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Athendore II

Author File Description
Queen Elquein
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 5
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
What is Athendore, you ask. Well, those who are familiar with my map Athendore for the good old AoW, will know what to expect from this sequel. But for those unfortunate people who either don't have AoW, or have AoW and for some weird reason haven't downloaded Athendore...this is what you can expect.

The map is gigantic in every possible way, and the computer controlled players (elves, dwarves and archons) will most likely give you a royal butt kicking unless you know how to play this game well enough. Now what is well enough...that's up to you to decide.

Every hero and item are custom made, and there are several hundred of both of them. Lot of signs all over the map, and quite a few events as well.

This map is prefect for long co-op pbem or hotseat games against the AI. Because of it's huge size, this map is not best for online games, although if your and your friends computers are powerful enough, then by all means, play it online.

And here is the story...

-History of Athendore-
Taken from the book "Athendore, Heaven or Hell?"
By Jadral Bilgor

(Part 1 written by Bluecollarheaven)

Part 1

Long, long ago, at the end of the Golden Age of the Immortals when Gods and Descendants of the Mortal Races walked together in the Lands of Athendore, the Eldriens were the favorites of the Gods. They were the last to be created after the Humans, and thus were made flawless. They were like the gods for they were creative and knew of all things under the stars.

But as with things perfect and favored, the Race of the Eldriens soon became arrogant and made themselves Overlord over the other Races. The First of the Eldriens, Darcel Zau'ch even dared to go against the Creators themselves and challanged them. He seduced a great number of women of other races, and many detestable creatures, were brought forth from these forbidden reunions. His younger brother, Eziar, stole the Fruit of Fertility and the Eldriens soon had many children amongst themselves.

Because they were perfect, children were born knowing the world around them, and had formidable power even though they were still infants. In a matter of a few years, these young Eldriens grew to adulthood and gained knowledge of their parents. They formulated new power and soon were able to take the minds of other if they so wished.

Choas reigned the world. And all the Races were driven to the brink of extinction as the Eldriens continued to expand and increase in power and number.

The Creator Gods of Athendore, Kobos (Lord of the Earth), Thunderust (Lord of the Storms) and Lorrien (Lady of Reefs), were outraged by the rebellion of their perfect race. And thus they cursed the Eldriens and rained down their terrible anger on the Proud Race. Within a day, the Great City of the Eldriens fell into rubble. Disease, horrifying and disfiguring, broke out amongst the Rebellous Race. Overnight, They Who Were Perfect became They Who Were Inflicted.

Darcel Zau'ch was the worst of the Inflicted Ones. For his flesh, melted and seeped into the ground. Even his eyes fell from his face. In his pain, he cried out to the Gods.

None of the gods would heed his cry. None except one. Alas! Orgun, the Scarred God, who bore some hatred for his immortal brothers for severely punishing him when he created the violent race of Orcs. He heard the cry of the Eldrien First Man, and went to him in the shape of a mighty Black Vulture.

When the other Immortals saw him swoop down on the Eldriens, they thought that the race of Eldriens were finally annihlated and their wrath ceased. And no Eldrien body was ever retrieved, buried or found.

Orgun took all of them to his secret home beyond the Black Stars and hid them from the rest of the universe.

For many hundreds of generations, the scarred god kept these people and daily, they hungered for the blood of those who still walked the earth under the favor of their creators. But there was hope for these corrupted beings. For Orgun's horrible and violent creation, the Orcs were allowed to live among the Fair races. Then there was the ever zealous, desert worshippers of the self made Skull God who kept themselves away from the rest of civilisation. Orgun, thus realised a plan and fused himself into an idol of the non-existent Skull God. Through the idol, he spoke to them and taught them to worship him. Those who were wise enough to see through it all and realise what was really conspiring, were taken away, sacrificially killed in ceremonious occassions or locked away in a dark dungeon for the rest of their lives.

Part 2

A great war break out. Orgun saw his chance, and released his wrath upon the unsuspecting people of Athendore. Several armies of his followers were ready to kill everyone who would stand against Orgun. And that they did.
One after another were killed. And for a long time, it seemed that there was no stopping them, and Athendore would fall under their might.

