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The Threat from the Sea

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 3
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: Yes
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
====///And now!... another quality map brought to you by W4rb1rd.\\\====


Map Name: The Threat from the Sea

Author: W4rb1rd

E-Mail address:

Game Type: Single-Player Map (heavily story-based [at least at the beginning])

Map Size: L /w undergrnd.

Map Level of Difficulty: any

Map Version: 1.0

Language: English

File Size: ~34,9 MB


No longer under the influence of the dreaded Spirit of War, no longer deep in dark scheming, treachery, deceipt and cruelty, those Dark Elves who didn't join The Mending by their own choice or by other more obscure reasons, travelled west. Arachna, former member of Wizard's Circle of Evermore and her faithful priestess - Vierna gathered a motley of outcasts, mercenaries and freelancers, all willing to be the masters of their own fates.
Not long though, there were voices of coming back to the surface again - to dance under the starry sky in a glorious moonlight with heart filled with peace and harmony. Thus, drilling experiments began.

The map itself is made like a campaign, but it's hardly a campaign 'cos a one-map campaign isn't campaign at all, it's only for letting player immerse him/herself more into the story.

The player starts deep underground, but soon due to some fatal experiments conducted by the drilling crew and the power of mother nature, the player shall be forced to leave the caves and continue adventure under the sky.
There is hella of water here, so expect many naval battles with an independents equipped with numerous floating craft :P In total there are three wizards participating, one of which might become your ally. As soon as you emerge on to the surface you are free to do what you like, but I guarantee you will like the story. All of my maps have a decent stories and are crafted to be of the best possible quality. Hey, it's not like many people doing maps those days, so little boasting won't do any harm. Some heroes present in my previous works make a big comeback. Some are brand new - but nobody is a 2D dimensional pawn-soldier with a meaningless story spitting it all in a torrent of bullshit in one large message event appearing as WALL OF TEXT. Jeez... No, they're alive, talking about little daily life events.

All in all, there are few optional adventures and events scattered around the map, so look carefully for them :)

At the end of this readme it is STRONGLY recommended that you read "Additional Information". Thank you and enjoy!

To start playing the map, simply run AoW: SM, select "Campaign"->"User Campaign"->"The Threat from the Sea"->[SELECT].

No of playable sides: 1 (Arachna)

Races included in the map: Humans, Draconians, Halflings, Archons, Dark Elves and Orcs and STOP! It's enough. I avoid putting everything game has to offer. I avoid that kitschy mish-mash. I consider races according to map's geography. Keep it real dude.

Winning conditions:
- "Allied Victory" is on, so defeat your main opponent OR capture enemy's main city AND an underground city belonging to the Cult of Storms.

Installation/Other files required:

Simply copy all files to your AoW: SM's main folder.
Only one file might cause overwriting question to pop-up:
- Resource\EVENTIMG.PFS - my file is 100% compatible with AoW: SM unofficial patched version 1.4, it merely adds entries of a new portrait libraries, necessary to work with this map. Additionally, it is also 100% compatible with my previously released campaign "Siblings of the Dark" and a map "The Mending", all of which use the same file. Compatibility is a kind of bonus for my fans :P. So you can overwrite it without a fuss.

That's all. All other files are brand new and won't cause overwriting.

Additional Information:

- At the beginning (or somewhere around it) the forces of water are going to seriously threaten your domain, so you'd better start thinking quickly after TURN 9!
- The map is followed by a short intro movie, but the nature of problem is that the game starts to play in-game music whenever movie goes on, thus interfering with the video. To overcome this, I prepared special "muted song" for the time intro is being played. But to get this to work you are ADVISED to TURN OFF "Custom playlist" in sound options before playing this map. By doing so, the game will utilise scenario's own supplied playlist.
- Unofficial patch version 1.4 is required to play, but NO MODS allowed. Sorry Ge--- ok, I won't say it lol.
- Naturally as any product labelled with a brand "W4rb1rd", this one is also supplied by introductory and ending movies, with the exception that if you fail to capture underground city of the dead you won't have the opportunity to watch that cool little ending movie, so work harder and do this before you crush all of your enemies :) Still, you can finish scenario that way too.
- UNLESS you gathered a CONSIDERABLE force DEFENDING your cities, DO NOT be too eager with revealing that maelstrom at the centre of the map or suffer dire consequences from an ancient evil. Ye've been warned!
- The map is PASSWORD PROTECTED, yes hehehe! Why would I want you to know all my mapping secrets, eh? Just load it in game and use cheats for map revealing - it's the same. Besides, I would like to introduce a NEW POLICY: I trade password for comment/review or any other kind of feedback. Just drop me an e-mail or write something on the website and I shall give you the password with glee. It's simple and fair. "TRADE PASSWORD FOR YOUR OPINION!"

Thanks for downloading and playing.

As always,


Credits to all concerned subjects: especialy mp3's, movie fragments and custom portraits. All these are freely available on the internet, but I only want to point out that these are not my work. I've merely incorporated them to work with Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. Some portraits I got by scanning out of comics I do own indeed.
All others, like: scenarios, story, dialogues etc. are the work of W4rb1rd.

You are NOT allowed to modify/edit/rework/copy my scenarios or use them in any other, whether analog or digital form. Other than that, before attempting anything, please contact me first --->
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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