
Jamie says - This map is great for MP players who like to have a storyline to follow. The scenery is an added bonus to the balanced game play between very different sides. A number of unexpected events occur which add to the realism of the game; walking into the waterfall leads to a cave and killing your once best friend means that she returns from the dead to kill you! I would recommend lowering the defence of most of the cities around the place because at the moment, it takes a long time to build up a proper army. This may be what you want; however lots of the pools are very well guarded, not to mention the avengers that appear. Also, a nice idea would be to have the ‘wizard heroes’ in their cave on the pool. Finally, I would have loved to be able to read the wizard descriptions…
Roger the Rampant
Map Design4.0
This was a great map, and despite the mapmaker modestly suggesting that it may not work very well in single-player, I played SP as Imho Tep and had great fun. The AI put up a good fight, bearing in mind that this is a map balanced for online 1 vs 1 games.

The main reason that I didn't enter this competition was that desert is my second least favorite mapmaking terrain. The only terrain I dislike creating more than desert, is wasteland. So to make this map so interesting and varied is a great achievement IMO. Dividing the underground into separate areas with different terrains worked very well.

The initial *Let the war begin!* message came up twice. Spelling and grammar did interfere with the excellent sense of humour in this map. For example, a comment about going to *red alert* would have been hysterically funny, whereas *red alarm* only raised a wry smile - a wasted opportunity.

This map is excellent - so download it and find out for yourself!
Galahad_2nd This is a great map, and it is fun for Single player not just multiplayer. It's not a really tough map for SP but still fun, because you have to make strategic choices about which type of victory to go for, and because of unexpected events coming up that you must react to. The variety of the separate underground caverns is nice, and so is the humor of it.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Very enjoyable play from both sides.

Balance: 3
The Luna side is at a significant disadvantage.

Creativity: 5
Plenty of stuff and events with it.

Map Design: 4
Very attractive map.

Story/Instructions: 4
Good background story.

Additional Comments:

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