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The Battle of Creation Shadow Pack

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 2
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Welcome to the incredible land of Erithnia

Experience Erithnia, a realm of epic proportions and beauty; with opponents threatening you and the neighbouring lands there for the conquering, an unknown danger gets ready to strike. Quests and plunder abound in these kingdoms but expect resistance to your iron-fisted rule. Gather the many custom heroes to your banner and equip them with the hundreds of items stepped in the archaic magic of Erithnia. Although your main quarrel is with Fiirsha of the elves over the ruins of the Ralagrathrian Empire, you, Bruuk of the Orcs will have the chance to enslave all of Erithnia. However, an unknown danger lies in wait for you…

This is a purely single player map, with a total of three different endings, hundreds of events and over a hundred custom items and heroes all on stunning scenery. Anyone who has a phobia of extra large maps due to extremely long turns need not worry here for there is only 1 Ai player to make sure that the turns are of an acceptable length. Added to all this, there is a tremendous replay value in which you can attempt to capture and hold all of Erithnia in the face of heavy resistance by your conquered foes.

Please note that this is not a Shadow Magic version of the Battle Of Creation, I have only made it so that it can be played with Shadow Magic. This was and remains an AoW2 map, however it is now possible to play it with Shadow Magic.
Make sure that if you play it with Shadow magic that you choose the Shadow version because the AoW2 version is unwinnable if played with Shadow Magic
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Alex Mars I'm not rating the map because I didn't finish it, however I basically consider this map severely in need of revision. For a so-called Gold Edition, this one has too many bugs and design flaws.

First of all, if the map worked as the designer intended, the player has only one path of success in the beginning; a Patton style rush to complete the first quest. If this is not done, the player ends up facing Black Angels and Bone Dragons very early in the game. Why it is considered challenging to hit a player with high level flying troops when the player has no decent ranged troops (or no decent troops at all) eludes me.

The only problem is that despite earlier map comments indicating a bug in the first quest, the first quest is still broken and no matter what the player does, there will be three waves of high level flyers hitting him by turn 30. It is even so badly timed that the Gluttons the player is given for finishing the quest get killed right off by a flight of black angels and a bone dragon.

In addtion, the item reward for finishing the first quest, a +2 resist item, doesn't actually work and does not add to resist.

The map layout is quite detailed and very attractive, and a lot of work has obviously gone into this map but it is essentially unfinished.

File Author
Alex, you will find that the 'quest' does work as long as you have got patch 1.2 installed. I have played it multiple times in testing and once Naachta has been killed, then the bone dragons stop. Perhaps you did not actually do what the quest asks to be done?

I am fully aware that the reward item doesn't work, however, that is nothing to do with me, I have tried repeatedly to get it to work but it is a bug.
Talus This map is extremely awesome. The roleplay value in the first half hour is great. Unfortunately, It took about a half hour just to get through a very small portion of the map. This map was poorly designed and even on a Pent3 processor my computer crashed after a while making it entirely unplayable unless your on a corporate pent4 processor. I wouldnt recommend this map to ANYONE untill the author goes through it and gets rid of the useless crap. Such as the poison clouds... a lot of little things really arent needed and take away from the FPS. The author needs a little lesson in FPS. FPS is Frames Per Second. My comp had trouble keeping up with everything on the map and to actually stop the lag I had to move to an unexplored area all the way accross from the map. This alone makes the map totally unplayable.

Gold Version my arse. This map needs a lot of work to be playable at all and I really hope the author considers this and brings the FPS up to at least 10-15. Then, and only then, will I get this map... because this map is defenently one of the best I've played and I would truly love to play it further without the risk of my comp crashing because of the fact that it's poorly designed.
Galahad_2nd This is a great map. I'm not going to do the numerical ratings because I played the original not the Gold version, but I'd give it all fives. Usually I like maps that are based on novels or already-developed backgrounds better than home-grown stories, but this map has a great story. It's a tough map; I lost but I think I could win next time and that's what good play-balance is. The map details are well done.
File Author
I have just been informed that sometimes, when this file is downloaded, the map doesn't seem to be present. However, when the file is unzipped, the map will 'appear'. Thanks to Bradley for pointing it out.