But the remaining free races of Athendore, Elves, Halflings, Dwarves, Humans and Frostlings, combined whatever forces they had, and raised to oppose Orgun's Champions. The losses were great. Never had the lands of Athendore seen so many bodies, so many innocent people dead, who only sought to defend their homes, their freedom and families.

But the will to win was even greater than the losses they suffered. Even when severly outnumbered, they did what many thought would be impossible, and defeated anything and everything Orgun had. And in the end, they banished Orgun's Spirit from the mortal plains...or so they thought.

Then there was calm. No more fighting, no more suffering. Many thought that they could once again live their lives in peace, like they did before. But that was not the case. As soon as Orgun's forces had been defeated, the Elves, Dwarves and Halflings came to the conclusion that such war should never happen again. And it did not take long for them to find a way to prevent it from happening.

They gathered whatever forces they had and drove everyone off Athendore. Even Humans and Frostlings who had been fighting side by side with them against Orgun's forces.

A council was created by the Elves, Dwarves and Halflings. And the first thing it decided, was to summon more allies to secure the peace the land now had. And thus, the Archons came to Athendore. These haughty and proud people were the perfect allies. They would never allow such evil to rise again.

But fools they were, thinking that peace could be achieved in a way they tought it could be. The only thing they created, was bitter feelings amongst the banished people. Hatred, betrayal, revenge, arrogance.... Just like in the beginning.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Troy Locker Beautiful and superb map, but more than a little frustrating too...........

Because: I've played the undead, and the cpu-controlled alliance had thrown Life mastery, poisson domain and damnation allready in turn ten. From day 17, cityquakes and lightning storms began to rain on my towns and troops every day. An example of how frustrating: two heroes(lvl 13 & 7), three black priests and three efreets all healthy and well when I finish a turn, when I wake up the next morning.....all dead! Two lightning storms and two city quakes, the city quakes even destroyed a couple of buildings. This was day twentytwo or something, and there is no defence against it.......All the allies may use the other allies domains as they will, this makes lethal combos. It costs at least 500 mana to "disjunc" the lifemastery, wich makes a big domain around every powernode on the entire map, and it does not dissapear when you capture the nodes. With three such powerful allies, when it comes to magic, it is impossible to breath for the playable races allready from day ten.

My request is therefore: Tune the magicskills of at least one or two of these cpu-wizards down a little(with 500 mana in external income every round they can all research whatever they like in a day(like channeler, spellcasting specialist I,II,III,IV,V and all the others.....) to prevent the above:)

[Edited on 12/16/02 @ 08:34 AM]

Queen Elquein
File Author
This map is suppose to be hard my darlings, that is why i rated it hard as well. And those who know my way of map making, know that I only make hard maps. So if you consider yourself a new player, don't play my maps. The computer players are easily defeatable. I never release maps that cannot be beaten. :)
Troy Locker I must say that I still mean what I wrote the last time. A map is supposed to be both FUN and challenging. When I played undead, it wasn't fun, just very frustrating and irritating. Not fun to lose all your troops without even fighting.

I have however played with darkelves too now, and I liked it better. I won the map, wich proves the Queens word that it is possible to win the map. This time the AI-players allowed me to grow........veryvery slow, but still, it was possible. They gave me a lot of really hard times during the game->fun. But they never used the rubber to unmake everything I made, like they did when I was undead.
A very good map, Elquein, maybe the best. I still would like the AI to be tuned down on the magic though, to make all the razes playable.

