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A game of black and white v0.2

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: M
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 2
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
This is something I've been working on for quite a while right now. I got the idea for the campaign and especially this first scenario after playing BNW 3.2 for the first time (it was after the release of my last map when I noticed by the comments there was actually BNW 3.2 out and I only had played 3.0 before :O) since BNW 3.2 imho has the most elaborate morphing system and I felt there was a lot of great potential wasted of this awesome mechanic in normal maps (especially with the quite powerful Heroes it's just way too easy vs the AI). So I decided to make a map where you would start with a fixed set of units and have to fight your way through enemies with increasing strength without or with very limited possibilities to get reinforcements. That way in order to survive one would have to systematicly morph the right units into higher tiers.

Later I also got some nice ideas and wizard and hero images for a story and decided to go for a larger project with 4 maps combined into a single campaign. This file so far only includes the first of the maps (the others will be added via file update when they are finished; I'm currently working on the 2nd one, which is at maybe some 30-40%). I decided to release it now since I wasn't sure when the complete campaign would be finished and there probably wouldn't be much interest in it anymore once aowIII is out.

I will spare you the story-spoilers, here are however some hints regarding this first map of the campaign:

- the chosen difficulty will have an huge impact. while beginner and easy are both pretty much the same and meant to be a challenge for more unexperienced players, normal is already pretty tough with hard being almost unbeatable without redoing battles a lot (so in this case it's more like a challenge to see how far you can get)
- whenever you are unsure where to go (especially during one of the "hot" pursuit phases) save the game to avoid unneccessary frustration (with the last update should be less of a problem)
- if you are victorious make a save game so you can easily continue with the 2nd campaign map once it is released.

I hope no one of you is disappointed I didn't spoiler any story here - I just feel like this description is already getting long enough without any of that ;)

Any remarks and suggestions are as usual welcome and apreciated!

Kind regards,


- now includes a placeholder for the 2nd scenario to keep the game from crashing on victory/defeat
- Flindor now bears a "magical" map that can be dropped and picked up again to get a hint on the direction you need to go; you can do this as often as you want or need (there are several "checkpoints" used in the scripts, so it should actually help quite a lot)

- map made easier on easy/beginner
- this includes slightly slower chasing parties and a number of additional unit join events

- second map of the campaign added
- third map now is a placeholder (I can't say if I will ever finish the 3rd and 4th map of this campaign though :/)
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ratpeddler Main problem was fixed. Now on my way!

[Edited on 11/23/13 @ 12:05 PM]

File Author
Did you have to restart this often due to the wizard being killed in combat or because you "walked to the wrong hex" and got caught by the berserk stacks? In the first case, what difficulty did you choose? Because normal is already pretty hard and difficult ... well I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't interested in a lot of frustration... And yes, it does suck a lot that the game crashes after defeat, but that is a bug of the game which is trying to load the next campaign map instead of returning to the main menu - now that I come to think about it, I could add an empty map with the same name as the 2nd campaign map as a placeholder though, so people wont have to restart the game anymore when they loose/win the map.

If it's about taking the wrong path, I could only try to make it more clear by adding some explore terrain and/or message events (yes, I am always lazy in that connection, it's just that to me as the one who made the map, whenever I play-test it it is always crystal clear what I have to do or where I have to go when).
ratpeddler The new file helps! I now see the "path" on the map too. Even though some hints or the hero having a "map" would ease the start-up frustrations.
Kirky Picardo Hi,

First of all, I have to say this is a superb map/quest. I played it all the way through in one long session the other day and the design and thought put into this is remarkable.

Initially I also got a bit frustrated with the game crashing if you lost your wiz and thought of suggesting putting in some kind of 2nd map so people can reload or whatever. It seems you have already done this though. :) However, once I sat down to seriously play, it didn't bother me much. In fact, I couldn't stop playing until I finished it!

This is real story drven rpg with very thoughtful gameplay. I don't want to reveal any tips or things that Eomolch might not want people to know or find out on their own, but I will just give a couple which I can edit out if the author wants.

The first thing I would say is the game should be played in classic turn mode and not simultaneous. And just incase it isn't already clear, you need to run from the initial troops that want to attack you. You are not strong enough to beat them and as long as you don't stray from the path they will fall short in catching you. On the path there will be small guards on things that you can fight to level up your guys. Pay attention to game messages as you need to perform certain acts to win (one involves a watchtower).

I tell you I really loved this. I actually even discovered some new tactics while playing that involved a certain gnome inventor. I never realized how useful this unit was, heh.

Thanks a lot for this, Eomolch!



[Edited on 11/23/13 @ 11:45 AM]

File Author
Hi, Kirky!

