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Monthly Challenge Gigan's Throne

Author File Description
Roger the Rampant
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: S
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 2
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: Yes
This is the Monthly Challenge version of Outlier's excellent map, Gigan's Throne. You need to try to complete this version in as few days as possible and to submit the final save ONLY, to (or by 23:59 EST on Monday 30th June 2003

Please save on days 5, 10, 20, 30 and every ten days thereafter, then do a final save immediately before the final battle. I may subsequently ask to look at the other saves, but to date that has never actually been necessary...

You can take any one of the three starting heroes. Nekron must be set to CPU Emperor. You can play with exploration ON or OFF. You are allowed no more than three submissions per month, but you can save and restart as often as you wish - good luck!

Roger the Rampant

It's the dark times as Nekron the Lord of Death prepares to rule the land. An unholy deal has been struck between the mortal and the DemonGod. Even the mighty King Gigan of the Humans will be imprisoned by the dark lord and left to die in the desolate dungeon ...

The only hope of saving this land lies on the shoulder of a young apprentice ...

This map is a three-part epic depicting the rise of King Gigan. In the first part, it involves solo hero-gaming with a choice of one of three starting heroes. There are many goodies, loads of events and lots of opportunity for training. The second part is typical of AoW2 game play, with an emphasis on resource exploration, army building and speed is of essence. In the last part, it's suitable for strategic maneuvering ... but brute force would also work.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
There are several branching features that I want to go back and explore. This could keep me busy for a while

Balance: 4
There are some REALLY tough battles to get through, but it appears that there are ways for less experienced players to get through them by other means.

Creativity: 4
Very original and imaginative. The several side quests were nice touches and well done.

Map Design: 4
Again, very nicely done. A great variety without overkill. The special events and telporting sequences were very clever.

Story/Instructions: 3
A solid story start and decent continuing dialouge.

Additional Comments:
A must play for SP.
Map Design4.0
First of all, I would like to say that this is my first review. Having said that, I also would like to add that a review is just an opinion, nothing more and nothing less. Furthermore, it should also be noted that everyone is different in one way or another, the way we think and of course the way we play.

The type of scenarios I prefer to play are the multiplayer ones which possess both great strategic and tactical play upon a beautiful but logical landscape. I also enjoy a little humor. To play against other humans players is also my preference and of course is a luxury that's not always convenient. Playing against the computer, the AI's own cleverness just doesn't measure up when it comes to straightforward battling, even at its most difficult setting. How does one program against creative human strategic and tactical play? It's a difficult job I'm sure. I also like to state that I enjoy the game of Chess. I the like choices and the strategy. In summary, I like to think. So if you share the same view, chances are you may also share the same nature of playing and thus will appreciate the following review.

Now for this scenario's review. As I said earlier, I prefer multiplayer maps. That doesn't mean I don't try other types and so, that's how I came to this one. Roger the Rampant's June monthly challenge of the map "Gigan's Throne" designed by Outlier, kicks... (well you know what). As a single player scenario, it was very challenging from start to finish. Man, does this guy know how to work his "events"! The choices he provides you in the beginning as well as along the way were very entertaining. However, one should be warned. He advises in the introduction about having to be quick, definitely heed this one. As for myself, I am NOT one to restart and will try to play on, accepting my losses and making the best of it. However, I did completly restart once, errrr and I am not proud of it though. I am also cautious when I need to be and always choose to explore the map and not have it shown to me. (Exploration is a great element of the game why exclude it.) All in all, this scenario was alot of fun to play and in the end I was smiling.

One final note about reviews. Just so you know, I have read the review guidelines as provided on this website and recommend that all those who read reviews especially those who write them should read the prescribed text. It will help to get everyone on the same page of thought. One thing that makes me laugh everytime is when a review is listed and it is all just numbers and without any or very little explanation as to why. Ever seen all "5"s and nothing more. There was alot of "thought" there... Cue Sarcastica the Clown now! Also, if ever you write a review, it will even say below the "numbers" section, "WRITTEN REVIEW Required". My advice again, read and understand the guidelines and make the choice yourself whether to or not to play a scenario, or even write a review. And if you enjoyed it, give some feedback to the author. There is alot of time and energy spent in designing a map, especially a good one like this one. I always like to say "return the energy", it's nice to be appreciated.