EMc2 Hmmm...well I guess it is beatable...if anyone does it on Emperor lemme know, I got a trophy for ya. Still, the AI is way to powerful. I must admit, it is kinda fun watching your allies get beat up by the 'good guys'.
cycl0ps Oldar must have been playing a different map from me the game set up is ridiculous. Reminds me of something from aow1 which was another bad map had to redraw it if I remember correctly. It's nothing to do with the AI go into the editor and look at the initial conditions if you want to prove it take one of the 3 cpu off fixed and play has them what an easy life! Otherwise wipe out all the fields of mines and power ups from the cpu stuff they have enough advantages without them with 500 gold and power per turn. I have yet to figure out what the red dragons in the bottom left are for short of a stack of druids and sphinx's I wouldn't go near them.
Oidar You have your opinion, and I have mine. Maybe you just don't know how to play this game well enough yet. If you just look what the map author said, "if you don't know how to play this game, you will most likely recieve a royal butt kicking", or something like that. So play some easier maps. I personally happen to love very hard maps. Is that a crime?
cycl0ps Well Oidar thats an assumption or two that have no validity. In reviewing a map I try to remain objective and positive especially since people have put a lot of unpaid activity into their development. Second it is nothing about 'getting your butt kicked' but the look and feel of the game. Major questions here are :-
how many turns does it take?
Is it frustrating or fun?
What are the rewards like?
Answers it takes too long extremely frustrating especially when opponents have every spell in the book and cast them life mastery and poison domain within the first 20 turns meaning that the only real prospect is too destroy the power ups and the only reward worth having in the early part of the game is dominate held by the undead hero in the enclosed area underground - course you either have to get a tunneler of some description or let the undead do it for you.
Answer to this game long haul are air galleys sphinx's if you can get them and spirit of war for everything destroy the crap order one . Grab yourself some druids as soon as you get dominate anything down where the wolves are on the totally ridiculous berry tree in the bottom left. What exactly it's for is anybodies guess . Should beat it on emperor but it might take a couple of hundred turns.
For a shorter game as humans with the editor knock the external power of the dwarfs down to 1 (that gets rid of the poison domain stuff) set initial funds to around 2000 for humans have a nearbye air galley seeking refuge and change the town the orc warlord is protecting to tigrams rather than orcs. This at least allows a jump start on expansion and the odd sphinx or two. The game becomes emminently more playable. I ended up with hundreds of chariots and I didn't build any of them in both games (modified and original)stupid AI kept sending swarms of the things in attack so entangle and dominate the lot. Oh and since the map don't do you any favours destroy the teleporter and its twin towards the top of the screen in the lower level left side that makes the elves come harder routes and reduces how many required to be fought early on wonderful things air galleys and the odd knight or two.
There you go I've even told you how to beat it on emperor. Most of the stacks can be knocked out by an initial purge of anything flying or missile related then letting the galleys mop up. No point in spending too much time on magic here you get fireball geyser and vengeful vapour from the local magic vaults so casting specialist etc are the only ones worth doing. That's basically the problem it's not about knowing how to play the game it's the complete distortion of it. Reminds me of some of the campaign scenarios which render much of the functionality useless.

Queen Elquein
File Author
It is obvious that you, my dear, do not enjoy this map. So why not forget it then? If some people like it, then you should also accept that. Do not take all this too seriously. My map is made for those who enjoyed my maps for AoW. There are many less challenging maps out there that you will surely enjoy. So stop wasting your own time with my map, and go play those, and enjoy the game. :)

And for the little darling who thinks I turned this map into an egotrip...please, try and be more constructive. I have only continued making maps that I personally enjoy making, for people who enjoy playing them. And yes,believe it or not, there are plenty of those, who love this map, and enjoy playing it, even if they happen to lose.

But this is the curse of map making. It is impossible to make a map that would please even half of the community. When I begun to make maps for AoW, long ago, I tried to do that, to make maps that would be perfect for everyone. Heh...that was not possible. So now, I make maps that inspire me. I apologise, if my maps only frustrate you, and make you angry and irritated.

If I make maps in the future, you people better stay away from my maps then, eh darlings? ;)
E J "I would encourage people who review maps not to confuse/confound all categories with difficulty level."

I'm glad someone understands that. :)

But I have to admit that I was bit too ambitious when I made this map. For some computers, it is just too big, and slows down too much. But I still don't think it's too hard. A good map is a map that you can barely win. :p
KTK12 Awesome map, I just wish the Undead and Dark Elf AI would actually play rather then just sit there. The Undead used to work, but after the patch they never leave the spot where they spawn. And the Dark Elves never leave their capital as far as I can tell. They just keep building up their forces and sit there. I have found that the Frostlings (counter to what everyone else says) can be quite easy (almost too easy) if you use them to link up the humans and the orcs. Once done, the humans only have to fight two ways (the archons to the north and in the tunnels where the undead are supposed to be) and the orcs will mostly fight the dwarves coming from the west. It doesn't take long before you can take out the dwarves as they are your only real enemy if you take out the elf outposts.
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