I'm really glad to hear you liked the map since it was your great mod that inspired it in the first place! Also it's really not much of a problem to give the other's some hints if they need them - on the contrary, I probably should have included some things you mentioned in the map description myself! (classical mode really only is neccessary in 1 situation though which is at the very beginning if you move your units a little too fast after beginning of the turn; but sure I guess it helps with some of the area guards :))

So I take it you beat the map on difficult? In that case I'd really like to know if you had to redo any battles because I also got pretty close to the end in difficult once (after that I actually changed some things so I guess I even could have made it) but I had to repeat 2 battles in that particular game, one of them even several times (vs the defense of the last prison). And though I'm not sure in which respect you managed to use the gnome inventor in a somehwat new manner (no need to reveal your secrets though hehe) I am really glad to hear it since it was the intention of the map to force the player to use the full potential of all of his units :)

@ratpeddler: That idea with a map for Flindor was excellent! You see the main reason I didn't give that many hints regarding the path you're supposed to take is that I really spend too much time writing the corresponding messages ;) But with an object that gives you some idea about the direction you need to go, whenever you pick it up I "only" needed to do some scripts! It's already included & tested now so I hope the map will be more convenient for you (and of course anyone else) to play ;)

[Edited on 11/23/13 @ 12:43 PM]

Kirky Picardo Hi Eomolch,

I acually only played in normal mode so far. I will definately have a few goes at it on hard as well though. I know I played your other map many times. In fact, about a week ago I played it to the very end again testing out some new stuff.

I have to say you really know what you are doing. The design of this is beautiful and I love seeing all the dungeon type objects in BNW getting some nice use. :) The gameplay here is about as good as can be too in my opinion. You give the player what he needs to be successful without making it too easy. Great story too (I actually almost did shed a tear at the end, heh).

I have never made a map myself. I have thought about it from time to time though and this type of rpg quest is very much what I would try to make. Not sure I could do it as well as you have though. :p

I really look forward to the others parts of the quest!


File Author
Hi Kirky,

please don't make me blush with all those compliments, hehe.

But if you are thinking about making a map, I can only encourage you to do give it a shot ;-) It sure is a lot of hard work, but the map editor of aow II is such a powerful tool that you can actually create almost anything you ever would have wanted the map of your dreams to include. Because I think the key to creating a good map is (apart from patience) that you want to play it yourself because if you do, you will be eager to make it look & play as amazing as the editor and later the game allows you to. Of course you won't get those great results right from the beginning, in fact I needed a lot of time myself to develop a good working routine that makes the mapping process itself feel more like fun than work (yes, for me it does include a lot of playtesting, hehe). Me encouraging you to try mapping may even be a little bit selfish since we seem to have coinciding expectations for a map in terms of dificulty and game play and I would love to see more maps of the kind I am trying to create myself ;-)

Best regards,

[Edited on 11/25/13 @ 04:30 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 1
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 3
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 2
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 3
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I have been playing AOW for at least ten years, and I found this map to be unplayable at any difficulty level. However, the introduction is very well written,
Kirky Picardo Sorry but I have to say that may be the most stupid review I have seen since I have been a visitor here (which is many years now). The map/campaign can be difficult early on for sure and is probably is not for beginners or people who never learned to play very well. It is also more of an rpg style map which some people may not like as much (I do though). However, to just claim it is unplayable with no explanation or example of why, and then toss scores of 1 and 2 for each category is just silly and is not in line with the review guidelines.

Since no explanation was given, I tend to think the reviewer has no clue this map is made for a mod and tried playing it under default rules. Thus it was unplayable for him and rather than ask questions or look for help he just decided to post that dumb review.

I hope people who enjoy expert mapmaking and a good challenge don't pass on the map due to the poor review. Again it can be difficult, especially until you escape from the initial pursuers. However it is truly an exceptionally well made quest. The only reason I have not given it a great review myself is due to the fact it is only part one of the campaign the author is making. I just hope Eomolch doesn't get discouraged and chooses not to bother continuing making the other parts. I wouldn't blame him if after making something this good it only gets that kind of response.

File Author
@Kirky: To be honest, I think SierraT felt offended by my difficulty description (he/she wouldn't mention the intro text if the map couldn't be started). Because I wrote "while beginner and easy are both pretty much the same and meant to be a challenge for more unexperienced players", which can be interpreted in such a way that anyone having trouble with it on beginner/easy is regarded as an unexperienced player... So my best guess is SierraT (who as he/she said is playing aow for at least 10 years) tried the map and either tried to fight the berserk stacks which is of course a hopeless task or failed the map due to other reasons and therefore thought my difficulty description was somewhat arrogant. (which obviously means I had to be punished :p)

So to clarify, I never stated in any way that someone who can't complete the map on easy is an unexperienced or bad aow player. I merely said that the map was balanced in such a way that it is SUPPOSED to be challenging for beginners, so even given we could correctly define the terms "beginner" or "challenging" there was obviously no way for me to determine whether I succeeded in that task when creating the map.

That said I also want to mention that by creating such obviously stupid reviews (SierraT, MastaHBlastaH, I'm looking at you) you won't do me any harm but keep some people from playing the map who probably would have enjoyed playing it if they did. Constructive critique like ratpeddler provided earlier is a lot more useful for both sides ...

As for any one interested in the following scenarios, the 2nd map is at 90% or so (basically only text messages and descriptions missing) but unfortunately I really can't say when I will find the time to do the 3rd and 4th of the maps (it depends a lot on my studies and some other personal projects I'm currently thinking of).

Best regards,

[Edited on 12/05/13 @ 11:04 AM]

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