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Elf vs. Elf: Get Neuman! SILVER Edition

Author File Description
King David
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: M
Levels: 2
Single Player?: No
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 3
# of players: 2
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
This is the Silver Edition of my 1 vs 1 Medium sized map for PBEM and WL play. This is a mirrored map and is meant to be that way. It is NOT for beginners, as the AI has given many a tough time. Advanced players should enjoy it just fine. This version fixes a problem caused by a bug in the game, which negatively affected the unique triggers I have designed to make gameplay more entertaining. The triggers now work differently and are much better. For this, I all of I give all of the credit to....


Really, greenmonster should get co-author credit for this map. He dedicated a good deal of time to going over the trigger issue and was the one who came up with the suggestion for what I should do to fix the problem. His suggestion for the renovated triggers was thoroughly unique and will make this game much, much better than what I had originally envisioned. So, thanks for everything, GM. If there are any lingering problems, they are of my doing, not his.

I also wish to thank Swolte for his comments on the map, they have been taken into account in this version as well.

Finally, a big tip of the hat to Tripcrow, who reviewed the map after playing it and also, along with his buddy, sent me copies of their turn now and then.

The Story:

In the year 970 LIR, Meandor rebels against his father Inioch, and joins a rebel faction of Elves, who come to be known as Dark Elves. The Dark Elves are distressed by Inicoch's less-than-transparent rule, and by the fact that he names the newborn of his second wife after Meandor's mother Julia. Meandor channels all the knowledge of the magic of Life which he has accumulated through the years into the power of Death, and so does become Lord of Darkness, and so does he lead a faction comitted to the destruction of what they shall come to call the "Lesser Elves".

The Elves, even as Meandor rebels against Inioch, likewise rebel against !
s naming of Julia as heir to his thrown, and they elect a new leader, Julioch, who has been elected as top Elf poster girl ever since Julia attempted to ban the concept of centerfolds from written Elven lore. Though a noble cause, the Lesser Elves refuse to give up the practice of Life magic and so do shun Meandor and his troops, vowing to crush them and once and for all reinstate the dignity of a unified Elven Nation.

Years go by and trivial wars come to pass, the Spirit of Order grows weary of slayings that amount to no advantage for either side and determines that a Mediator must be sought to end the conflict among Elves and so restore a tentative peace to the Land. The mediator comes in the form of Alfred E. Neuman, a jovial Human mage who prefers laughter to tears, harmless jokes to threats fraught with bellicose intentions.

Many years pass, and then in a new LIR Year, Meandor has grown weary and relinquishes the thrown to his son, Meando, the product of a secret and much-coveted coupling years prior with Arachna. Meando is smitten with the beauty of Julioch, who does not seem to grow any older, but, being overtly large, unattractive and evil, he is ashamed to make a play for her and thus determines to prove his love once and for all by sending her to the Void. Julioch, on the other hand, is deeply disturbed by the fact that Meando, whom she secretly considers to be the essence of manliness, does not make overtures to her, and so determines to prove her worth by sending him to the Void. Were it only that simple minds could comprehend the logic of Elves !!!

But Alfred E. Neuman has some magical tricks of his own up the old proverbial sleeve, and sees the exploitation of his status as Mediator as an opportunity to crush both the Dark Elves AND the Lesser Elves and so create a human nation so omnipotent that even the prohpecies of Nostradamus shall look like mere comic book folly.

There is nothing more to say. The Dark Elves and the Lesser Elves still hate each other!
and plo
t to convert the land to the practice of one and only one Magic, but in their way stands Alfred E. Neuman, that mad mage who must be stopped. Folks in la la land, it's the debut edition of...... Elf vs. Elf !!!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Challenging map, but great fun ! Even better after the SILVER update ! No more words here, just test for yourself and enjoy...

Balance: 4
The map is balanced. Only 4 points, cause of the Elfs are just a bit stronger than the dark Elfs. Not the mapmakers fault. (i will test this one on my olc comp with GM's mod. maybe that could fix it)

Creativity: 5
I was allways a big fan of Alfred E. Neuman..... That is my fav kind of humor. Perfectly placed on this lovely map !

Map Design: 4
Even as a symmetrical map this one is nice to look at. Hard to give a 5 after playing some of the other WOC maps...

