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Mongol Invasion of Asia (BNW 3.2)

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 6
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Play one of 6 ancient Asian civilizations and push back against the Mongols - both the Golden Horde and the Yuan Dynasty. Game involves both a modified race (the Mongols) and a large number of unique heroes and heroines. Lends itself to a longer multiplayer, but should work as single-player.

This is a BNW map! Make sure to install all the way to BNW 3.2 to play. And then turn on the game resources!

Mongol Horde - Mongols (Modified Race) - AI
Yuan Dynasty - Humans - AI
Khwarezm - Orcs
Delhi Sultanate - Tigrans
Song Dynasty - Archons
Dai Viet - Elves
Singhasari - Draconians
Imperial Japan - Immortals
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Aargxl Unplayable for me!

I did

[Edit]0)Have UPv1.4 already on
1)Install BMW2.0
2)Install BMW3.0 Beta
3)Install BMW3.2
4)Make backup folders and use the data files you provide going with the map
5)Turn on BMW3.2 custom resources

I tried starting the map as two different races, trying the second one with the original BMW3.2 data files instead of your map ones, and both times could not open the map, just being able to see the starting screen of it.

6)I tried if other stuff also doesn't run for me on BMW3.2, but I could generate and play a map without a problem.

p.s. as mapmaker, you can set choosable races yourself, as I was seeing the default human player option was the Mongols, planned for AI.

Last words: It would be great if this map was playable, it sounds exciting and fun on first glance!

[Edited on 08/20/21 @ 01:27 PM]

Aargxl I figured I was being dumb, as I had forgotten to hit those "Install BMW Extras" & "Enable BMW Extras" buttons, so I tried it with those now... but I did not succeed playing the map :(

[Edit] I did it!!
Need to get the order just right!
So for those who wanna play this but haven't got already their testing of mods and such done, here is the full list how it should work:

1) Get Age of Wonders Shadow Magic up to the latest official v1.3 patch
2) Install Unofficial patch v1.4 over it (get it on this sites "Downloads Home" link).
3) Install UPatchv1.5 (short naming of Unofficial patch name continuiation) over this one (get it on this sites' forum)
4) Install UPatchv1.5 fixes (from this sites' download section/Mods)
5) Install BNW2.0 (Short for Brave New World version 2) from this sites' mod download section.
6) Install BNW3.0 Beta over this (get it by doing a websearch on it - they link to the other BNW related downloads there too).
7) Install BNW3.2 over it (get it from the same page as BNW3.0).
8)Use "Enable BNW 3 Extras" application in your game folder
9A) Go to your games Resource folder, make a backup folder for copies of the BNW3.2 files in it, and one for this maps' files.
9B) Check the Recource files of this game, and in another window (The game Resources folder), mark all same-named files, (18 in total), copy them into the backup BNW3.2 folder.
9C) Copy this maps resource files into both your Resources folder, as well as into the new, empty folder (so you can swap them from here quickly later).

This will make the map work!

After ending the play session, you might wanna swap back to "normal" mode, and while I haven't tried it yet, I will go the safe route as follows:

10) After ending the game, copy the backup BMW3.2 folder files over this maps' ones in your recource folder.
12) Hit "Disable BNW 3 Extras" in your game folder.

[Edited on 08/22/21 @ 05:27 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
(played as single player vs. emperor dudes)
Once you get it running, the map is a fun adventure - quick developments, both Hero leveling, as well as army focus work. You won't be left alone, so staying lax and just going the "optimal" build route won't work, and tactical choices are the norm. Hence replayability is also there.
As multiplayer map, this should be even more promising!
This all would make a rating of 4 for me, but as my game usually crashes during CPU turn 34, and I lose often in between, I now give up on attempting to win the scenario with different factions. -> minus 1 point.
Some base (non BNW) descriptions were in german, but that may have been just me hitting german on some uPatchv1.5 installer or something.

Balance: 3
3 points for how I believe it will work out on multiplayer (which is the main intended purpose as I udnerstand the description), possibly with AI set to mediocre difficulty values.
As a single player scenario, this would only get 2 points for me - playing against emperor CPUs clearly shows varying difficulties depending on which faction I play.
Tier 1 (easiest): Those can expand fairly unhindered, not needing to protect your settlements most of the time.
Singhasari (over-average heroes, safest starting position to get the least Mongol/Yuan Dynasty harassment & the best movement advantages due to low of swimming/water walking spell make it so you can easily expand and hold varioussettlements while still going leveling your heroes),
Khwarezm (Second safest starting position, plus a strong starting army and decent heroes, option to go northwest into an even safer region).
Tier 2:
Imperial Japan (Strongest heroes, and an easy first ~20 days of expanding for being at the border of the map. After a while though, the enemies will close in from both sides, and the short distances between settlements make it you will find yourself hard to defend later on).
Dai Viet (Have mainly to defend their south, most units start out with magic strike, and can potentially camouflage their settlements (not sure if it helps against scripted big raids tho, as I haven't built it. Heroes mediocre, but mobility advantage due to forestry).
Tier 3: Delhi Sultanate (Bad heroes, slow start, hard to defend territory, but with some experience, manageable - distance between settlements is just wide enough so you can more or less get a turn to combine your def army and hurry a key archer or something, before they come at you).
Tier 4: Song Dynasty (You start out in enemy territory, they will send armies way before the scripted map raiding - at the earliest on turn 3 smaller batches come to kill your wizard while your hero is out looking for furnaces or else - you basically need permanent good defense, and thus have almost no right to explore & expand).
Those balancing issues might need some form of compensation to make up for their starting opportunities (potentially by adjusting hero strength of the different factions?)

Creativity: 3
I like the rebuilding of a historic scenario in an epic manner. Could maybe have taken out or changed some of the spells to be less fantasy-heavy & more tactical/strategy focused.

Map Design: 4
As far as historical scenarios without shadow worlds or neverending underground realms go, this map got a well thought out design, with some cultures living in a beautiful landscape, while others' (Delhi ahem!) looks shitty based on a geographical basis. Many tactical thoughts were given regarding to map movement, and some easy to miss goodies can be sought out.
At times it is even a challenge to go for some goodies because you just don't have the time moving your party there, moving away from the roads is always a risk regarding your bases' defense.

Story/Instructions: 2
No real instructions given, but it's good to know from the "Objective" window at options, that we get a 5 hero limit!
Regarding story; some of the the heroes could have a bit more lore, and the Wizards (representing the culture itself here) could have a basic description so a player which is interested doesn't need to look them up while playing ;)
You get a warning when the scripted (storyline) attack comes, so then you know you need to hurry to prepare a defense.

Additional Comments:
Thank you for sharing your map, it was a fun ride trying the 6 intended cultures! And it's challenging!
I'd love to see a few changes (noted above), especially the CPU turn 34 crash I had with 2 of the 6 factions so far (with the others I didn't even make it there on emperor difficulty lol), but I assume you got better things to than go back to this map for some random dude on the interet :D Hope you have a nice lifetime!

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Map Design4.0
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