Playability: 5
This scenario is highly playable. From day one to the end I kept going and was never bored. At times maybe a bit frustrated. (Ok I was frustrated, only because the little hottie "ice princess" got killed, errrr!) Never the less, I kept going and actually played non stop, an all-niter... yipeee, red eyes! This scenario was definitely challenging, played well at all aspects of the game and therefore a score of five.

Balance: 4

This category I think is the toughest to achieve the highest rating. Think about it, how do you design and as well, maintain a good balance in a scenario when everyone's style of gaming differs. In regards to this scenario, I feel that it is very balanced. Please note as I said earlier in the "foreword" section; the author does warn you that you need to be quick. How quick is quick? Verrrrry quick! However, I think that to be sure everyone, even those who are still learning to be good at the game, should be able to enjoy the game without more than a few restarts at best. The best feature I strongly believe that a singleplayer scenario can offer is the element of exploration. If one has repeatly restarted or even resaves in fear of making that one big mistake of turning the tides to an inevitable loss, then the scenario's level of fun may be compromised. In regards to this, I think the scenario would have been a little more enjoyable to play through completly if Nekron's strength was reduced.

Creativity: 5
Wow, what can NOT say about this one. The author was very creative with this one. There are plenty of choices in the beginning, and a few throughout the game. The "tournament sequence" was very entertaining and as fot that last "tournament battle", well, you will have to see for yourself. I am sure it will be something like... ahhh man not that guy! Anyway, the events used are well placed and planned. Great job and truly deserving of the "high five" score!

Map Design: 4
The design of the map was very good. I like the water usage and separation of each northern and southern region. It provided suspense. The center area I think could have been excluded. Areas of the map were functional and everything seemed to work as planned. One thing I like to add and I am not sure if this should have gone under this category or under the Creativity category, but it is about two things. One is the beginning, which if you start off the way it did, try giving a little more sense of a "starting home location." I think this would have added to the story and the initial effect. The second issue is near the end. When after you finally get to chase after Nekron, the discovery where all those "sources" he possessed should have been made to look more interesting. (Ex. Like a great underground factory being run by Zombies but only for Nekron himself to blow it all up to keep you from owning them.)

Story/Instructions: 5
Again, an outstanding job here. Throughout the scenario, there was information provided about what you can and must do. Also, there were enough story elements along the way with of course the usual but never unwelcomed "Warning..." signs. Great concept with the "tournament section" as well as with having to go after Nekron more than once. The scenario in whole was highly entertaining and gets 5 stars!

Additional Comments:
Well, I like to take this opportunity now and thank Roger the Rampant for all his time and work with setting up Outlier's scenario as a monthly challenge. I like to thank Outlier too for creating such a great and unique map. And finally, I like to thank you, the reader, for spending your own time in reading this review. I hope this has been helpful, and if you are like me and never really cared much for single player scenarios, I think you should give it a try, you won't be dissatisfied. Obviously, I was not. Have fun!


You know the ole saying when it comes to writing an essay, "Writing an essay is like a woman's skirt, you should write it long enough to cover the "subject" but make it short enough to keep it interesting." Well, I try to keep this in mind but sometimes you have to say what you what to say and write what you want to write. Like I said at the beginning, this is my first review. Why I wrote it was because I thought the scenario was well worth receiving it. Also, for those who may wonder after reading what is probally your "longer than average review", I do not know Roger the Rampant or Outlier personally except from this scenario. However, when I think about how this "HeavenGames" website and its AOW community attracts players from around the world, I just smile and think... what a pretty neat thing.

[Edited on 02/24/05 @ 08:41 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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