[Edited on 04/21/03 @ 12:15 PM]

File Author
One point in reply to Roger is that the goblin city is meant to join you and it is explained why in a message that will appear as you approach the town.
wchilde I had to check it out and see what the hype was about. I would NEVER play and extra large map, but I decided to drop my resolve and give it a try.

What I found was what I had feared I would find. The map is not playable. It's just too big and the "movement bug" makes it unbearable. It took a full 4 seconds to move the hellhound 4 hexes to the first town. I couldn't continue.

It's a nice map (although WAY too busy) and I can see a lot of work went into and I can appreciate that. But what good is all that work if I can't play it?

He would have done better making 3 maps to play as a sphere of the campaign.
File Author
@ Wchilde, The reason that it took so long for your units to move is because you had the 'see everything' cheat enabled. If the cheat is used, then the units do take ages to move, however, if cheats are not used, then the units will move as normal. I have played it often with explore turned on and have never had this problem. Maybe having explore turned on would help...

[Edited on 07/09/03 @ 09:33 AM]

sti_sti I am fairly new to AOW, having played through all except the Merlin campaign (at beginner level). I really like this kind of map! But it is definitely not for a newby. I started playing it a few times, using the author's advice to keep Julia at Emperor level, but I am throwing in the towel on my latest attempt - after taking the woods, I went after the dwarves, but while in the midst of this, Julia started to send in armies of angels and fairy dragons towards my area. Now, I haven't even gotten to the stage where I have gained enough ground (neither the dwarves nor the Tigrans) where I would have the power to fight armies like this.

I will try again one day, but I really think I must take the advice of another poster here, and start Julia at much less than Emperor level. It can't be right that she has gained control of so much of the map in the time that my army first starts to expand beyond the woods.

But I love this kind of map!!!

Steve, Denmark
Witty Username I have played, and deeply loved, this map, but I'm encountering a rather irritating bug.

See, Fiirsha's not holding on to the Armor of Creation; she's consistently giving it away to her Elven hero. Which means that A. there's a nigh-invincible hero out there waiting to ruin my entire day, but also B. I'm just one eight-stack of Sphinxes away from owning the Armor.

(That's actually how it went down when I was playing in earnest; after that I started the map over again a few times using various cheats, in an effort to determine how exactly this bug behaves.

Also, apparently in addition to lightning you can damage a unit wearing the Armor with Deep Fissure, as I found out much to my dismay when an Armor-wearing Rutalck charged into a Dragon's Lair; I don't know if that's just because it's a save-for-half spell, or if something weirder is going on.)

The other bug, probably related, is that I can't seem to get the Gate of Creation to trigger and take away the Armor. In two separate playthroughs I've had both Rutalck and Bruuk himself, with all twelve pieces, wandering around and ending turn on the razed magic relay that stands atop the hill--the Gate of Creation, unless the pop-up texts have led me very astray. In both playthroughs, nothing has happened, but in both playthroughs weirdness has happened with the armor: one was my actual game, in which I'd acquired the armor by Dominating the hero; the other was a test game, and the hero had attacked my stack of Black Angels who, using cheats, I'd loaded up with every enchantment they could accept...including Static Shield. I gave Fiirsha the armor back (she declined at first, actually, I had to bribe her with 20 gold accept its return), and she was wearing it when I tried to trigger the event, but the fact remains that it had changed hands more times than it was meant to.

These bugs don't make the game unwinnable--indeed, they make it a lot easier, since Fiirsha tends not to have the armor on her--but it's disappointing that after all the effort I spent assembling the Pieces I never even got to see the event they trigger.
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