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The Battle of Creation Shadow Pack

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 2
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Welcome to the incredible land of Erithnia

Experience Erithnia, a realm of epic proportions and beauty; with opponents threatening you and the neighbouring lands there for the conquering, an unknown danger gets ready to strike. Quests and plunder abound in these kingdoms but expect resistance to your iron-fisted rule. Gather the many custom heroes to your banner and equip them with the hundreds of items stepped in the archaic magic of Erithnia. Although your main quarrel is with Fiirsha of the elves over the ruins of the Ralagrathrian Empire, you, Bruuk of the Orcs will have the chance to enslave all of Erithnia. However, an unknown danger lies in wait for you…

This is a purely single player map, with a total of three different endings, hundreds of events and over a hundred custom items and heroes all on stunning scenery. Anyone who has a phobia of extra large maps due to extremely long turns need not worry here for there is only 1 Ai player to make sure that the turns are of an acceptable length. Added to all this, there is a tremendous replay value in which you can attempt to capture and hold all of Erithnia in the face of heavy resistance by your conquered foes.

Please note that this is not a Shadow Magic version of the Battle Of Creation, I have only made it so that it can be played with Shadow Magic. This was and remains an AoW2 map, however it is now possible to play it with Shadow Magic.
Make sure that if you play it with Shadow magic that you choose the Shadow version because the AoW2 version is unwinnable if played with Shadow Magic
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Lena Elvar Beautiful map with lot of placees to explore. Tons of events, custom made heroes and items are a big plus. it was bit boring to fight only against one enemy on a map this big. Like the previous reviewer said, few more enemy wizards would have made this map much better, fighting the independents isn't that much fun. Good map never the less.

[Edited on 01/10/03 @ 11:37 PM]

File Author
Well, thanks for all the feedback and I am very glad that you all like it (after the time I spent on it :) )

I certainly agree about all your comments about the single AI and because of the positive reaction my map has recieved, I am going to start working on another version.

This will have another AI and will mean that people do fight an Ai sooner in the game and will also force the player to visit all of the map.

(However Queenie, the difficulty will be less than that of Athendore, so for you, it will still probably count as easy!!! )


(ps, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to email me with them.)

[Edited on 01/11/03 @ 07:40 AM]

File Author
Below is a review from AoW2 Battleground, Magog's excellent site for reviewing all the AoW2 maps:

The Battle of creation

Map author : Jamie, Map size : XL, Rating : 96,0%

There's a long opening story in this map, which tells you that you're in a land called Erithnia and you're leading a bunch of orcs (ok, I shortened it some...). The story goes on as you play and tells you what to do, but not in a linear kind of way. You can attack your opponent (there's only one AI wizard) at once if you wish, or search for some certain items that will help you, or perhaps expand your empire a little before attacking, or maybe all at the same time? Whatever you decide to do, you will find these little stories and cool places everywhere, and there wont be a boring moment.
This one is just amazing. There's no doubt that this is the best single player map made for AoW2 so far. If you're going to play only one map this year, make sure it's this one... :)

Balance : 8
Very close to a 9 or 10, but the fact that I had to defend too much and not beeing able to follow a certain storyline in the beginning annoyed me some. Hardcore players will probably think it's too easy, but for us mortals balance is ok.

Graphic details : 10
Details are great everywhere and the transitions between different areas look good.

Story/Instructions : 10
Story is the best part if you ask me. There's a long opening story, and tons of messages that pops up during the game.

Customization : 10
Some 100 items and about 25 heroes. The heroes have cool names and titles, it's a shame the titles don't show anywhere in the game.

Creativity : 10
Map design and layout is superb. The list of events is massive and all of it seems well tested. The map almost seems to be developed professionally.
You fight independents much on this map, and that's different but ok. They are quite organized and not just a bunch of area guards. I think it was a wise choice to let there be only one enemy wizard, as it speeds up gameplay a great deal.

Fun : 10
All areas you discover have something to tell, and you want to look behind every mountain to see what might be hiding there.... I had a lot of fun, and I know every other person that enjoys AoW2 in single player mode will.

Bonus points : 1
One bonus point for the great storytelling events.
File Author
Glad you like it Sir Toejam. Here are a couple of replies to points you raised.

"gate pieces are far enough away from the AI "
Don't worry, they all have AI blocks on so there is no danger of the AI getting them. Even if you did manage to lose one, there would still be 2 other ways to complete the map!

"author include the "prophecy" in a text file "
No need because the prophecy is written on a sign in the woods. When you first are told it, you are told where it is found. (If you still have trouble finding it, take a look in the bottom left corner!)

Re your question about how long it took me, I have posted some information about making the map in the post in the general forum titled The Battle of Creation.

Once again, thank you all for your comments, keep on sending them.

Sir_Toejam re: gate piece too close to AI.

hmm. When I first cast city spy (after i cast fire mastery), i checked out the opposition's main city. Low and behold, the AI wizard already had a gate piece in its inventory (around turn 70). It didn't get it from me, that's for sure. it only raided one strong monster cave (dragon cave) the whole game, which was near it's starting location. I can only assume the gate piece came from there, hence my comment.
I like the idea of having to get the gate pieces to get rid of the armor. makes you have to check out most of the map to get all the pieces. The other method is a bit too easy (I won't give it away).


File Author
Hmm. Could you email me Sir Toejam, I would like to talk more about this.

thevaughans AT
haplo888 I'm having difficulty with the Naachta quest. I get all three batches of his summoned monsters no matter what I do.

Originally, I killed him turn 9, got the shard thingy, set up my wiz tower in that town, and started invading the dwarves.

On both turn 10 and 20, the summoned monsters came, and I got messages saying that I should kill Naachta, but he's long dead.

So I started over, and this time waited till turn 10 to kill him, also tried turn 11, and turn 18. Each time I get the summoned monsters no matter what.

Any ideas?

[Edited on 02/18/03 @ 06:59 PM]

File Author
You will need the patch 1.2 to enable the events to work corectly and so avoiding the problem.
Hope that helps.
radon38 Wazzz. I can not agree wit your mark on creativity. The scenery on its own is so boring. The fact that there is stuff on it makes it a lot more realistic.

Personally, I feel that ther number of fights also add to the realism and also give you a chance to build up your troops. There are never too many of them because they are spread throughout the map. Also, there is always the quick combat option. Boring is definatly not a word I would use!

I absolutly love this map and consider it a lot better than the maps that came with the game.
Kilyr I agree with Wazzz here with his comments on creativity, map design and story.
The map is just TOO full.( landscape)
I also agree with his story comments and map design comments.

It's good Wazzz said this.
And I don't understand why this wasn't brought up earlier.

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