Story/Instructions: 5
Increadible story and events. Bugs from the old version are fixed.

Additional Comments:
The story speaks for itself. You can have a wonderful play on this map. I enjoyed it alot in few PBEM games.
Map Design4.0
Now having played this "SILVER EDITION", I can say that this scenario really rocks! This one on one multiplayer map is truly a "one of a kind" scenario! It is very clever and should you get another human being or a well trained chimp to play, (recommend choosing the smarter one) you will greatly find this map alot of fun to play! Please read on...
Please note that the scores reflect from playing the map from a duh... MULTIPLAYER perspective.

Playability: 5
A very playable map that's also quite clever too. The scenario is fun from the beginning and because of certain "triggers" it remains fun through to the end. One important aspect I like to point out regarding multiplayer maps is that this map has just the right amount of cities and resources. I have played on some multiplayer maps where the map designer goes overboard. A multiplayer map should be about playing the map against your opponents and not having to constantly spend excessive time managing all your cities. In reference to this map, the designer uses five cities per human player plus of course the "one" for the computer assigned player.
This seemed like a good number and the game played out great! Also there were enough other "places" to explore as well and in regards to those "toy boxes" (magic vaults), I found them to be well "planned" and "entertaining" as well.

Another thing I like to point out with this map is the unique use of "triggers" that would if I may say "give $@%#!" to the other player. Very well done here while also providing a neat element to the game. (Just a little warning... If you are on the receiving end you may get frustrated but remember "payback is a b----"! There is not much "randomness" and so repeated play is average but because of the "triggers" it definitely makes you want to try it again and "$@%#" the other guy. Also you will want of course to be the first to get Neuman!

Balance: 4
The map is well balanced however because it's the Good Elves vs. the Dark Elves, I personally think that the Good Elves always seem to have the upper hand. This statement reflects not so much this particular map but the races themselves. When you compare "one for one", the Elves seem to have the edge over the Dark Elves. (Ex. Druids can entangle for 3 rounds at attack of 15 compare Spider Queen webbing for 2 rounds at attack of 10. Yes Bladedancers have double strike however Nymphs can seduce. Dark Elves have the Incarnate to possess other units but not against those Iron Maidens with willpower and phase to boot! Also the final straw that broke this wolf's back (I played as the Dark Elves) are those butt kicking Fairy Dragons! One more thing is that the other strengths of the Dark Elves consist of them being underground, night vision and cave crawling, and with this map, it plays almost entirely above ground.) Again this is a matter of personal choice and if I could, I would have instead giving a score of 4.5 for this catergory.

Creativity: 5
Five biggies here! Why?... because for a multiplayer map and to make it crazy and fun, the designer does an excellent job! It's those "triggers" man! Standard multiplayer maps usually consist of building up your domain, training some units and then going out and try to kick the other player(s) butt! This map adds a little more with again those "triggers" and with a few other surprises along the way as well! Way to go King "D'man"!

Map Design: 4
The terrain looks nicely done. Each Elven territory looks approiate to their own respectable race but because Dark Elves would normally prefer the underground, I thought the underground should have been more developed and of course look like underground. Also, the symmetry around "Neumanville" as well as to include the adjacent islands looked unexciting. However the cities and other objects (vaults and etc.) are well placed apart.

Story/Instructions: 5
"Step on this trigger and you get Roxanne to..." oh ooops that was a different scenario. King "D'man" (yes I know it's "David" but for this review he's "D'man"!) does a super job. The story is suitable for multiplayer and the instructions he provides for those "triggers" are easy enough to understand as well as being humorous! You will find alot of other fun stuff too like hearing about the "Hospital rolllll calls and /or reports" and of course the brother hero "Taberu" having a new name, he's insane so watch out! By the way you don't have to be an Alfred E. Neuman fan, this scenario is funny regardless!

Additional Comments:
Hmmmmm... additional comments. Get your friend or that well trained chimp or even a stranger off the street (alright maybe not the last one) and play this scenario! Simply said, it's great fun! Of course now I am wondering, will there be an expanded "GOLD" edition... maybe "Neuman's Revenge!"... droool slobbby "gold" yea yea... huh?


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Map Design4.0
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