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Marlenes Laughter v5b by The Groll

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: Yes
Many years I was trying to play this ultimate map of Age of Wonders - the ultimate expirience, but crashes, broken saves, uncompleting quest jeopardize my expirience. But finally I've found what caused most of them and fixed the main part.

1. Some things to mention before playing:
As long as I know some broken save was caused by reflecting pool - so this is meant to play with AoW MP Evolution or UPatch 1.5 (if reflecting pools was fixed there).
2. If you can't finish some quest - save-load it would finish eventually. This is a must because it breaks the game.
3. Save often approx once in 10 turns

Bugs fixed:

1. Spirit Quests couldn't be completed from approx. after 20 turns of play.
2. Armies stuck on the map because some of them stacked on one hex
3. Crashes

With love and gratitude to this masterpiece by The Groll. Finally it could be played at full strength!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability 4:
I still love the original gameplay, but even now, I found a bug which now again broke my game (on all 7 savefiles), hence -1.

[[The bug seems related to the seeing waters, as I have found out when it happened to me before (while I still had a useable savefile left).
Playing as Shadow Demons, this is not unlikely to happen.
If I own an initial Seeing water near to my homebase, and it gets destroyed by the Earthquake scripted event, and I THEN go owning another of the related seeing waters, I can play on normally. However, loading any savefiles in which this occurs, is not possible anymore.

(There is also the Technomancer Hero at the beginning which demands 5k gold to get hired, but then only wants a little less than 500 lol).

Balance 5:
Despite those Halflings (and if palyed right, the Tigrans too) can have a jumpstart with a whole lot of recruitable units around, I feel by the time one actually meets wizard enemies, this starting boon plays not much of a role anymore. The balance seems all right if considering numerous towns and logistical map limitations.

Creativity 5:
Very impressive fantasy setup, I can feel the love of a father when kind of making up tales for his young daughter (if I got the situation back then right) - a map where a player not lacking time can really feel at home.

Map Design 5:
Exploration (especially with main/Hero teams) is a lot of fun throughoutt he whole time, and there is a lot of lore to be found to make sense of why an area is where it is, connecting the dots to both creativity and story.

Story/Instructions 4:
Despite the Groll-usual textwalls (especially at the beginning of a map), it is written so one who takes a look at it can scroll through relevant/less relevant information at will most of the time.
Generally I could find all the info I needed in the map itself, and read plenty of lore/history and so on at will!
The -1 is for
a) I found myself lost a few times in the beginning when first trying out the new game modes, as the ingame messages guiding me to the wizard/hero exchange were not very explicit and needed a bit of thinktesting (-0.5)
b) The returnning earth-/worldquake messages could need some pepper, a lot of them felt really like just a repetition of the previous ones (-0.5)

My own few cents:
I played this map on and off quite a few times over the years, always getting stuck after some decent progress was done by crashes or the like.. so I do really appreciate your bugfixing work, as well as TheGrolls work onto making this awesome map!
Aargxl Map is still bugging out at some point for me.
Playing as Shadow Demons mainly, and it doesn't seem to be the Seeing Waters/Reflection pools bug (as that one didn't let me load a savefile, but didn't downright crash/close my game).
I tried different versions, starting with UP1.4, then UP1.5, and MPE2+UP1.5 additions.

It's just that in rare occasions the game just closes during CPU turn.
Furthest I got is turn 141 before this happens.

Not sure if playing anoher race helps, but I recommend trying the others if you want to enjoy this scenario - chances are, maybe the bug doesn't happen. For info; It looks like this crash usually happens between CPU turns of 2nd/Nomands and 4th/Tigrans, as far as I could check.
Playing those might be the safest bet, and maybe I'll do so myself to potentially even find out what causes the crash.

Edit info: Playing the map through MPE (no matter if loading old savegame or opening a new session) gives me some glichty map graphics, so the map for me is way more fun without MPE, for all of the beautiful visual work done by The Groll shouldn't go to waste.

[Edited on 08/24/21 @ 12:30 PM]

The Groll Hello Aargxl

I want to thank you a lot for such a detailed and nice comment on one of my older maps.
I am sad it have this errors...
Maybe there is a time when upatch 1.6 is done to return to this one and try to find and fix more errors.

Nevertheles I want to thank you for such detailed feedback!
This is great!

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Map Design5.0
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Size:23.54 MB